Just Go Ahead and Pretend This Was Never Posted


Watch this video, then go ahead and forget that it was even posted here. We’re not calling judgment on these Scientologists caught on tape… not at all. Maybe the cameraman DID look like a child molester! Maybe he DID commit tonz o’ crimez. But because we don’t need three wax museum escapees following us home tonight, we’ll just let you come to your own conclusions, which we hope you keep to yourself. We will say this: These guys are literally going to scare the rhea out of lil’ Suri.

LISTEN UP: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Pet Sounds



  • You can’t improve upon perfection, but you CAN combine two perfect things (like ice cream and apple pie). Musically, this is well illustrated by The Beachles, a decadent Pet Sounds/Sgt. Pepper mash-up upon which you can gorge your earbuds over at MOKB.
  • Beck is one leaky scientologist these days, and a few of his Thetan-enhanced new tracks are up over at A Soundtrack For Everyone. So put down down your ritalin, pick up your iPod, and rock out all over the nearest couch.
  • Lines Through Lines has a very important safety message from Smokey theGrizzly Bear: only you can prevent crappy pop music.
  • Because it’s never to early to spread holiday cheer, The Torture Garden has a track from Sufjan Stevens’ forthcoming Christmas album. Go stuff your stockings.
  • The omnipotent musical god-heads over at Pitchfork have proclaimed their approval of an obscure band called Bobtail Yearlings, so it might be a good idea to head on over and start familiarizing yourself with your mandatory new favorite band.

You Can Finally Put a Value on Angsty Teens


canthardlywait.JPGEntertainment Weekly has taken time out of their busy list-making schedule to rank The 50 Best High School Movies of All Time. Peruse the list to relive all of your favorite high school movie memories, like the time your pal Ferris B-Yooler stole your dad’s car, or the time when you realized that that huge greasy dude you made out with on the beach in Australia all of a sudden went to your high school in America, and his name is Danny Zucko, and because of your hopeless devotion you almost pierce your ears and end up becoming a raging slut anyway? Remember? No? Fine.

We actually wholly agree with the list — although we are going to make a special point to say that we believe Can’t Hardly Wait, one of our favorite high school comedies of all-time — and ranked a measly #44 — should be in the Top 10. That’s totally Aman-duh. Thankfully, our other favorite comedy, Heathers, is number 5, so we won’t have to feign our suicide to prove any points anytime soon.

The number 1 movie? The Breakfast Club. That’s probably right… but did they miss any movies?

Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


shuffle.jpgFor this week’s edition of our beloved Friday shuffle, we had a very special guest, Mr. Chuck Klosterman, submit the contents of his iPod for our scrutiny and judgement. Chuck was a senior editor at Spin magazine whose work now appears regularly in several other major publications, and is also the best-selling author of four books of whip-smart pop culture essays, the latest of which (referentially entitled IV) went onsale last week. A man whose insight managed to turn something as seemingly irrelevant as Saved By the Bell into a generation-defining cultural touchstone, Chuck has earned himself a devoted following (including The OC’s Seth Cohen, who name-checked him on the show) and critical acclaim. We strongly suggest you pick up IV, as well as Chuck’s three previous books, all of which are available here. And now without further ado, the first five resulting songs of his shuffle with Chuck’s thoughts about each one. Leave your own shuffle in the comments!

“In the Meantime”, Spacehog: The music of Spacehog reflects a very specific period of modern rock culture, which was the period when bands thought singing like David Bowie and Axl Rose at the same time was a good idea.

“Danko/Manuel”, Drive-By Truckers: This is a depressing song about dying and being sweaty.

“Hot and Nasty (live)”, Black Oak Arkansas: The intro to this track demands that the audience “hunch down” so that they can “know what it’s all about.” Perhaps Lil’ Kim listens to this shit. I suppose this qualifies as “boogie rock,” which is a stupid phrase but a very good genre.

“Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns”
, Mother Love Bone: It’s been awhile since I’ve watched “Singles” or died from an heroin overdose. If I were a city planner in Seattle, I would ride the monorail before playing this song at my wedding.

“Free Tyson Free!”, Holy Gang: This is a 1995 industrial anthem about (a.) how Mike Tyson was wrongly convicted of rape and (b.) how he was destined to return from prison and regain his title. I guess Roadrunner Records didn’t employ a lot of futurists during this era. I love this song, though. It makes me want to punch a horse.

When Life Gives You DUI’s, Make ‘Em Marketable!


paris_hilton__bottoms_up_po.jpgLet’s get hypothetical for a moment. Say there was a fame-starved young heiress who allowed a sleazy has-been film producer to videotape the sex she gave him in exchange for his idle promise to help further her lifelong quest for celebrity.

And let’s imagine the resulting footage was later “leaked” to the Internet, becoming a viral video sensation despite her confounding lack of fame (outside of Maxim readers), personal accomplishment or sexual prowess, thus turning a completely unlikable amateur porn star into a household name, on the cover of mainstream magazines, practically overnight. I know this hypothetical scenario seems like completely improbable lunacy, but just bear with me for a minute after the jump.

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ICYMI: Ben Affleck As You’ve Likely Seen Him Before


If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “Hmm… I wonder what it would feel like to be inappropriately man-handled by Armageddon star Ben Affleck“, your wish has been granted. Just put yourself in the position of Montreal TV host Anne-Marie Losique, who reenacts our childhood nightmare of asking Drunk Santa to stop touching us in our bathing suit place for Christmas. It’s NSFW, if you’re not allowed to feel really uncomfortable and awkward at work.

SIZZLER: Lindsay Lohan’s Fun Bag Swiped at Airport


LindsayLohan.JPGLindsay Lohan has had better weeks. First, there was the whole pig va-hee-na spectacle of a few days ago, where a well-timed breeze and silky skirt conspired to collectively ruin the world’s appetite. Now, the poor thing’s purse was stolen at Heathrow airport. And not just any purse, but a Hermès Birkin Bag, the kind of bag that even Marie Antoinette‘s corpse is still on the waiting list for. The bag itself is worth thousands (at least we know where her college fund is going). But Lindsay also happen placed nearly a million dollars worth of jewelry inside the orange bag, which was then stolen by a clear genius off of an unattended luggage trolley.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but if you’re going to hop on a plane with a Pirates of the Caribbean-like cache of jewels, wouldn’t you put it in a less obvious vessel than a Hermes bag? Like… a horse feeder? Or something totally last sleezon — like a leather-patchwork QVC organizer? Did this bitch never see Casino? You gotta hide the diamonds in your hair! Or put them up your fuschia nethers! Really, Lindsay, for a girl with no education and an attitude prob, we’re a little surprised at your lack of sechel (Yiddish for common sense… we’re feeling Grandmotherly and judgmental.)

Reports are now saying that Lindsay has gotten her bag back, but no word yet on whether the jewels were inside. So if you see some tattered, toothless Brit walking around Heathrow in a diamond-studded thong holding money-sacks full of cocaine, call the authorities.

PROPPED: Bodyslammed By Awesomeness


Some things are so amazing, not sharing them with the world would be criminal. If you watched WWF Wrestling in the 80’s and/or played with toys, this is one of those things. Reader bigslizz must’ve been saying prayers and taking vitamins, cause they dropped us a doozy.

While You Were Segwaying to In-N-Out Burger…



  • Matthew McConaughey spotted in hotel lobby with two scruffy beards.
  • Did you wear khaki today in memory of The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin? Wait, you didn’t? You animal-slaughtering, stingray-honoring, freedom-hating degenerate. Get the hell out of my sight.
  • Britney Spears might be in labor right now… Or she might be eating ice cream. While we like to think she’s doing both, she should really stick to Caesarean salads* at a time like this.
  • Take a look at Paris Hilton‘s police report. Nothing too noteworthy, although they listed her height as only 5’3″… and we always thought she was taller. This interview pegs her at 5’10”. Do we smell conspiracy theory? A Paris Hilton impersonator? Someone needs to follow up on this.
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 25 today. Which means I now have to French my 1992 JTT Tiger Beat poster for 25 minutes.
  • *Zing!