While You Were Freaking Out



  • K-Fed, possibly worrying about maintaining his Gamma Male dominance while on tour to support his ill-fated album, has forbidden Britney from hiring any male back-up dancers, lest one of them take a page from his own gold-digging playbook and insemintate their way to fame and fortune.
  • Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer has dropped his client, saying he completely supports the embattled bombshell, but he just received a call from Satan, who’s apparently been picked up on DUI charges (again).
  • Nicole Kidman reportedly helped calm Katie Holmes’ pre-wedding jitters, softly cooing to her, “Don’t worry sweetie. I know he’s weird, but at least you’ll never have to have sex with him.”
  • The Simpson Sisters are warning people about the dangers of plastic surgery, which is pretty much the equivalent of Mel Gibson telling you not to drink and drive.
  • Dear Sienna Miller: When in “Shittsburgh”, do as the “Shittsburghers” do. Do NOT stomp your feet and pull a “Do you know who I am?”




  • FORESHADOWING ARTICLE: The more details coming out of this afternoon’s NYC plane crash, which may have killed Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle, the more strange and upsetting it becomes. This article, documenting Lidle’s pursuit of a pilot’s license, rings all the more tragic today. (NY Times)
  • FATHER: As if David Bowie could get any cooler, he’s now going to voice a character on SpongeBob SquarePants. Ooohhh, James Dobson is not going to like this at all. (Assoc. Press)
  • LOGICAL CONCLOOZH: Mischa Barton loves British food. Which is yet more proof that Mischa Barton has no idea what actual food tastes like. (FemaleFirst)
  • HOT COUPLE: Bangs, Shmangs, Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis are still the hottest couple around! (Looking at floor, picking lint off shirt, scratching face.) FINE Herbangslookterrible. (Splash News)
  • BANNED VIDEO: Sure, Youtube is great and worth billions of dollars and all. But post one small, innocent music video called “My P**sy is Magic”, and see how fast those rich bastards take it down. (The Apiary)

PSA: Honk If You Love Fonzie


Parents out there, stop reading gossip blogs for a second, call your children into the room, and please, show them this Public Service Announcement where Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli and some Kind of Insane Lady show the lil’ ones how to “Honk” when they need help. And they certainly will get help… likely from the special ed teachers.

Screech Sex Tape Comes at a Bad Time


ScreechTape4real.JPG(Excuse us while we open our NSFW-brellas. Fair warning.)

Just when we get word that airplanes are back to slamming into New York City buildings, yet another piece of shocking news arrives: Screech’s Sex Tape is now FOR SALE. The tape, called Screeched (surely an onomatopoeia for your sex drive slamming on its brakes) features actor Dustin Diamond (top left), two young ladies (including a Mindy Cohn lookalike, bottom left), and one infamous doody-stache. All this for only $50! You can pre-order the DVD today and worry about acid rinsing your eye sockets out tomorrow.

So without further a-doo, check out the latest trailer posted by ClubRedLight, and putting aside the “not safe for work” business, Screech’s pleasure moans might possibly ruin the rest of your afternoon.

THE DAILY DOUCHE: Johnny Drama’s Darth AmEx


tove2.jpgI’m sure you’ve never heard of either Tove Christensen or an American Express Black card, but let me tell you a tale of these two entities, and how their fates recently became intertwined at a LA-area Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor. Tove is the under-employed brother of actor Hayden Christensen, who is best known as one of George Lucas’ accomplices in ruining Star Wars. The American Express Black card is an extremely rare piece of plastic that boasts a LIMITLESS line of credit to those who bear it, a privilege usually reserved for only the world’s wealthiest, most elite individuals. Well according to our friends at TMZ, Hayden’s “Johnny Drama” hanger-on brother recently paid for a frozen dessert at Baskin-Robbins with said Super Credit Card. Now, I’ve felt guilty about throwing a four dollar Frappelatteccino on my maxed-out Discover Card, so anyone who would put a chocolate sundae on a credit card they have no business being in possession of, and that people typically use to purchase private jets and small islands, deserves the distinction of being today’s Daily Douche.

Ask BWE!


We’re starting a new feature here at bwe.tv, cleverly titled Ask BWE! If you have a question you want answered, just send it our way. Email us at info@bwe.tv and we’ll answer your pop culture questions here on the site. Today, we start with Amanda from NY, who has a question about Nicole Richie’s ex, DJ AM. Why was he recently spotted with a black eye? Click below to hear all about it… in his own words.

Read more…

RIP: Tara… Your Implants Will Be Missed


tara_reid_slip.jpgHow do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh
Outweigh the bad.

I thought we’d get to see forever
But forever’s gone away
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

Friends. Family. Random dudes who have drunkenly hooked up with Tara after a long night at Hyde. Members of the media. It is with much sadness that we gather here today to say goodbye to Tara’s ridiculously large and somewhat deformed breast implants. During their brief time on Earth they touched so many people. So many people. They made a difference, and they won’t be forgotten any time soon. Every time we watch clips of Taradise on YouTube, we will remember. Every time we’re incredibly bored and/or hungover on a Sunday afternoon and catch Alone In The Dark on basic cable, we will remember. And every time a young starlet pops out of her dress in front of a room full of paparazzi and is too drugged out to realize what’s happening… we will remember.

Be strong, people. It’s not going to be easy. But we must do our best to accept Tara with open arms. She’s lost a two big part(s) of who she is, which can’t be easy. However, we should all take solace in the fact that we know they’ve gone on to a better place; running around with Pamela Anderson’s old implants and Punky Brewster’s original D-Cups at that great breast reduction center in the sky. Amen.

MySpace Profile of the Day: Paris Hitler


PARIS HITLER1.JPGSure, this might just be some smutty hipster techno band’s strange Myspace page, and yes, they seem to genuinely appreciate/worship the real Paris Hilton. But Paris Hitler is a pretty fantastic nom de plume (and frankly, her song “Eye Wanna Nu Drug” is oddly addictive in an Atari-Pong kind of way), and an even better idea for a Halloween costume. (Wig? Check. Moustache? Check. Ass flap? Check.) Whether or not these techno folks actually hate the Jews, well, we’ll choose to believe they don’t… (though we’d easily believe the real Paris drops the k-bomb on a regular basis.)

Check out their profile here, and make sure to note the uncanny resemblance between Fred the Donut Guy and a certain you know who.

***WARNING: Avril Lavigne Is Violent, Extremely “Punk Rock” – Please Approach With Caution!***


avril2.jpgThe following is a Public Service Announcement from the Office of Dangerous Celebrity Control.

All media professionals, paparazzi, doormen and random pedestrians in the Greater Los Angeles Area should heed this VERY IMPORTANT WARNING. Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne is on the loose, armed and dangerous, and should only be approached, if absolutely necessary, with the utmost caution. Responsible for a slew of recent media attacks, Lavigne could stike anywhere, day or night (though probably at night, outside of some LA douchebag nightclub), employing any of the following terror tactics:

  • Liberal use of middle finger.
  • Shouting expletives (yes, even the dreaded “F-word”).
  • Spitting on those who get too close to her.
  • Making smooshed up frowny faces to show how tough she is.
  • Inexplicable angst.
  • Laughing and rambling incoherenly while drunk on two Smirnoff Ices.
  • Smoking Cigarettes.
  • Wearing Sex Pistols t-shirts purchased in a shopping mall.
  • Stumbling around like a drunk whore.
  • Blaring her “punk rock” music from the backseat of her Luxury SUV.
  • Hurling insults at no one in particular.
  • Disgustingly making out with her equally punk rock husband, the dude from Sum Charlotte 182.
  • Tragically lacking any self-awareness.

The Avril Alert Level is currently set to: RED (Extemely High). Consider yourselves warned.