LISTEN UP: The President’s Dead



  • YANP gives us the state of the union on a new track from Okkervil River called “The President’s Dead”, which must be in reference to Bush’s typical lack of charisma or intelligence during this morning’s press conference.
  • *SIXEYES and I are both digging this Richard Buckner character, even if he shares a name with this kid who used to beat me up by the tetherball pole in junior high.
  • Said the Gramophone raises the Awesome Alert to “red” for Arab Strap, posting three of their tracks.
  • Elliott Smith is the Tupac of wispy emo folk music in that he’s recording more in the afterlife than he did when he was still around. The Rawking Refuses to Stop has four new tracks.
  • Fluxblog has the latest queeny 70′s rock from The Scissor Sisters.

We Swear*, Last Project Runway Post Today…


Some genius transcribed each of the opening speeches given by the designers from this morning’s Project Runway Season 3 runway show at Olympus Fashion Week, and then set the entire collections to music (we think) from the American Idol Soundtrack. (We said genius.) It really helps understanding each collection, and makes you feel like you’re there, listening to one of the worst CD’s you own. We’ll kick it off with Laura‘s, because it incorporates one of our favorite Kelly Clarkson covers, but you can catch the other three videos after the jump. (*Our fingers are crossed.)

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SIZZLER: Major, Major, Possible Project Runway Spoiler


PROJRUNWAYLOGO1.JPGIs your heart beating fast? Good. Because we just caught wind of the FINAL THREE CONTESTANTS left on Project Runway! This morning, we saw all four of the Olympus Fashion Week collections, and now, we know which one won’t end up mattering. But we’re not cruel people. We wouldn’t go ahead and spoil the next episode unless we had your express permission. So, on that note:

By clicking on the following link, you agree NOT to get worked up and angry that we ruined some of the mystery surrounding the Project Runway finale… And if you choose not to click, you must be some sort of Jedi, because we really couldn’t help ourselves.

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Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


It’s Friday afternoon and another couple days of drowning our celebrity-induced pain in booze is just around the corner, which means it’s time for another edition of our beloved Friday feature, Shuffling Towards the Weekend! As usual, our special guest has shuffled their iPod and will share the first five resulting songs – being completely honest – so what we might judge their sonicshuffle.jpg worthiness. This week we’re joined by our good buddy Nate, who is the proprietor of the popular comedy blog The Apiary. We hung out with him last night at some splashy comedy club’s “grand opening gala” (where, by the way, we learned first-hand that Kathy Griffin is somehow even scarier-looking in person than she is on TV), and thought he’d be just the type of sucker whose musical tastes would be easily made fun of. Examine and judge his resulting songs, then post your own in the comments!

“Tinfoil”, Rainer Maria
“Pink Chimneys”, Promise Ring
“What Whorse You Wrote Id on”, Owls
“I’m Content With Losing”, UnderOath
“Another the Letter”, Wire

NSFW Fridays: We Have To Do This F’n Thing Over


Announcers swearing on live television is nothing new. However, much like our favorite weatherman, it never gets old. Gorillamask linked this video today, of Minnesota Twins announcer Bert Blyleven dropping not 1, but 2 F-bombs during a Twins game last week. But don’t worry about Bert– he’ll be fine. After all, this is the same guy who asked Ace Young if he got lucky with Paula Abdul a couple of years ago. The guy is a Hall of Famer in my book.

ICYMI: Matt Damon Curses Out Kimmel


Our favorite Hollywood actor, Matt Damon, made a rare and highly-anticipated appearance on Jimmy Kimmel‘s ABC Primetime Special this week. And, well, Damon really loses his cool, and curses out a most deserving Kimmel. Now, the question is, real or staged? We’re calling staged, as Damon is famous for being one of the nicest guys in the biz. But damn if he also isn’t the best actor. And also so handsome. And smart. Successful, caring… Decide for yourself while we go smoke a cigg and ruminate.

CAPTION THIS: Feed Me, Seymour!


What could Pamela Anderson’s vagina possibly have said to disgust her so? “I’ve seen a lot a d*ckheads in my day, but did you really have to marry this latest one?” The possibilities here are endless.


Terrible Ideas in History: Irwin’s Daughter to Swim with Stingrays


Stingrays.JPGSo maybe you heard, but there was this guy who hunted crocodile’s all over the world, and was killed tragically by a stingray’s tail to the heart. We are of course referring to one of the more famous lunatics in modern history, Steve Irwin. Well, now his eight-year-old daughter, Bindi, wants to continue his legacy and go swimming with stingrays on her very own tv show, Jungle Girl. Stingrays!

No, no, no, no, this is all wrong! Has lil’ Bindi never seen Batman or Spiderman? You don’t immediately sidle up next to the very creature that killed your Dad without some serious ass-kicking! Really, Bindi, listen. The answer isn’t to show the world how awesome stingrays are. You should be joining those other maniacs on the beach and kicking the living waste out of the bastards! Eat stingrays for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Turn one into a paira’ sting-shoes! Not strap a saddle onto one to show the world how tame it is. Sigh. Hopefully your little brother will grow up with the kind of rage that puts the super in hero.

Bag-Hags Donate Purses for a Good Cause


MARYKATEBAG1.JPGIf you’re a fan of donating to causes (and our budget means we save our donations for serious gutwrenchers, see also, Katrina), but also love spending a community-college-tuition on bags, then have we got the perfect situation for you! A slew of starlets have donated some of their used designer bags for Seventeen Magazine‘s “Hot Bags Cool Cause” Ebay Fundraiser for various cancer organizations. Seems straightforward enough, but we couldn’t help but notice that the calibur of bags donated directly relates to how famous the person is. So whereas Reese Witherspoon donated Prada and Selma Blair went with last season’s Marc Jacobs, D-listers Ashley Tisdale parted with a tattered mini-Coach bag and Avril Lavigne‘s doesn’t even have a brand, just her autograph. We love that the always classy Angelica Huston went with Chanel. Then again, who are we to judge? The only bag we could possibly donate from our personal collection would be this hobo’s bindle we found under a man sleeping on our doorstep. Go and bid!

And speaking of bags, did Lindsay Lohan lie about her Birkin being stolen at Heathrow last week? Blabbermouth radio DJ Wendy Williams thinks so. Not that Ms. Williams can really be trusted with anything, but if Lohan lied, we will feel really hurt. Those Birkins can cure, like, 10 people of cancer.

Finally! We Get To See What Johnny Depp, Dave Pirner, Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, Pete Yorn, Connor Oberst, Ryan Adams, Evan Dando, Jimmy Fallon, Beck, Daniel Day-Lewis, Chris Noth, Adam Duritz, Dave Grohl, Rhett Miller and Christian Slater Got To See



Winona Ryder naked! It’s about time.

Winona stripped down for a good cause (skin cancer awareness; not to give you a boner) and Egotastic has the pictures. Thanks to Winona, now we’re aware. Not as aware as, say, Johnny, Dave, Matt, Val, Pete, Connor, Ryan, Evan, Jimmy, Beck, Daniel, Chris, Adam, Dave G., Rhett and Christian. But aware.