Best Night Ever: Tuesday, October 3rd


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, October 3rd! Adira is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including Dancing With the Stars, Friday Night Lights and True Life: Meth Addicts!

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…Of The Day



  • NEW FRIENDS: Meet Screech’s sex-tape partners. Their faces are blurred, which is unfortunate, but not nearly as unfortunate as leaving Screech’s face unblurred. (TMZ)
  • REASON TO LIVE: Terrell Owens has really been through a lot lately… but judging by what Philly fans are going to throw at him next week, it’s only just the beginning. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)
  • RETIREMENT PLAN: Brad and Angelina have hired David Beckham as Maddox’s private soccer coach. He must need the money. (Daily Mail)
  • PROVE IT: Jessica Alba has been named the “most kissable” celebrity. We challenge her to prove it. (Hollywoodtuna)
  • WONDERLAND: Jessica Simpson’s body, which John Mayer may or may not be exploring. (A Socialite’s Life)

PSA: Manage Your Rights


cricumventdrm.jpgWe’d like to take a brief pause from posting pictures of Paris Hilton’s assflaps for just a moment so that we might direct your attention towards something that actually matters (like, a lot) – today is the official Day Against DRM. Do you know what DRM stands for? If not, you should, because Digital Rights Management is an issue that will effect every single person who uses digital technology, and if you’re reading this, that means you. Right now a few very rich guys in the entertainment industry are trying to control what you are and are not allowed to do with the products you purchase online, be it a mp3 file, a movie, a ringtone or one of the other countless other forms of media that have now become a regular part of our day-to-day lives. They say this technology is to “keep honest people honest” by locking down their music and media in ways that restrict their privacy and freedom. As Boing Boing puts it:

DRM doesn’t stop “piracy” — the only people who get DRM infections are people who don’t pirate their media. You get DRM by buying your movies, music, games and books through authorized channels — the stuff you download from P2P or buy off of a blanket at a flea-market has already had the DRM cracked off of it.

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It’s Optimus Prime Time


optimus.jpgTaking a page from the Snakes On A Plane playbook, the people over at the Transformers site are trying their best to make sure that their new movie doesn’t suck. Or, if it does suck, that it at least sucks because of you.

If you head over to the official Transformers movie site you can enter the Make Prime Speak contest. Fans are urged to create a line of dialogue for Optimus Prime to speak; one winner will have thier line spoken by Prime in the movie. Amazing.

So what do you want to hear Optimus Prime say? “I’ve had it with all these muthaf**king Transformers on this muthaf**king planet!” “Don’t Hassle The Hoff!” “Firecrotch!” The possibilities are endless. What are you going with?

DAILY HASSLE: Let Sleeping Hoffs Lie


hoffteen.JPGIt’s been awhile since we’ve darkened The Hoff’s door, so let’s take another trip to the Fortress of Hoffitude and find out what our man Davey’s been doing, shall we?

  • According to tabloid reports, The Hoff recently fell asleep in the middle of an on-camera TV interview. This was actually just a big misunderstanding as The Hoff wasn’t sleeping – he was generously allowing the interviewer a quiet moment in which she might better savor the pleasure of his company.
  • The Hoff says he “doesn’t get” supermodel Kate Moss, which means that Kate Moss just surpassed creation as the greatest mystery mankind has ever known, because The Hoff “gets” everything.
  • The Hoff has REVEALED that “a tragic teen saved him from a drink-fueled downward spiral”. That same teen would later grow up to become Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The Hoff says he was conned into judging America’s Got Talent by Simon Cowell, who lied and told him the show was called America Wants The Hoff’s Talent, And So He Shall Give It To Them.

YOUTUBULAR: Indian Style Jack-O


We thought you’d enjoy this vintage Tollywood rip-off of Michael Jackson’s video for “Thriller” (way scarier!), though we must say – just because he molests children doesn’t mean MJ doesn’t have Intellectual Property rights!

(via iFilm)

LISTEN UP: Boys And Girls… In America


  • Just in case Pitchfork’s review of the new Jet album wasn’t enough for you, The Music Nazi posted a track for your enjoyment. Go listen to it, then decide for yourself if it’s better or worse than a monkey drinking its own urine.
  • Gorilla vs. Bear posted a track from Clipse’s new album. So go download “Oh My S**t”, if for no other reason than it’s an amazing song title.
  • The Scissor Sisters have been all over TV promoting their new album. Culture Bully has mp3’s of their appearance on Dancing With The Stars and Conan.
  • Everyone– everyone– is loving The Hold Steady’s new album. Pop Tart’s Suck Toasted has three tracks from Boys & Girls In America, as well as three tracks off the new Decemberists album.
  • And finally, A Soundtrack For Everyone posted tracks by The Killers and The Lemonheads today. Download them, because you could always use more ‘The’ bands in your iPod.

Could the Cocaine Party Be Over Already?


cocainehenry.JPGFrom first hearing about it, to first trying it, to first seeing how much fun it can be, we must confess to you, dear readers, our recent love affair with Cocaine, the energy drink. Since this wonderful product has come into our lives, everything seems to be going great – we’ve got more energy, we’re way more interesting to talk to, and we find the tabloid trashcan we must sift through every day to be far more tolerable. So why are these party-poopers trying to kill our buzz and tell us there’s something wrong with all the heart-pumping fun we’ve been having with Cocaine, the energy drink? Take this square, for example:

“There are only two reasons that you would seek to use this infamous and insidious name to market your so-called energy drink,” said Councilman James Sanders Jr. of Queens, who organized a news conference at City Hall. “Either you are woefully ignorant of the horrors of cocaine addiction, or your god is the dollar bill, and not even human life is more sacred.”

Just like “The Man” – always trying to ruin a good thing and a great time. I guess “James Sanders Jr.” (if that’s even his real name) didn’t bother to read the tiny disclaimer on that clearly states, “We don’t advocate drug use. What you do with your drink is completely up to you!”. Now THAT is what I call a firm stance! If he’d bothered doing a little research before his sanctimonious grandstanding, Councilman Sanders also could have read some handy tips on how to make mixed drinks such as the Liquid Cocaine, the Cocaine Snort and, my personal favorite, the Cocaine/Apple Tini. I’m sipping on one of those delicious concoctions as I type this very sentence. Mmmm hmmm.