Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


In honor of this week being the 100th episode of Best Week Ever, we got up the courage to ask Fred Graver, our show’s creator and Executive Producer, to shuffle his own iPod and share the first five resulting songs so you might get some idea of what kind of music a pop culture legend of his stature enjoys listening to, and he even took the time to say a few words about the songs! We just so happen to think the five songs he came up with are the five greatest pieces of music ever recorded, but we also happen to enjoy getting paychecks. Decide for yourselves, then list the results of your own shuffle in the comments section!shuffle.jpg

“C’mon C’mon”, Von Bondies – My wife has this as the ringtone on her cell phone. She says “Some girls are Bond girls, I’m a VonBondies girl.”

“Madama Butterfly”, Giacomo Puccini – I went through a big “I have to learn what Opera’s all about” phase about three years ago… I found out I really love opera. And yes, that’s MARIA F*CKING CALLAS singing…

“Like A Hurricane”, Neil Young – Hey, iPod… you’re on a roll! You ever get a shuffle that seems to be in a really interesting groove, and you think “don’t hit fast forward, because you’ll lose the mojo?” I’m in one of those right now.

“Things”, Paul Westerberg – I love the poppiness of this, and then the underlying cynicism. It’s a song to a girl telling her that there’s things the guy won’t ever tell her… ever.

“Blues For Allah”, Grateful Dead – I swear, I didn’t make this up… and now I’m a little embarassed… my #5 is almost 21 minutes long!!! And yes, I spent a huge chunk of my college years as a deadhead… (ED NOTE: We had no idea there was a hippie in our midst, though it does explain all those wacky colors in the show.)

Best Party Ever!


christina.JPGWednesday night the whole gang here at Best Week Ever celebrated our show’s 100th episode (airs tonight at 11pm) alongside celebrities, wannabe celebrities, wannabe wannabe celebrities and a whole bunch of other awesome people at Marquee Night Club here in Manhattan (we heard Lohan goes there sometimes). If you’re jealous that you too didn’t get to spend a free booze-filled evening watching Christina Applegate and Chloe Sevigny get themselves photographed while trying to avoid all the junior publicist-types who like to drunkenly inform them of “how awesome” they are, you’ll be so very delighted that photographers were on the scene to capture the magical irony of celebrating our 100th episode with the same kinds of people we spent the first 99 making fun of. Some of our favorite pics, along with captions fondly remembering the fun, are available for your viewing pleasure after the jump. More thumbnails can be seen here and here, or check out some video at TMZ.

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Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock: A Love Story


Website Gayz of Our Lives (no relation to websites “All My Gay Children” or “Gayneral Gayspital”) has received exclusive pictures from Pam Anderson and Kid Rock‘s nuptuals in St. Tropez. Unsurprisingly, Pam makes the ideal blushing bride, and Kid Rock absolutely reeks of… charm. Yeah, that’s it. Charm. We think the pictures tell a beautiful story, and have put them together to form a beautiful narration of the wedding events. Peruse the photos for yourself, sip some Hypnotiq out of a empty breast implant, and take a free trip to Romance Island, courtesy of Best Week Ever.

“You guys… I lost my contact lens. I can’t seeee anything, oh no, where am I? Kid? Kid, where are you?”

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It’s August 4th; What’s up?


talladega nights POSTER.jpgWill Ferrell is a genius. I don’t think you can debate that. If you head over to Cracked’s list of the 10 Best Will Ferrell Skits of All Time and somehow manage to watch them all without laughing, I don’t want to know you. Just go away.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby comes out tonight, and it’s guaranteed to be great because it’s a Will Ferrell movie. Remember, there’s a difference between Will Ferrell movies and movies Will Ferrell does. Old School was a Will Ferrell movie, Bewitched was not. Anchorman was a Will Ferrell movie, Melinda & Melinda was not. See what I mean? Talladega Nights is totally a Will Ferrell movie and that’s why it’s going to be incredible (and even if it isn’t, everybody you know will start quoting it anyway).

So what are YOU going to see this weekend? Vote NOW!

ICYMI: How Rude! Stephanie Tanner Wants You To Get Naked


Proving that Bob Saget isn’t the only Full House alum with a dirty mind, Jodie Sweetin recently took over as the host of Fuse’s Pants Off Dance Off. The folks at America’s (what… 3rd? maybe 4th?) favorite music channel have already decided to use Jodie to promote other Fuse shows, like The P.A. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have Stephanie Tanner ask you to remove your clothes, watch this clip. Come on, be honest, you know you have.

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The Three Stages of Suri Cruise


Penelope Cruz has added her name to the list of celebrities who have seen the elusive Suri Cruise in the flesh. Or in the whatever-her-alien-body is-made-of. Penelope, The Queen of Queens Leah Remini, and the other Smith, Jada Pinkett are the only three people in Hollywood who claim to have seen the mystery baby. Just in case you happen to be the next person to see Suri, we here at BWE have put together this handy pictorial to illustrate the three stages of seeing Suri Cruise.

So be careful, people. See Suri at your own risk.

While You Were Bathing Yourself In Frozen Yogurt…



Best Night Ever: Thursday, August 3rd


It’s Best Night Ever for Thursday, August 3rd! Dan Hopper is here to walk you through the best of Thursday night tv, including Shark Attack: Rebellion, America’s Got Talent, and Shark Attack: Survivor!




  • CAN’T-MISS CLIP: BWE and The Office‘s Guide To What Is Safe and Not Safe At Work. (BWE)
  • SUFFOCATED SWEETHEART: Nick Lachey told girlfriend Vannessa Mannillo that his goal to get remarried means that she had better be serious about their relationship and, most importantly, getting Newlyweds 2: For Real This Time a place in E!’s 2007 reality programming schedule. (The Bosh)
  • CAST-OFF WISDOM: Jamie Foxx says that the part of the new James Bond should have gone to P. Diddy instead of Daniel Craig. But then again, a guy can say a lot of crazy things when he’s been binging on Cristal and blowing lines off naked Laker Girls on his aspiring actor buddy’s yacht for three days straight. (IDLYITW)
  • SEE-THROUGH SIMPSON #1: The hard-hitting investigative reporters over at Marie Claire had to dig a little deeper to make the startling discovery that Ashlee Simpson may not be completely authentic, and is possibly using the press for selfish purposes as opposed to an open forum in which she can fearlessly share her real feelings, fears and frustrations. (Junkiness)
  • SEE-THROUGH SIMPSON #2: Possibly trying to support her sister’s credibility, Jessica Simpson uses her unsupported breasts and a revealing dress to hypnotize us into forgetting about Ashlee, forgetting about her lies, forgetting…very…sleepy. (Hot Online News)