Finally! We Get To See What Johnny Depp, Dave Pirner, Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, Pete Yorn, Connor Oberst, Ryan Adams, Evan Dando, Jimmy Fallon, Beck, Daniel Day-Lewis, Chris Noth, Adam Duritz, Dave Grohl, Rhett Miller and Christian Slater Got To See



Winona Ryder naked! It’s about time.

Winona stripped down for a good cause (skin cancer awareness; not to give you a boner) and Egotastic has the pictures. Thanks to Winona, now we’re aware. Not as aware as, say, Johnny, Dave, Matt, Val, Pete, Connor, Ryan, Evan, Jimmy, Beck, Daniel, Chris, Adam, Dave G., Rhett and Christian. But aware.

Borat’s MySpace Page Is Niiiiiiiiice



Once again, Sacha Baron Cohen has proven that he’s funnier than just about everybody else on the planet. Check out Borat’s MySpace page to learn all about your favorite Kazakh reporter. What will you learn? Well, you’ll learn all about his goals (“It my ambition one day to eat a delicious hamborger!”), his family (“I have 3 sons [Bilak [12], Biram [12], Hooeylewis [13]] and I have 17 grandchildrens. Hooeylewis is my most favourite son, Bilak is my least favourite son”), who he’d like to meet (“like meet nice men, as friend – no sexytime”) and so much more.

You should add him as a friend right now. Assuming you’re not Jewish, I bet he’ll accept! Jagshemash!

K-Fed is Playing With Himself


kfedfire.jpgHere’s the artwork for the must-have-album of the fall (if you’re a complete and total idiot, that is). Playing With Fire “drops” next month, but K-Fed’s folks have leaked the symbolism-drenched album cover early to start building up the intrigue.

The cover, which was clearly made by Sean Preston on his My First Photoshop program, features Kevin glaring at the camera and holding a deck of cards in a dark and empty room. His tie is loose, his cigarette is burning, and it almost looks like a member of CTU will walk in and interrogate him any second. “Why’d you do this?!? Why are you rapping?!? Stop it NOW!” I can hear Jack Bauer yelling it now.

When you look closer you’ll notice that K-Fed is wearing a ring (but not a wedding ring) and -oh yeah- his beverage is on FIRE. I’m not sure if he’s playing with it, but I guess he was talked out of re-naming it Drinking With Fire. Damn.

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So with any luck, this picture means the album will only be three tracks long. But only if we’re lucky. If we’re really, really lucky.

Project Runway: Runway Collections!!!


HeidiKlumFinale.JPGAs Lewis Carroll once said “Joyous Day, Callooh, Callay!” The Project Runway collections are out! (It goes without saying, if you don’t want to see the collections until the season finale, do NOT read this post. You are a better person than we are.) The fashion shows kicked off this morning at 9 am in New York, and there were some major surprises in these collections. So what are we waiting for? To the designer slaughterhouse!!

After the jump, exclusive photos from each of the four remaining designers’ collections — along with brilliant commentary, obvs. So who will win? Will it be Uli, Jeffrey, Laura, or Michael? Let’s start the betting!

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PROPPED: Bad Things Come to Those Who Eat


Thanks to our own Jim for dropping this rather disturbing public service ad campaign for Landmine awareness, in which ketchup packets provide you with a grim reminder of the grisly carnage caused by these bombs by forcing you to rip off the limb of a poor child every time you try to slather your fries with gooey tomato goodness. Gets the message across I guess, but it’s still pretty gross.


ICYMI: LonelyGirl15 Has Leno Right Where She Wants Him


Last night, cutting edge talk show host Jay Leno welcomed a very special guest to The Tonight Show, “Lonelygirl15“, who we now know is actually Jessica Rose Leigh (the kind of name high-profile murder cases just love). It seems Lonelygirl’s mission to rise to stardom is working out nicely, as she’s got Leno eating out of her filthy lying hands. While we never got into Lonelygirl’s Youtube saga (we aren’t teenage girls or middle-aged men), judging by her stage presence on The Tonight Show, we don’t necessarily see her becoming the next Rachel McAdams. But we think that being forced to dance with Tucker Carlson is punishment enough, so we wish her the best.

While You Were Throwing Out (Up) Raw Spinach


  • Despite losing several campaigns following her cocaine scandal, Kate Moss is still expected to earn more than $54 million this year. Finally! She’ll be able to afford the good stuff!
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter and two of his co-stars were arrested Thursday. The arrrest went down “without incident’, which Dog admits makes for really, really boring television.
  • Russian officials have changed their minds and will now allow Madonna to blast off into space. They were swayed after being forced to listen to her new album.
  • Thanks to a court ruling, the Rock Star band “Supernova” now has to go by the name “Rock Star Supernova”. So try to remember that in six months when you’re rummaging through the bargain bin.
  • Mariah Carey says God solves all of her problems. She just wishes he had more spare time in 2001 to talk her out of Glitter.

Numa Numa 2: The Reckoning


Gary Brolsma, the husky New Jersey kid made famous for his interpretive dance routine of Moldovan dance hit “Dragostea din Tei” (better known as “Numa Numa”), is back, once again bringing his sweet moves to the denizens of the Internets. Check out his latest opus and tell us what you think – Godfather II or Rocky V?

Best Night Ever: Thursday, September 14th


It’s Best Night Ever for Thursday, September 14th! BWE announcer Leer Leary almost made it onto the most controversial season of Survivor ever, so he came in for a special BNE to give you all the dirt!




  • QUOTE: Matthew Perry on the Friends Porno: “All of the characters are sleeping with each other except for the guy who is playing Chandler, this is true, who throughout the entire film just sits in the corner wearing a sweater vest and masturbating.” (Celebrity Week)
  • PHOTOSHOP: If you haven’t read gay wrestler Big Red‘s account of “seducing” Tom Cruise, please do so. We still can’t get past the image of Tom Cruise in a “little cap thingy” with “chin strap.” (Defamer)
  • YOUTUBE FANTASY: Stylus Magazine ranks the “Top 100 Music Videos of All Time”, and Michael Jackson‘s Thriller ranks at #27. Look, we know he pushes Jesus Juice on little boys, but camman: Thriller’s the best! (Stylus Magazine)
  • COED NAKED FUNDRAISING: Marc Jacobs launches a “Protect the Skin You’re In” T-shirt line featuring naked celebrities (Naomi Campbell, Winona Ryder) to raise money for melanoma research. We’re all for donating to a cause, but a naked Rufus Wainwright cannot be worth more than $4.99 in anyone’s book. (Flickr)
  • TOO SOON REMARK: While covering the tragic death of Anna Nicole‘s son, E! adds that a sedative was administered to the “formerly zaftig model.” And just when you thought that “Fat Anna” couldn’t possibly be mentioned, America does it again. (E! Online)