LISTEN UP: Pickin’ Slim



  • Langhorne Slim’s drunk-on-rye brand of quick-pickin’ neo-folk might sound like it was recorded during the Great Depression, but it still makes me – and Dirty Bronson – smile. If you’re digging that, grab some live tracks over at Daytrotter.
  • With CMJ just around the corner, rock jockeys everywhere are preparing for this year’s big race to become the Next Big Thing, and based on what I’m hearing over at Metro Distortion, the boys in Oxford Collapse wouldn’t be a bad horse to bet on.
  • Cat Power might be the new face of Chanel, but Captain’s Dead knows she’ll always be the sound of tempestous soul princesses who’d whisper you a love song then punch you in the face.
  • The indie rock world was shaken this past weekend in Houston when the folkies from Two Gallants were arrested by “The Man” during a performance. MOKB has all the breaking coverage – and a track from the two jailbirds.
  • Out-of-nowhere newcomers Can Joann are burning their way through the blogosphere, and Faronheit has captured thier HEAT!



If you are a devout follower of Tyra Banks‘ talk show Tyra (as we are), you know that she often casually talks about bein’ out with some man, some fine ass man, going to dinner, hangin’ out, and each time the story ends the same way: “Girl, he didn’t even call me!” We never understood what kind of man would not call Tyra. Sure, she’s borderline re-re, and fine, she thinks pretty highly of herself, but let’s face it: She’s a supermodel. We always figured these mystery hunks were the figment of a heavily mistaken imagination.

But yesterday at Miami’s Setai Hotel, Tyra was photographed with — gasp — a mystery man! Ohh… we love mysteries. Who is he? What’s his name? Why are his breasts so large? What is her ring all about? IS TYRA GETTING MARRIED?!?! Breathe… just breathe. Anyone know who this dude is? We want to look up their registry. Although having to listen to her wedding plans for the next 10 months might be a silent killer, like carbon monoxide. More pics after the jump.

GAMES: Make Your Own Simpsons Promo Contest!


SIMPSONSTREEHOUSE1.JPGOn November 5, The Simpsons will air their 17th Treehouse of Horror episode. To honor the occassion, they’ve created a creative contest for all you fans out there: Treehouse Of Horror XVII: Slice-Dice-and-Win, where you can make your own Simpsons promo. They give you a generous offering of clips, transitions, sound effects and your own text from which to create your genius. Plus, they’re giving away limited edition prizes to the best entries. You have until Nov. 5, so shut the blinds, forget your loved ones, and get cracking.

ICYMI: Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Photoshopped!


This latest installment of Dove’s “real beauty” campaign (better known as Half-Naked Fugly Chicks on Billboards) speeds up a little photoshoot footage and somehow ends up explaining exactly why Madonna hates paparazzi and why you hate yourself.

MySpace Comments Of The Rich & Famous



OhNoTheyDidn’t . Yes. They did.

babytink2.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted to read the MySpace comments of your favorite celebs (your favorite celebs who aren’t too old to actually have MySpace pages, that is), today’s your lucky day. A new MySpace hack allows you to view Comments left on private MySpace pages. So whether you want to learn more about Ashlee & Jessica’s relationship (they miss each other) or you just want to stalk your ex-girlfriend with the private page, odds are you’re not going to get a lot of work done today.

Have fun. Some might be fake, but here are a few to start you off:

Paris Hilton / Nicole Richie / Lindsay Lohan / Mischa Barton / Ashlee Simpson / Hilary Duff / Mary Kate Olsen / Nicky Hilton

Scarlett Johansson to Release World’s Sexiest Album


SCARLETTJO.JPGScreen siren Scarlett Johansson is strapping on her Jason mask and taking a stab at singing. Johansson, she of the husky voice and natural bosom, ain’t satisfied her incredibly successful film career and “World’s Sexiest Woman” moniker. So in the spring, she’ll be releasing an album covering Tom Waits songs, called “Please Look Me In The Eyes Already” — uhhh, sorry, the actual title is “Scarlett Sings Tom Waits.” (And pause for sleeping kitten… aaand we’re back.)

This album is certainly a curious decision for the 21-year-old. Though it seems she might have genuine singing talent. After the jump, we’ve compiled an entire two clips of Johansson letting her caged voice fly: “My Hey Heyyy” from an SNL appearance in January, and her karaoke moment from Lost In Translation (not great, but she may have dumbed her singing down for the part.) Do you think she’ll be able to pull it off? Watch and decide!

Read more…

Project Runway: WARNING Possible Finale Spoiler?


As most any woman, child and gay/married man knows, this Wednesday is the long-awaited Project Runway Season 3 Finale. And if you’ve been watching, you know that this season’s second cheating controversy has come to the surface, this time with Jeffrey being accused of outsourcing the sewing for his final collection. The debate over his innocence has lit up “blogspots” round the globe (globe = U.S.), and while we can’t say for sure, we think we’ve cracked the case as to whether or not Jeffrey will be showing this Wednesday. Watch the following clip from this Wednesday’s show, pay close attention, and tell us what you think: Was Jeffrey prematurely auf’d? Does he deserve to be?

ICYMI: Night Of Too Many Stars


bob david.jpgCC Insider has some of the highlights from last night’s Comedy Central benefit show, Night Of Too Many Stars.

Right now they have clips of Office funnyman Ricky Gervais, the other Office funnyman Steve Carrell, Bob & David, as well as Triumph The Insult Comic Dog’s show-stopping performance. Check them out– it should tide you over until the Borat, Seinfeld, and Will Ferrell/Robert Goulet bits show up online. We can’t wait.

THANK YOU KARMA: Brandon Davis Gets His


BRANDONDAVIS.JPGRevenge is a dish best serves greazed, isn’t it Brandon Davis? Brandon Davis, the man known for accusing one woman’ of vaginal conflagration and looking like Fat Dead Elvis, has bounced a check for a measly $10,000. Page Six reports that Davis wrote a check to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis for said amount — which bounced — and also owes money to fellow crab-farmers Scott Storch and Palm casino owner George Maloof. Plus, Davis’ family is selling off their multi-million dollar estates, putting them perilously close to becoming upper upper middle class-holes.

Has the fall of Brandon Davis come already? So soon? We knew it was going to happen eventually — Karma Electra is a busy bitch, she’s got a lot of lives to ruin — but already?! What has it been since the Lohan incident — 6 months? That’s record time. And we’re hoping she’s not done yet. Now that he can’t afford his tri-daily eightballs of coke, he’s gonna be huge. This is gonna be great. So from us to you: THANK YOU KARMA!