BWE SPORTS: Mike Tyson All Set To Beat Up Women Again… But This Time For Money



Boxer-slash-videogame character Mike Tyson is about to embark on a worldwide boxing tour where, he announced, he very well might step into the ring and fight women. Tyson, whose career record against the female race is 1-0 (with a lengthy prison sentence), wants to go up against female boxer Ann Wolfe, despite the fact she has a much better left-hook than Robin Givens.

By the way, the best part of this article about Tyson’s tour is, without question, this line:

The man who vowed to eat Lennox Lewis’ children and bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear has said he’s in no mood for a comeback.

Buy your tickets today, folks.

LISTEN UP: The Terrorist’s Song


cat stevens.jpg

  • Stereogum has the first new pop song from Cat Stevens in almost 30 years, and even though he’s converted into Yusef Islam, my man Cat is still riding high on the Peace Train.
  • Listen Yusef, with a name like The Citizens, you probably never have to worry about being arrested at an air-port as a terror suspect, and your songs would still be written about on I Guess I’m Floating.
  • The Klaxons might not be Muslim, but they’re terrorizing the airwaves over in Britain, and it looks as if they’re set to invade the US, starting with The Sandwich Club.
  • The Rich Girls Are Weeping has some more cutesy shoe-gazing Swedish pop since you kids love that stuff so much, this time from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, which is seriously an amazing name.
  • Mars Needs Guitars knows that you need an Autumn Music Mix. Yay, leaves!

PROPPED: This Is Our Country (Minus the O & R)


In a case of advertising gone so very wrong, Chevy’s latest ad for their Silverado gas-guzzler features a series of patriotic images fading in and out to John “The Coog” Mellencamp‘s song “Our Country.” You can check out the fairly gross ad here, which stops at nothing, and by nothing we mean 9/11 images fading into the grill of “America’s Truck.” Luckily, someone took a stab at a much more apt parody video, which documents all the things about America we truly love. Namely, Mad Magazine. Thanks to Mo for Dropping This!

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Bush Tells Terrorists To, Like, Mellow Out…Man


psychbush.jpgAn American-born alleged terrorist who was imprisoned in a United States Torture Dungeon Happy Fun Place for over three years is now claiming that American soldiers used drugs such as LSD and PCP as “interrogation tools” to frighten and confuse him during torture sessions. Now, we know that there are those of you bleeding-heart liberal types out there who would say that such methods are “Cruel and Unusual”, but we happen to be of the opinion that they’re “Awesome”. I mean, if I were indefinitely stuck in a nightmarish misery chamber without a right to attorney or fair trial, I think I’d like to do a little government-sanctioned candy-flipping myself, and turn that death camp into the biggest groovetastic rave party the world has seen since San Francisco in the late 90’s. Though I don’t know if tripping your face off while watching footage of mass Iraqi genocide intercut with George W. Bush giving speeches from an aircraft-carrier would be my idea of a “chillout room”.

SIZZLER: Nicky Hilton Free To Whore Around Like Paris Hilton


nickykevin.jpgAmerica’s favoritesecond favorite… 348th favorite celebrity couple, Nicky Hilton & The Guy Who Playes E on Entourage have reportedly called it quits.

UsWeekly reports that Hilton dumped E yesterday because she suspects he hasn’t been faithful. And because he only comes up to her shoulders in photographs. But mostly because of the unfaithful stuff.

When reached for comment, the guy who plays Turtle said “Whoa, you really want a comment from me? Really? Does that mean I’m gonna be in your magazine? Does it? Please?” before being told to shut up and go away.

Wealth of Hilarity: Celebrities as King


ELIJAH.JPGEvery year during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Krewe of Bacchus puts on a lavish parade involving elaborate floats and desperate topless girls on the verge of having their lives ruined. But little did we realize that each year, the Krewe dubs one celebrity as Bacchus himself, dressing said person up in a fancy ornate costume fit for a really gay king. And, yes, a photo gallery of these celebrities exists. Each year is worth checking out, but our personal faves are Larry King, Steve Guttenberg, Ron Howard (+ bonus Fonz) and Jean-Claude Van Damme. You can view the rest of the gallery here.

If you can spot the trend, they tend to go with male celebrities who have some sort of humorous edge to them (Can you say John Laroquette? Us neither.) The 2007 Bacchus title is still up for grabs, so we put it to you: Who do you nominate as Bacchus for next year? We’ll kick things off with our nominee: Christopher Walken. Discuss.

TRAILER: Mr. Woodcock Meets Mrs. Obvioustitle


If MTOD doesn’t mean anything to you, congratulations: You actually have a life. For the rest of us, you immediately recognized this acronym as Movie Trailers On Demand, a channel available through some cable providers that lets you watch movie trailers from your own home, without having to bother going to the theater and actually interacting with people (Purell ain’t cheap, folks, especially when you have to bathe in it). It is thanks to MTOD that we caught the following trailer, Mr. Woodcock, starring Billy Bob Thornton and the adorable Sean William Scott, an incredibly underrated comedic performer (perhaps because of some bad career moves.) Based on the following 2:29 minute trailer, Mr. Woodcock looks pretty effing funny… so we’re keeping our fingers crossed and our bootlegger on speeddial.

ICYMI: God Evans


I have seen God and, unsurprisingly, He bears a striking resemblance to legendary movie producer/cocaine abuser Robert Evans. Captured here on video visiting Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (a lot of ego on set that day!) to deliver His latest Revelations, such as Osama Bin Laden is the “Islamic Jan-Michael Vincent” (you know, 9/11 DID seem like a bad episode of Airwolf!), God Evans once again proves himself to be a legendary showbiz storyteller, this time dropping a few juicy nuggets of gossipy gospel about Lara Flynn Boyle, P. Diddy and, of course, Jimmy Caan. (Language a little NSFW)

SIMI-LEBRITIES: Dennis Quaid and a Loaf of Meat



For so many years, Meatloaf was a man literally encased in layers of meat, waddling around the globe while crooning that while he’d do almost anything for love, he won’t dress up like Little Bo Peep and put his staff where the sun doesn’t shine. But since shedding a considerable amount of weight a few years ago, his naturally average features are finally coming to the surface. Which is maybe why we never noticed that Meatloaf (pictured above at a concert in London last night) kind of looks like Dennis Quaid. Now, we know what you’re wondering… “Who cares about Meatloaf and Dennis Quaid?” I’ll tell ya who. Meatloaf, that’s who. And if we can bring even a small ray of sunshine to the man who gave us by far the best karaoke song of all time, then it shall be done. As far as Denny Q goes, sorry buddy. I’ll stop pestering you about the $10 you owe me for my Day After Tomorrow ticket.

Kiss My Black Orphaned Ass You Old Whore


whore.jpgEverybody’s weighing in on Madonna’s decision to follow in Brangelina’s footsteps and adopt an African baby. Everybody but the child, that is. Until now. Apparently he’s written something for The Phat Phree:

Oh great. I’ve been adopted by an old white whore! Just what I’ve always wanted: a mom who’s seen more d**k than the inside of a truck stop urinal. This sucks. I wish my old mom was alive. Sure she was poor, but at least when she kissed me her lips didn’t taste like Warren Beatty’s c**k. Or is that Jose Canseco? Sean Penn? Or maybe it’s just some random bi-sexual backup dancer? S**t.

The kid’s got spunk. I like him. [Read the rest of it here]