ICYMI: Even House Has to Pay The Rent


You know the term “Some men get better with age”? We’re pretty sure Hugh Laurie, Evvy Award© Winner for “Emmy’s Sexiest Man”, is one of those guys. Check out this 1986 Polaroid commercial, where a less scruffy, almost Saget-esque Laurie tries his best to instantly capture the soul-baring pain of a struggling actor.

(Video via Popwatch)

The 5 Most Absurd Moments In VMA History


In honor of the VMA’s tonight, Cracked put together a list of the 5 Most Absurd Moments in VMA history. I’m not sure why narrowed it down to five– the list could be much, much longer– but they pretty much hit the nail on the head. Especially with their inclusion of R. Kelly’s epic, unforgettable performance of “Trapped In The Closet” (below). If you’ve never seen it, be warned: you’ll never, ever, ever be the same again.

So what was your favorite VMA moment?



Erin Moore.JPGJessica (thankfully) still doesn’t have a voice, which means this photoshop contest (thankfully) still isn’t over. Call it a win-win.

Since we’ve gotten so many great submissions, we’re going to give away a prize to our favorite one at the end of the day. So email your photoshops now to contests@bwe.tv; the winner gets an original F*ck Stereogum T-shirt.

So click below to get the picture to work with and check out some of the best ones we’ve gotten so far. Good luck!

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SIZZLER: John Travolta Is Not Gay


Look, I really don’t see what the big deal is here. So John Travolta is boarding his private jet while planting a strong, powerful man-kiss onto the mouth of some dude with a desperate passion known only to wives whose husbands have been away at war for six or seven years. Form your own conclusions, but this is the 90’s, you know – things are different now. Also, he’s a Scientologist.


One question, though – in the highly unlikely circumstance that John Travolta were to be gay, would he be considered a bear?

(pic via ONTD)

While You Were Aborting Your Labor Day Plans…



  • 50 Cent is looking to duet with Elton John. In a related story, 2 Live Crew is still sitting by the phone, waiting for Celine Dion to call back.
  • While you may never actually lay eyes on Suri Cruise, one artist is finally giving America a sculpture of what it really wants to see: Suri’s Bronzed Baby Poop. We poop you not.
  • Waaaaaay before Jennifer Aniston weddorced Brad Pitt, way before she was earning the GDP of Pakistan for each episode of Friends, way before her hairstyle was a point of national and international intrigue, Jennifer Aniston wore Mom Jeans.
  • Posh Spice claims she is just the girl next door. Assuming you live in a Prostitute Cul-de-Sac.
  • Today’s Award for Worst Pun Headline goes to The Sun, who reports that the lovely Ms. Paltrow has gone Gwyn-dow Shopping.

…Of The Day


  • FUN FACT: Over the course of their lifetime, British women spend 2 1/2 years on their hair. And 45 minutes on their teeth. (Daily Mail)
  • WELCOME TO THE PROS: Your pro-athlete career really begins when you start fathering kids out of wedlock. Shawn Kemp, watch your back– Paris’ ex-bf Matt Leinart has gotten off to a fast start. (Deadspin)
  • BABY MAMMA DRAMA: Nicole Kidman’s rep accused photo agencies of manipulating photos to make the actress look pregnant… yet somehow still uninteresting. (MSNBC)
  • POLITICAL STRATEGY: Simply put: Before he ran for govenor in 1980, Jerry Springer had sex with a prostitute. And he paid her with a check. And people found out about it. So he made a commercial. And not only did he admit to it, he tried to spin it. And here it is. And… wow. (Gorillamask)
  • NEW REASON TO HATE ENTOURAGE: Worse than firing Ari and worse than Kevin Connolly’s acting– K-Fed is joining the cast for 3 episodes. Lloyd!!!! (IDLYITW)



Tricia Brown 2.JPGTricia Brown 3.JPGKate Bryant.GIFJen.PNGGreg Walker.JPGClint McGuire.JPG
Guess what: Jessica Simpson lost her voice and has been reduced to carrying around a sign. Lucky for us, BWE.tv readers are here to help. Check out some of favorite entries so far, then make your own by clicking here. Email your entries to contests@bwe.tv. Have fun!

CELEBRITY MATH: Mugshot Edition


Take a look at today’s round of celebrity math. Which celebrity mugshot does the following equation equal?


(Mugshot courtesy of TMZ) (We would also like to add that “The Square Root of Nolte” would make for a great band name.)