SIZZLER: Michael Lohan Criticizes His Art


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If our original explanation of Michael Lohan’s cartoon prison art didn’t answer your many questions about the significance of all it’s complex imagery, the artist has made a statement explaining his masterpiece to gossip columnist Lloyd Grove of the NY Daily News. Read it if you want, but we still think our detailed analysis makes the most sense.

No Hard Feelings, Tom


top gun.JPGYou know how when a movie comes out they make specific commercials for specific channels? Like, for example, a Jerry Maguire commercial on ESPN would play up the sports angle but a Jerry Maguire commercial on Lifetime would play up the love story angle? Well, now that Tom Cruise & Paramount have parted ways, Viacom has a new angle to play up while promoting Tom’s movies: the Tom’s Bats**t Crazy angle. Take this Top Gun commercial that aired on SpikeTV.

Burnnnnnnnnn. I don’t even want to think about what LOGO’s going to do with the “You can ride my tail anytime” line.

(Link via Gawker)

ICYMI: Absolut Abdul


Hat tip to our homeys over at Defamer who uncovered this TiVo’d Dave-O’d clip from the Emmys after-show, in which Paula Abdul, clearly drowning in vodka and painkillers, does what she does best – drunkenly slurs about stuff on national television.

PROPPED: Corky’s Dryfire


Fair warning: We debated posting this video, dropped by meatball, for a bit. It’s… well… beyond words? In the end, we decided that this clip of Corky from Life Goes On dancing to Public Enemy‘s “Fight the Power” was inspiring, nothing more, just inspiring. Really makes you realize that no physical or mental deformity will keep the white man down. Have other Corky clips you want to share? Drop them now!

ICYMI: The Freewheelin’ Scarlett Johansson


scarlett-johansson-bob-dylan-240x180-0806.jpgThe just-released music video for “When the Deal Goes Down”, the first single from Bob Dylan’s new album Modern Times, features the visual enhancement of none other than Scarlett Johansson. Shot by director Bennett Miller (Capote) to look like old home movies, the video is pretty much a love letter to Scarlett’s beauty, with scenes of her napping on a porch swing, kissing a walrus, and other stuff like that. Check it out!



jessica one.JPGJessica Simpson can’t sing. No, that’s not my opinion- it’s the doctor’s orders after they discovered a bruise on her vocal cord. Unfortunately for Jessica, the timing couldn’t be worse. Her new album A Public Affair dropped yesterday, as did rumors that Jess is dating John Mayer. The woman probably has a lot to say.

What she has to say, though, is up to you. What do you think Jessica needs to get off her (enormous) chest?

Email us at and we’ll feature our favorite ones here. Here’s the original, the blank one, as well as a few more examples to get you started. Have fun.

jessica voice.jpgjessica blank1.JPGjessica three.JPGjessica four.JPGjessica two.JPG

While You Were Tracking Ernesto, Your Sketchy Neighbor…



Best Night Ever: Tuesday, August 29th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, August 29th! Alan Noah is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including Celebrity Duets, Rockstar: Supernova, and Million Dollar Listings!

…Of The Day



  • PROTEST SONG: It’s about time we start protesting certain things in this world. Like Paris. (The OK Go Away Paris Hilton Aparatus)
  • LIE: Want to impress your friends by saying you went to Justin Timberlake’s post-VMA concert, but don’t actually want to sit through Justin Timberlake’s post-VMA concert? Boy, do we have the website for you. (Stereogum)
  • WHAT’S THAT SMELL?: It’s Lindsay Lohan in a vial bottle! (Egotastic)
  • BOOBYLICIOUS MOMENT: Beyonce let it all hang out! And by ‘all’, we mean 1/18th of her areola. Gentlemen, start your engines! (Faded Youth)
  • LIFE LESSON: Foxy Brown learned that once you plead guilty, you can’t exactly go back and say “Uh, just kidding.” (Gothamist)

BWE Tuesday Afternoon Movie!


It’s the BWE Tuesday Afternoon Movie for August 29th! Every Tuesday, we’ll post a short film from our panelists, friends, and user submissions. Want to submit a movie? Send your short films and sketches to

This week, comedian Dave Hill takes us inside a movement studio for the stars. Enjoy!

(If it seems familiar, we did post this movie several months ago, but it got buried at the end of a Film Festival post, and it’s so weridly likeable, we had to bring it back!)