GAMES: Prizes, Arquettes, and Baldwins, Oh My!


baldwinthumbsup.JPGSo you waste your days reading the latest tabloid tripe on blogs like this one, but you occasionally wish there were a somehow productive application for all the inane celebrity knowledge you’ve accidentally acquired. Well kids, today is your lucky day because AOL has an (admittedly addictive) new online game called Gold Rush in which you can use your useless knowledge of pop culture trivia to win real money, like even a million dollars. Also you can access insanely surreal footage of an Arguette wearing drag whilst trying to “name that Baldwin”, which we’ve heard will be succeeded by Stephen Baldwin (probably wearing a WWJD bracelet) trying to “identify that Arquette”. Win lose or draw, that shit should be framed and hanging in the MoMA.

If Lindsay Lohan Put On A Few…


lohan.jpgToday Cityrag points us over to this pretty funny yet ultimately disturbing Photoshop Contest over at Worth1000. It’s called Fasting Time, and it shows us what certain celebrities would look like if they were skeletal. Sorry– if they were more skeletal.

Speaking of contests, Congratulations to Eddie Tweed for winning our BWE Billy Bob’s Board For Scoundrels Photoshop Contest. Your $1 million check* is in the mail.

*or BWE T-shirt

The Office: Dr. Crentist Will See You Now


DWIGHTSHRUTE.JPGLast night’s episode of The Office was ground-breaking. It proved that the writers, along with Steve Carell, have finally created the quintessential douchiest (and somehow likeable) character on television past and present. And it all happened when these four words were uttered: “Hug It Out, Bitch.” The famous line uttered by Ari Gold on Entourage, the line that has defined douchey men for the past two years now. Round of applause for the attention to Massengil detail, writers.

Three episodes into season three, the storylines are blossoming. Jim has a new love interest in Scranton, Karen (played by the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, Rashida), who is kind of like a Pam 3000 — sophisticated, sexy but not without a sense of humor. Is JAM not meant to be? And Dwight and Michael had their first real breakdown of power last night. Their Peanut M&M showdown made us crave chocolate and conflict and dental insurance.

And, our usual reminder, peruse the generous deleted scenes on Thoughts on the episode or the season as a whole? Funny, Bad, or Building?

ICYMI: Bushes Stick Together!


When somebody calls your son “the devil”, how do you respond? Well, if you’re former President George H.W. Bush, you go on Larry King Live and call him an “ass”. Oh snap! I’d be careful though, guys. Men have fought wars for less. Much… much less.

Get Your Foleys Straight!


If there’s one thing douchebag Republican Congressman pedophile Mark Foley has taught us, it’s the importance of having the correct information, lest an innocent person (or an entire political party) have their reputation soiled by a scandal in which they actually played no part. So to clarify this confusing realm of politicians turned cybersex offenders, we’ve created the fun new game: Get Your Foleys Straight!

Christian Finnegan’s Tower of Hubris


Christian Finnegan’s blog is a must-read. This week, during the height of the Mark Foley controversy prank-gone-awry, he was able to put everything in perspective, reminding us that Mr. Foley’s actions aren’t all that bad when compared to the actions of other current House members.


REP. KEN CALVERT (CA, 44th Dist.): Recently caught masturbating at the Vietnam Memorial.
REP. LANE EVANS (IL, 17th Dist.): Plays online Scrabble with Ayman Al-Zawahiri.
REP. VERNON J. EHLERS (MI, 3rd Dist.): In 1987, had one-nighter with Terri Schiavo. Never called.

To read the rest of the entry, click here.

While You Were Starting a Page Program…



SNEAK PEAK: Paul F. Tompkins Visits the Future


Take a look at Best Week Ever‘s resident technology expert Paul F. Tompkins, as he meets n’ greets the kabillionaires of tomorrow at the 2006 Wired NextFest. You can catch more footage of this and more on Friday’s new episode of Best Week Ever at 11 pm ET!

…Of The Day


    mr. t.jpg
  • FOOL WORTH PITYING: Anybody who doesn’t watch Mr. T’s new show, currently available at Yahoo TV. (Pop Candy)
  • JOKE: Knock knock. Who’s there? Mark Foley. Mark Foley who? Mark Foley, who’s filthy instant messages were nothing more than a prank gone awry, that’s who! Get it? Neither do we. (Drudge Report)
  • LOST & FOUND: Was there more to last night’s episode of Lost than 5 awesome minutes? Paul digs deeper. (Paul Scheer)
  • ALIAS: Clinton Portis, the NFL’s most exciting rusher (off the field) is back to dressing up during press conferences. Today he introduced Dolamite Jenkins. (Deadspin)
  • FUN FACT: How did the Killers become the Killers? Jimmy Kimmel found out last night. (Tubewad, via Gorillamask)