ICYMI: Blogging On Ellen On Blogging


I didn’t think there was anything more annoying about Ellen DeGeneres than that stupid little “smiley dance” thing she does at the beginning of her show until today, when shortly after doing said dance, Ellen launched into a painful soliloquy about her utter befuddlement over the concept of “blogs”, and people “sharing their personal thoughts online”. To learn more, she turns to audience member “Kayleeeee”, who explains how she uses this “blog thingy on the MySpace” to write about her trip to Disneyland. Ellen’s startling incompetence and awkward rambling somehow makes Tony Danza’s daytime talkshow musings look like Shakespearean monologues. Sh*t, Rosie O’Donnell is already a blogging legend.

ALSO: We’re not unaware of the brain-bending “meta-ness” of this post, so save it.

ICYMI: Nicole Shows Paris She Can Suck At Singing Too


Lionel Richie is worried about a lot of things: he’s worried that Nicole could be the next Princess Di, he’s worried that Nicole might be anorexic, and he’s worried about the safety problems that come with dancing on the ceiling. One thing Lionel doesn’t have to worry about, though, is Nicole ever being considered a better singer than her old man. Here’s Nicole’s new song, “Dandelion”. It’s far from bad, but far from “Hello”. Lionel, you can sleep easy.

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parishiltondrunk.jpgWe all know that understanding the strange and unusual language of celebrities can be quite difficult, but translating the words of the publicists they pay to speak for them can be downright mind-boggling, especially when that flack is the Larry Bird of Lies, Elliot Mintz. The poor soul given the charge of trying to somehow convince us that Paris Hilton has redeeming human qualities, Mr. Mintz is a master of verbal trickery and misdirection, especially when his client gets herself arrested Gibson-stizz. Luckily, our trusty Celebrity Translator is up to the challenge of cracking “the Da Mintzi Code”.

What Mintz Said: “She’s absolutely fine”.
What Mintz Meant: “She’s Paris f*cking Hilton. Do you think a pansy-ass drinking-and-driving charge could possible faze a person who is primarily known for starring in Internet porn, drunkenly stumbling in and out of nightclubs on camera, and regularly exploiting herself in any and all other ways that might land her on the pages of another magazine? Hell, this is GOOD press.”

What Mintz Said: “She was driving home from a charity event.”
What Mintz Meant: “She was driving home from an event at which she could do the one thing it is she’s actually capable of doing: having her picture taken and drinking free booze while having her picture taken and drinking free booze.”

What Mintz Said: “She had one drink, a margarita”
What Mintz Meant: “She was pretty f*cked up.”

What Mintz Said: “She didn’t appear in the least bit to be intoxicated.”
What Mintz Meant: “Okay, REALLY f*cked up.”

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Great Moments In Fast Food Advertising


1. Paris, for Carl Jr.’s “Burgers So Good You Just Want To Masturbate To Them” Campaign

2. Paris, for In-N-Out’s “I had one margarita (and) was starving because I had not eaten all day. Maybe I was speeding a little bit and I got pulled over. I was just really hungry and I wanted to have an In-N-Out Burger” Campaign

Can’t wait to see what she does with The Burger King!

The Funniest YouTube Video Evs


The only thing we want to say about the following video is that we openly wept with laughter upon multiple viewings. Perhaps because we react the exact same way when delivering the weather with a roach on our pant.

(also, yes, it’s iFilm now, but only because the youtube one kept going down.)

Celebrity Quiz: What Is Scarlett Hiding In There?



Take a look at Scarlett Johanssen at The Black Dahlia premiere in LA last night. Any ideas as to what she’s hiding in there? We’re going with one gigantic, price-club sized emergency maxi pad. A lady should never leave the house without one.

Leave your guesses in the comments!

Chelsea Clinton Serviced by Bodyguards


ChelseaClinton.JPGThe following gossip item is so ridiculous… and yet, for some reason, we really hope it’s true. From Popbitch:

US newspapers claim to have a story that Chelsea Clinton has been getting, er, serviced by her two Secret Service minders. At the same time. The man and woman appointed to protect the ex-First Daughter are said to be in trouble for taking that to mean they should get this up close and personal with their charge. So far the threesome are keeping quiet but with US service personnel getting blown up on a daily basis, shouldn’t we just be happy that some of them are just getting blown?

First of all, we are dying to see what her bodyguards look like, but hours of Myspace trolling have produced zero results. But more importantly… ya’ll just know Chelsay Clintone is a freak! I mean, check out her ex-boyf — you guys, they’re practically twins. Kink-ay! And camman… she is Bill Clinton‘s daughter ya’ll. While she may have been handed the God-given beauty of sexpot mother Hillary, her sex drive is all Bill. We want to see Chels waving her freak flag come this Christmas, or else… she will have to continue doing so behind closed doors.

LISTEN UP: I’m Not Afraid of You…



  • And the award for “Best. Album. Title. Ever.” goes to Yo La Tengo, for their genius I’m Not Afraid of You, And I’ll Beat Your Ass. Go to Merry Swankster to see if the songs are as just as good.
  • The Supreme Council of Music Bloggers has elevated the status of Beirut, Cold War Kids, The Breakdown and a few other indie bands to label-worthy, and ProductShopNYC has tracks to celebrate.
  • Itstoolong is all in German, which is why it’s a good thing that “Joanna Newsom’s harp-strumming elven fairy warbling” is a language everyone can understand.
  • The Shins have postponed the release of their new album to January 2007, but you can still have your lives changed by three new live tracks over at YANP.
  • I’ve really been digging the Regina Spektor song “On the Radio” lately, and think you should go download it at All Things Go! for the “November Rain” reference alone.

Project Runway: Ding-Dong, The Vince is Dead


ProjRun41.JPGOur weekly addiction, Project Runway, delivered the couture goods last night. Our contestants are still in Paris, and kicked off the show with a relaxing Parisian meal hosted by fantasy father figure Timmy “the Tim-Tim” Gunn. (On a related note, please read this love letter addressed to Tim that I think speaks for all of us.) This week’s challenge was to design a haute couture gown — and while there have been a lot of dress-making challenges this season, we were still excited. Though we do wish they could’ve stepped the challenge up a little. Like making a dress out of nothing but discarded office furniture and sandfleas.

First of all, and we’re not embarassed to admit this, we loooooved Kayne‘s dress. While the judges served up a steaming plate of guff, we found the detailing and diagonal corset to be stunning. There is always the possibility that in person it looked like Liberace farted all over it, but we have to hand it to Kayne: The man knows how to iron a gold-mesh boost-ay. We liked Jeffrey‘s yellow-plaid ahn-somb, and were not blinded with Nicolas Rage over his win.

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