An Apology to Celebrity PR


Britney_Matt.jpgI would like formally apologize to all celebrity publicists : I had no idea how much you do. Generally speaking, I always thought being a celebrity publicist was a job a chimp could handle: stick by the celebrity’s side, bang on things and make a lot of noise whenver the star is talking. But now that it’s been revealed that Britney Spears was publicist-less during her Dateline Interview with Matt Lauer, I realize I grossly underestimated publicists’ enormous contributions to society. The interview was a shocking example of what we could be exposed to on a regular basis, if publicists were nevermore. Read more…

While You Were Missing Your Train



Best Night Ever: Sunday, June 18th


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, June 18th! Robin Hopkins is here to walk you through the best of Sunday night tv, including Treasure Hunters, Deadwood, and Entourage!

Best of the Best Week Ever: Who’s Your Daddy?


fathersdaytom1.JPGFirst of all, the theme of this week’s BWE Drinking Game is “genitalia”. On tonight’s new episode at 11pm, every time you see private parts – as a reference, as an actual thing, on people or meerkats – take a drink and prepare yourself for a difficult next morning.

Matt Lauer Makes Them Cry: Britney Edition!


In last night’s candid interview with Britney Spears, Matt Lauer pulled out all the stops and did his darndest to MAKE BRITNEY CRY. (audience applause). At first it seemed like no matter what tear-jerking question he asked, she wouldn’t turn on the water-works. But after a few rounds with the Lau-ster, she was puddy in his hands. Ladies and Gents, witness the undefeated tearful-breakdown champion in action. It’s Matt Lauer Makes Them Cry: Britney Edition!

UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE: Primetime Celebrity Interventions


Britney_Matt2.jpgWhen celebrities sacrifice themselves at the altar of Exclusive Primetime Interviews, it usually means they’ve been taking a bad enough beating in the press that they have no choice but to go on national television and try to convince America that they’re not the freaks we’ve come to think they are. Britney’s tearful carnival of absurdity last night on Matt Lauer is a great example. Sometimes these celebs manage to provide us with enough insight to empathize with their struggles (UPGRADE), while other interviews only confirm their craziness and leave us wondering whether their publicist might need to be put on a suicide-watch (DOWNGRADE). Take a look at these memorable interview pairings, then let us know who comes out clean and who’s dirtier that Sean Preston’s diapers.

BWE: Celebrity Father’s Day Cards


bwe card 5.51.JPG

Here’s the entire BWE Celebrity Father’s Day Card collection. We have all different types for all different fathers, so find the one that suits your dad the best and send it his way. Our apologies in advance if the Kevin Federline card reminds you of your dad. It must’ve been rough. Anyway, here they are. Happy Father’s Day!

kfed card2.JPGbwe card 22.JPGbwe card 32.JPGbwe card 4.JPGbwe card 51.JPG

ICYMI: Sandra Bernhard’s Rumble on the View


Frisky right wing View co-Host Elizabeth Hasselback can deal with you ripping on Laura Bush, the war in Iraq or Ann Coulter, but whatever you do don’t call her honey. When Sandra Bernhard sat in the hotseat this morning, not only did she send Hasselback into a mouth-foaming, head-spinning fury when she used the term of affection, she set off a chain reaction that sent all the other co-hosts into a screaming match that rivaled Jerry Springer. Oh yeah, it’s a good one.

PROPPED: Action News Smacks Down ‘The Daily Show’


Thanks to laughterkey for dropping this amusing clip from some local news team who is apparently fed up with the popularity of Jon Stewart and those cool kids over at The Daily Show, and decided to do something about it. And by “do something about it”, I mean create a video segment demonstrating Jon Stewart’s infuriating inability to properly pronounce the name of Indiana’s beloved city, “Terre Haute”.

ICYMI: Beyonce Gets Punk’d (For Real This Time)


beyonce3.jpgForget about Bush dissing the blind and Britney breaking down on TV– today D-Listed directed us to the best video of the week.

In honor of VH1′s Save The Music, the beautiful Beyonce put herself up for auction on eBay– the winner got to have dinner with the star. Well, as it turns out, the people who placed the winning bid were actually members of PETA, and used the dinner to ambush Beyonce about the use of fur in her clothing line. TMZ has the video of the entire thing.

You gotta feel sorry for Beyonce. First she got Punk’d by Ashton, and now PETA. I wonder which is worse…