entouragesmall.jpgWhen Entourage debuted on HBO, I thought it was pretty funny (particualy Ari), so I looked past the fact that it was a cynical attempt to apply the successful Sex and the City “female fantasy” paradigm (fabulous friends, flashy lifestyles, plenty of sex partners) to men, switching out celebrities for socialites, while still hoping to capture that coveted 18-34 demographic. But now that the Ari-yelling-at-people schtick has gotten a little stale, and the show’s idea of character development consists entirely of Vince buying “the boys” some dumb vehicular toy prior to drowning them in bimbos, I’ve sorta checked out. So when I read the news that series creator Doug Ellin has just gotten the greenlight for a new show described as “a mature version of Entourage set on Wall Street” my douche-o-meter went on extreme overload. Yes, how interesting it would be to see the daily lives of soulless meat-head millionaires as they try to overcome challenges such as “where to work out?”, “who to fight next?”, and “what ridiculously generic striped shirt should I wear on this date with someone who I will probably rape later?” Sounds to me like must-see-douchebaggery, which is why Doug Ellin gets our greenlight as today’s Daily Douche!

ICYMI: Crack-O-Lanterns On Martha


When we got to work this morning, bleary-eyed and hardly awake, we flipped on Martha expecting to enjoy the typically tranquil sounds of her passive-aggressive monotony, but were horrified to discover the unwelcome presence of drug-abusing-multi-sexual comedian Andy Dick, clearly on about the fourth sleepless morning of his latest bender, tossing out wildly inappropriate sexual innuendos (using his last name – how novel!) while trying to teach Martha how to carve a pumpkin into a crackhead. I thought I was having an acid flashback, then realized I was actually watching Martha Stewart trying to pull a decorated pumpkin off Dick’s head.

BWE Presents: Zach Braff’s Apocalypto


We’ve all seen the trailer for Mel Gibson‘s Apocalypto, and we’re not quite sold on it. We think it would have been a lot better off if it had that famous Zach Braff touch… like this.

LISTEN UP: This Is Hardcore


  • A song off Camera Obscura’s new album will be featured on Grey’s Anatomy tonight. Skatterbrain has the mp3 posted right now… you know, just in case you need to prepare yourself emotionally.
  • Snakes On A Blog has pretty darn good songs today, including tracks by Karen O, Thom Yorke, Loose Fur and more.
  • Instrumental Analysis is celebrating yet another Throwback Thursday with a bunch of tracks from The Psychadelic Furs.
  • Berkeley Place runs through the alphabet, offering up a ton of tracks by Snow Patrol and The Reindeer Section.
  • And finally, Fluxblog has a brand new track by Jarvis Cocker, as well as a couple of songs by the Basement Jaxx. Enjoy.

ICYMI: Keep Dreaming Of A Better World



Today AdRants directed us over to this commercial for Che Magazine. I’m not sure if the ad is effective in making a person want to purchase the mag, however it definitely makes the idea of female tennis players exchanging their shirts after matches sound appealing. Come on, if it’s good enough for male soccer players, why not female tennis players? It’s a double standard and it’s not fair. Let’s make this happen.

ICYMI: Greatest Celebrity Smackdowns


In light of yesterday’s slapfight on the Grey’s Anatomy set, our friends over at CRACKED posted this now-timely vintage Inside Edition report documenting the greatest celebrity fights ever caught on camera, including the Jim Rome vs. Jim “Christ” Everett Rumble, the Bjork Freakout, and the all-time classic Burt Reynolds vs. Mark Somers Dust-up on David Letterman.

MISTAKES IN CASTING: Man of the Year Edition


All day yesterday, Man of the Year, the new Robin Williams movie about a talk show host who becomes president, ran ads all over the internets. And every time it we would happen upon it, we would mistake Williams’ face for someone elses. And that’s when it hit us: This movie was horribly miscast! So who should’ve taken over Mork‘s role? It should be obvious…

bea arthur man of the year.JPG

TRAILER: Jude Law + Juliette Binoche = Lady Porn


Fun fact: Director Anthony Minghella is actually the creator of underground secret lady porn. Look at his movies: The English Patient (Ralph Fiennes in bed for 3 hours); The Talented Mr. Ripley (Matt Damon in a speedo, spooning Jude Law‘s corpse in a boat); Cold Mountain (Law and Nicole Kidman dry humping by a fire). His latest film, Breaking and Entering, is no exception. Law is back to his fine-ass brooding form, and Juliette Binoche can simply do no wrong. Watch the following trailer, and for two minutes, pretend the Screech sex tape never happened.

(Ed. Note: We managed to write this entire post without making a single “Jude Law can Break and Enter us any time” joke! Oh, wait… damn.)

CAPTION THIS! I Immediately Regret This Decision


adam duritz tattoo.jpg

And suddenly, the Goo Goo Dolls poster on your wall and the Toad The Wet Sprocket CDs in your collection don’t seem nearly as embarrassing, do they?

You can leave your captions in the comments, but I have a bigger concern that needs to be addressed here. Ladies: if you’re hooking up with a guy and he takes off his shirt to reveal a giant tattoo of Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows, how do you react? Seriously. I need to know.

Link via Collegehumor

Project Runway: Something Looks Unseamly


JEFFSDRESS.JPGLast night was the first half of the always dramatic Project Runway finale, and those of you smart enough to actually skip over spoilers got something of a controversial surprise towards the end. We always love when Tim Gunn visits each designer’s home to opine on their collections and spend time with the famillies (Tim Gunn + Turtle Poop = Billion-dollar Comedy Franchise). Yesterday proved that we might have the wealthiest finalists yet – from Laura‘s huge New York loft/Discovery Zone (“Do places like that exist?” we wondered from the bottom of an Ikea-furnished well) to Michael‘s cozy Atlanta abode to Uli‘s beach retreat and Jeff‘s lovely L.A. townhouse.

But we’re here for the clothes. And while photos surfaced from the Olympus Fashion Week runway shows a few weeks ago, our opinions changed last night upon seeing the garments up close. Laura’s collection delivered no new surprises, other than that hideous green ruffle-coat that belonged on the mother-of-the-bride at some Renaissance Wedding somewhere. The grey-sequined-gown/yellow-belt dress remained the definition of elegance. Uli’s dresses looked less fabulous on the hangers than on the models, and poor, sweet “Braceface” (as Michael insisted he be called) really missed the boat entirely, with a collection better suited for Beyonce at the gynecologist than the real world.

After the jump, our thoughts on the Laura/Jeffrey debacle… and we want to know what you think!

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