• QUOTE: Matthew Perry on the Friends Porno: “All of the characters are sleeping with each other except for the guy who is playing Chandler, this is true, who throughout the entire film just sits in the corner wearing a sweater vest and masturbating.” (Celebrity Week)
  • PHOTOSHOP: If you haven’t read gay wrestler Big Red‘s account of “seducing” Tom Cruise, please do so. We still can’t get past the image of Tom Cruise in a “little cap thingy” with “chin strap.” (Defamer)
  • YOUTUBE FANTASY: Stylus Magazine ranks the “Top 100 Music Videos of All Time”, and Michael Jackson‘s Thriller ranks at #27. Look, we know he pushes Jesus Juice on little boys, but camman: Thriller’s the best! (Stylus Magazine)
  • COED NAKED FUNDRAISING: Marc Jacobs launches a “Protect the Skin You’re In” T-shirt line featuring naked celebrities (Naomi Campbell, Winona Ryder) to raise money for melanoma research. We’re all for donating to a cause, but a naked Rufus Wainwright cannot be worth more than $4.99 in anyone’s book. (Flickr)
  • TOO SOON REMARK: While covering the tragic death of Anna Nicole‘s son, E! adds that a sedative was administered to the “formerly zaftig model.” And just when you thought that “Fat Anna” couldn’t possibly be mentioned, America does it again. (E! Online)

ICYMI: Tyra Banks Welcomes Gollum to the Stage


If you missed today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, we really feel sorry for you: It was beginning to end beyond brains unbelievable. But this clip, where Tyra Banks shows a tanorexic girl what she’ll look like in 20 years, may have just about gone too far… unless they assume the girl picks up a meth habit at 30.

LISTEN UP: Strictly 4 My R.E.A.D.E.R.Z


  • Idolator wastes no time, posting two tracks by obscure 70’s girl group Honey Cone their first day on the job.
  • Girlpants has four Pulp B-sides from their newly reissued albums. You should already be over there downloading.
  • Speaking of B-sides, I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has some brand new Pete Yorn B-sides available today.
  • Zeon’s Music Blog posted two tracks today: Franz Ferdinand’s phenomenal cover of Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For” and The Magic Numbers covering Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out”. Download them both.
  • And finally, ten years (and a day) after Tupac was gunned down in Vegas, FiftyOne:FiftyOne has some essential tracks for you to download.

BWE: The Next LonelyGirl15


Now that the LonelyGirl15 saga has played itself out, videobloggers all around the world are trying to step up and fill the void. We recently stumbled upon a few videos by a girl who calls herself DesertedChick22. She’s good, but really makes you long for the far-more-professional days of the one and only LonelyGirl. Check out DesertedChick’s videos here. I think she needs a little work (especially with the product-placement).

Watch DesertedChick22’s Second podcast here

And watch DesertedChick22’s Third podcast here

PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Kelis & Tracy Morgan


Some things are so awesome they require no comment. This photograph, taken at a surprise birthday party for rapper Nas, is definitely one of those things. Play around with it, send us the results (contests@bwe.tv), and we’ll post anything funny we get.


(via ONTD)

Britney Spears Scares Away Last Remaining Fan



Britney Spears unveiled a new look for her website today. And, well… if Snakes on a Plane had a website equivalent, it would be BritneySpears.com. The site features a tiger’s head morphing Black or White-stizz into Britney’s sultry gaze. Only that when the twain faces meet, it isn’t sexy so much as it is a half-mongoloid/half-zombie looking to laid. Oh, right, and there’s growling. And it’s terrifying. Seriously, we had to take a Xanax. Plus, the site is only under construction! Cut to three months from now, when clicking on BritneySpears.com cues a man to jump out from your cubicle and slit your throat.

The good news? The only option right now on the site is to “Tell a Friend” or “Join the Club.” We’re not sure what sort of backward, baby-popping, gum-snapping, brink-of-breakdown club this is, but we’ll totally sign up if she makes us Historian.

ICYMI: Paris Walking Under the Influence, Too


How in the name of Hansel could a person manage to lose a “walk-off” with themself? While modeling for Heatherette during Fashion Week, Paris Hilton actually became so immersed in having her picture taken while spinning around at the end of the catwalk like a still-born ballerina, she actually forgot to bring her assigned piece of luggage back with her. Luckily, after filling out a few forms at the Delta counter backstage, the bag was safely returned a few days later. Paris – so not hot right now. (via Animal NY).

The Best Of Borat


With the (glorious) nation of Kazakhstan all up in arms about Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat character again, we were curious what on Earth they’d be so upset about. Then we watched this 25-minute long compilation of the Best of Borat from the British Ali G show. Now we get it.

Still, can you believe our President is taking the time out of his day to discuss this guy? Yeah, we can too.

ICYMI: A.C. Slater’s Passion for Dancing, Lying


On Tuesday night’s Dancing with the Stars, Mario Lopez, i.e. A.C. Slater, i.e. Skidz-Curlz LaRue, claimed that he had no formal dance training. Well, it was as easy as reading his IMDB profile to learn that before his legenday role on Saved by the Bell, Lopez was trained as a dancer. (You can also read about what a cad he is, and why Ali Landry had her marriage annulled.) So was Lopez lying or telling the truth? We don’t want to sway your vote, but for arguments sake, check out this short clip of him doin’ his thang, and note how oddly petite he is.

I Wish There Were Websites About Music!


idolator.JPGThe shady multinational blogging corporation known as Gawker Media has finally given the Internet what it has so desperately needed: a new music blog! If downloading unreleased under-ground over-hyped demo tracks from hordes of breathless bloggers just ain’t your bag, and you prefer experiencing your music along with some cynical snobbery and sarcasm, today is your lucky day because Idolator is live! So go poke around, learn a little about the indie rock, and let them know what you think (if they deign you worthy of commenting).