SIZZLER: VMA Pre-Party Delivers “Steamy, Face-to-Crotch Lap Dance”


Lachey.JPGThis morning’s Page Six gossip column gives a brief rundown of various pre-VMA parties from Wednesday night. But thrown into the mix are two items we can’t wrap our brains around. To wit:

*Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey raised eyebrows at the bash held at Tenjune… Minnillo was “all over Nick,” said our source – and the feeling was mutual. At one point, Lachey leapt up and gave his woman a steamy, face-to-crotch lap dance. Also there was Ryan Seacrest, who hung all night with Lance Bass and his boy toy Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Well, ladies and gentleman, you know it’s love when yo man is willin’ to give you a Face-2-Crotch lap dance in public! But Suri-Cruise-iously — what the hell does that even mean? It seems physically impossible to give someone a lapdance while your face is in their crotch. And while we’re on the subject of crotches, could the Ryan Seacrest sighting really be true? And if it is, why jump to concloozh? So Ryan Seacrest was hanging out all night with Lance Bass? And so what if you could cut their sexual chemistry with a gay blade? RYAN SEACREST LIKES TAKING PHOTO OPPS WITH WOMEN, OK? He likes to kiss WOMEN tightly and coldly on the lips in public, OK, not men. Thank you.

POLL: What Did You Love About The VM-Ehhhhs?


VMAindiecred2.JPGThe VMA’s always get people talking. Granted, it usually gets them saying things like “Geez, the VMA’s really sucked this year, didn’t they?” but still. People are talking.

The show wasn’t all that bad last night… was it? There had to be something you enjoyed… right? Like OK Go’s treadmill dance, or Jack Black lighting himself on fire, or Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back. Did any of that do it for you? No? Hmm.

How about the return of Lil’ Kim? Or the Jackass guys acting like idiots? Or the idiot that stormed the stage acting like a jackass? Anything? How about the fact that it’s over?

Click below to vote for your favorite part of the VMA’s… then tell us what you really thought of them in the comments. And it’s okay- if you secretly liked them, we won’t tell anybody.

Toilet Upstager Kyra Phillips Speaks in List Form!


KYRA.JPGKyra Phillips, the CNN anchor whose mic was on while she used the facilities during President Bush‘s speech, is becoming a bit of a celeb. One might even say she’s on… a PEE.r. blitz? Kyra visited David Letterman last night, where she received the honor of counting down the night’s Top 10 List, “Top Ten Kyra Phillips Excuses Presented by CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips.” Here they are – and feel free to one up the list in the comments:

10. “Still haven’t mastered complicated On/Off switch.”

9. “Larry King told me he does this all the time.”

8. “How was I supposed to know we had a reporter embedded in the bathroom?”

7. “I honestly never knew this sort of thing was frowned upon.”

6. “Couldn’t resist chance to win $10,000 on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’”

5. “I was set up by those bastards at Fox News.”

4. “Oh, like YOU’VE never gone to the bathroom and had it broadcast on national television!”

3. “I just wanted that hunky Lou Dobbs to notice me.”

2. “OK, so I was drunk and couldn’t think straight.”

1. “You have to admit, it made the speech a lot more interesting.”

PROPPED: Baby Fight!


SP Federline or The Brangelina Experiment: who would win a baby fight? Thanks to this video dropped by CynicallyTested we finally have an answer. Check it out.

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While You Were Fighting Off Your VMA Hangover



  • Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend, Harry Morton, is rumored to have purchased an engagement ring. Presumably because he intends to… marry Lindsay Lohan!?!? The poor soul.
  • Kevin Federline has finally signed a deal with a record label. Sadly, the deal isn’t “I promise I’ll stop rapping if you pay me a whole lot of money.”
  • Christian Slater stunned onlookers by running off with $7,000 worth of freebies at an MTV party. Onlookers were initially stunned when they discovered Christian Slater was actually invited to an MTV party.
  • Dave Grohl wants to get drunk with two Australian miners who listened to his music while trapped underground. Come on. Haven’t they suffered enough?
  • Vanity Fair is hiring armed guards to protect their Suri Cruise cover. The similarities to Area 51 are astounding, no?

Live-Blogging the VMA’s


VMAindiecred2.JPG11:00 – This is an abomination. Society is doomed. Goodnight.

10:48 – I’m wasted now and finding it difficult to type, much less form coherent thoughts about AFI winning “Best Rock Video”. God is dead.

10:24Kanye gives a moving speech about film and video director Hype Williams, who has done just as much for black culture as Spike Lee, except with more unnecessary explosions, blinged out Bentleys, and half-naked women shakin’ they asses.

10:21Britney Spears and K-Fed attempt self-satire and somehow end up looking more retarded than they do in reality. How is that even possible?

10:19Jack White and the Raconteurs must be really proud of being reduced to the house band for MTV’s vortex of suck.

10:08 – Since OK Go re-enacted their treadmill routine live on the show, I think that Panic! at the Disco should re-enact getting hit in the face with a bottle for us. This music is terrible, and Top Hat Tommy the lead singer looks like what would would happen if Pete Doherty got wasted on smack, f*cked Brandon Flowers from The Killers, and managed to impregnate him.

10:04 – “Ringtone of the Year”!?!? Shouldn’t this just fall under “Song of the Year”, being that the quality of a song is pretty much the same, whether it’s coming out of your Bose sound-system or some douchebag’s Motorola Razr in the middle of a movie theater? And now the dude who won is actually thanking like a bajillion people he’s WRITTEN DOWN ON A CARD in preparation for winning RINGTONE OF THE YEAR! I’m speechless.

9:53 – Hahahahaha, can someone please tell me what the f*ck Jared Leto and his Hot Topic co-worker are talking about??? Is he saying he’s into group goth sex?

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…Of The Day


  • TONGUE: Rosario Dawson’s. I think it may be larger than the pair of underwear she’s about to lick. (Celebutaint)
  • EXCITING HEADLINE: Optimus Prime Finally Revealed. Who doesn’t get pumped up reading that? (Popoholic)
  • TIMEWASTER: This will a) keep you busy for a while and b) make you think you’re artistically inclined. Don’t let it fool you. (
  • IRONIC ‘YOU’RE FIRED’: Carolyn, Donald Trump’s assistant who helps him decide who to fire on The Apprentice got the ax. That must’ve been awkward. (A Socialite’s Life)
  • PHOTOSHOP ENTRY: We had a ton of great ones, but this one (right) takes the poofy-coated cake. Congrats Tricia!

Tonight Is the Most Important Night of Your Life…


…Because talentless pop stars will once again be making a spectacle of themselves in exchange for your continued interest in them on the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards! Even though MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore, if there’s one thing famous people need more of, it’s self-congratulatory award programs! That’s right, kiddies – tune into MTV tonight at watch all the inanity live at 8pm. A few more of our rejected VMA ads can be found after the jump!


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VH1 to Air First On-Camera Celebreality Murder


Sizemore.JPGFine, we don’t know for sure that this will happen. Then again, when we caught wind of two new shows the divinely-entertaining/rent-paying VH1 plans on airing next Spring, it almost seems inevitable. Both Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Sizemore will be starring in their own Bonaduce-like reality shows, and strangely enough, both ideas make us want to 1. Set our Tivo’s to season pass these mf’s; and 2. Become secret cutters. Cameras will follow Clay around to various comedy clubs as he tries to regain some of the status and edge that made him a cult figure in the 1980′s, as well as footage from his rocky homelife. Leather jacket and Dep styling gel enthusiasts have never been more jazzed.

Sizemore’s show, however, won’t be all cotton candy and unicorns. The show will follow the troubled-but-now-sober actor to acting auditions and shooting locales, but will also “include flashbacks to his battles with drug and sexual addiction via tape he shot on his own.” Fourteen words: This is going to be hands down the best/most depressing show on television. And we’re not just saying that because the network puts food on the table (she says while taking a caviar bath.) And knowing Sizemore’s notoriously violent temper, odds are 3 to 5 that Tom strangles an incompetent intern within the first 4 weeks.