PROPPED: Free Jude Kinnear!


JUDEKINNEAR3.JPGThe third installment of Project Runway is spiralling to a finish, with a winner being announced next week. But some of the season’s controversies have still not died down, primarily the one involving Keith Michael (long-awaited lovechild of Jude Law and Greg Kinnear). Early in the season, Keith was disqualified for bringing pattern-making books with him, something PR producers claimed was expressly forbidden in the official rules.

In last week’s reunion show, Keith came to his own rescue (because, apparently, no one else was going to), accusing PR producers of framing him and planting the books under his bed. Ah-likely ah-story. And thanks to reader roxdy who dropped yet more Jude Kinnear insanity! In an open letter to the Blogging Project Runway blog, JK actually does do a good job of defending himself, first by defining exactly what kind of books he had — not patterns themselves, rather explanations for how to measure things… which still sounds fishy. He goes on to walk us through the casting process, where producers thoroughly searched each contestant, removing any and all items considered banned. JK insists he was used as a pawn in the chess game known as Great Television. And frankly, after reading his letter… we kind of… agree with him. And you?

ps His real last name earns him some serious street cred.

RANT: Say Your Prayers, Eat Your Vitamins, Dress Your 18 Year-Old Daughter Up Like a Total Whore


hogan1.jpgAccording to our channel, Hogan Knows Best, but these photoshopped-to-death shots of his bareley legal daughter Brooke on the cover of FHM (a magazine for men whose wives and girlfriends won’t let them read Playboy) are pretty f*cking creepy. I mean, they might as well have rubbed sparkly butter all over her, slapped on a couple of pasties and stuck her under a big neon sign that said, “Slutty cheerleader looking for someone to be her daddy”. I mean, it’s pretty easy to rail on pedophiles (political ones and otherwise) these days, but you have to at least acknowledge the fact that our culture regularly turns its children into sex objects. I wonder what the Hulkster would do if he could see the things aging readers probably imagine doing to his baby daughter while rifling through the pages of this particular meathead mag? Of course, maybe they just read it for the articles (this nine page advertorial on bathroom products sounds like a real page-turner!)

BWE CONTEST: Win The Marie Antoinette Soundtrack


marie antoinette.jpgNo matter how appealing (or unappealing) the idea of Kirsten Dunst starring in a Sophia Coppola movie about Marie Antoinette sounds to you (out 10/20- check out the trailer), there’s one thing you can’t deny: the movie has a damn good soundtrack (samples here). With tracks by New Order, The Strokes, Gang Of Four, The Cure, Air, Siouxie & The Banshees and more, you really can’t go wrong. Well, here’s your chance to win a copy.

Just send an email to At some point today we’ll choose an entry at random and one lucky winner will receive a copy of the soundtrack. You have nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for, email us now!

For a complete soundtrack listing, click here.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Laurie from NJ. And thanks to everybody who entered. We have more contests coming up, so better luck next time!

One Way To Make The End of the World Hilarious



Today’s award for best headline relating to the possible end of the world goes to UK’s daily rag The Sun, who chose to honor the impending nuclear holocaust by referencing one of the most beloved WWII musical’s of all-time, The Sound of Music. And no North Korea headline would be complete (Matt Drudge) without the Kim-Jong Il doll made so popular in the hit comedy Team America. Tabloid puns, f**k yeah! (Note to the NY Post: Get your act together. Seriously, this is embarassing.)

While You Were Feering So Ronery



  • Carlos Mencia gave TMZ a tour of “his wheels”. Surprisingly enough, they’re not all tricked-out low riders. Who would have known? I mean, he’s such a beaner!
  • From the looks of his bright new shiner, it would seem that DJ AM maybe should have thought twice about giving his homey K-Fed a spin on the decks.
  • Lindsay Lohan’s mother says she’d like to see her daughter follow in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps and star in an action movie. Personally, I think we’ve already seen Coke Whore Force: Slap-fights At Hyde quite enough.
  • Please god someone tell us who the latest “mystery man” random LA pseudo-hipster douchebag in Nicole Richie’s life is. We positively MUST know!
  • The Nicole-Paris reconciliation is now totally official, as the two ladies had their obligatory make-up sex together. Paris even let Nicole borrow some of her clothes on the way out. Aww.

YouTube Billionaires Make Bad YouTube Video


As we all sit at our desks this morning and wonder why WE didn’t think of a website that allows people to share videos with one another, two twentysomething dudes from California are laughing all the way to the bank. In case you haven’t heard, the site where you waste your time watching commercials from the 1980’s and movie clips starring kung-fu midgets, YouTube, was just purchased by Google for $1.65 billion. As part of their celebration, the founders made this video to thank their supporters… and rub it in. I hate life.

Link via Gorillamask.




  • SHOCKER… MAYBE THE DIRTY KIND: MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann is reported to be a terrible lover and a cad by an embittered ex-lover. On the bright side, Larry King can finally empty his own colostomy bag. Take that, Olbermann! (Page Six)
  • MARKETING GENIUS: Even the characters on Two and a Half Men can’t make it through an entire episode without getting sh*z-hammered. We usually black out by minute 17. (USA Today)
  • BLAME GAME: Billy Bush claims he was on the phone with Eva Longoria when she took her rib-fracturing spill last week. Considering we once sliced a bagel all the way through our forearm while watching the guy on the red carpet, we’ll buy this one. (People Magazine)
  • RETRO CLIP: Remember when Super Mario Brothers was cutting edge technology? No? Well back in 1988 it blew Bill O’Reilly‘s mind. (College Humor)
  • BREAKING NEWS: Heidi Klum, full with fetus, still looks drop dead gorgeous. We still can’t decide whether or not this is proof that God exists. Give us time. (X17 Online)

SIZZLER: Use Your I-Vag-ination


VICTBECKHAM.JPGVictoria Beckham nee Posh Spice claims to “look really awful naked,” according to an interview in Australian Harper’s Bazaar. Following the birth of her three children, Brooklyn, Staten-Island and Da’Brahnx, Posh says the weight fluctuation has left her belly saggy, her skin orange, and her breasts high and globe-like. Katie Holmesnewfound Be-Fri is also the first to admit that despite airbrushing techniques used to make her look like Anna Wintour’s older sister, she has no ass at all. We always thought Posh had a fantastic figure, and were surprised to learn about her shortcomings. Especially when an anonymous source calling themselves “Ms. Paint” forwarded us a photo showing the singing sensation in nearly no clothes at all. After the jump, take a look at naked Posh for yourself — she’s not looking half bad! Read more…

LISTEN UP: Sparkle and Fade, Fade… Fade


  • Linesthroughlines has a listening assignment today: download these tracks by Badly Drawn Boy, Josh Ritter, What Made Milwaukee Famous and Blitzen Trapper.
  • Macktronic posted an entire free Insound compilation CD today, loaded with tracks by bands like The Hold Steady, TV On The Radio, The Rapture and a whole lot more.
  • My Music Trivia proves everybody’s connected, including tracks by Pavement, the Smashing Pumpkins, the Silver Jews and Zwan.
  • Come on, you kinda want to download these acoustic Everclear tracks from Faronheit. Admit it. We won’t tell.
  • And finally, Both Sides of the Mouth has 3 tracks by the Cold War Kids that are too good to ignore. So don’t.