Worst Big Brother Prize Ever


DOOGIEHOWSER.JPGFor those of you who don’t watch Big Brother, allow me to break it down for you. A group of attention starved people/d-bags are picked to live in a house which they are not allowed to leave for months at a time, and have their lives taped, all while dining on peanut butter, jelly, and the blood of their competitors. The last one remaining wil win a million dollars (i.e. “chump change”). During their imprisonment, host Julie Chen will force these people to compete in random challenges that can reap big benefits, like an edible dinner, a car, or in tonight’s case…

A VISIT FROM DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D. Yes, Neil Patrick Harris will be making a special visit to the Big Brother house tonight, as part of a special “Christmas in August” reward. Christmas in August, huh? Well, if this is Christmas, then tell Santa to call it a life. Because unless we need an emergency teenage heimlich maneuver, or a 911 pimple popped, or can’t unlock our DOT-Matrix diary, we have zero interest in this so called “prize.” Of course, we’re sure this has nothing at all to do with Harris’ CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, premiering on Monday, September 4, 2006, at 8:30 Eastern, 9:30 Central. Nothing at all.

We would also like to point out that it’s been years since anyone’s thrown a bone to Vinnie. We’re just saying.

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!


Today is Michael Jackson‘s 48th Birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re so excited, in fact, we put together this little card for MJ, which will be attached to our various gifts, and carrierer pigeoned to the “undisclosed location” where Michael is celebrating. Check out our card, and move your mouse over it to discover what gifts he has in store, as well as a special BWE message.

Leave all your birthday wishes/gift ideas in the comments.

LISTEN UP: Cookie Monsters of Rock



  • Brooklyn hipster-monsters TV On the Radio “Return to Cookie Mountain” over at Aquarium Drunkard.
  • Speaking of cookies and hipsters, The Hobby Box dunks the latest The Hold Steady track, “Chips Ahoy”, into his spilled milk.
  • I Am Fuel, You Are Friends knows that the only thing better than cookies is a list of rare tracks from the Sub Pop Singles club that you can download for free!
  • Last week Jeff Tweedy turned 39 years old, but to celebrate Muzzle of Bees gave his gift to us by posting a bunch of rare live Wilco tracks.
  • Scenestars will set you on fire with pictures, tracks and a recap (but sadly, no cookies) from the The Flaming Lips live performance at Lollapalooza.

PROPPED: A Tale of Two Steves


Thanks to reader urbanoms for dropping this video clip of funnyman Steve Carrell interviewing himself about his performance in Little Miss Sunshine (which is a fine film that you should definitely see if you haven’t already). This clip is just another example of why Carrell is quickly becoming one of the most likeable, respected comedy stars out there. Check it out, and drop us some more great stuff!

SIZZLER: Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Making Bad Music Together?


JessSimpsMayer1.JPGUS Magazine reports in tomorrow’s issue that Jessica Simpson, i.e. “The Voice of a Collageneration”, and John Mayer, i.e. “Douchey Scissorhands McWatson”, are an item. “But how can this be?”, you ask yourself. “Jessica Simpson has fallen ‘ass over tits’ for Dane Cook” your brain keeps repeating while you secretly cut yourself. We thought the same thing…

But get this. Jessica Simpson has lost her voice. While her album is set to debut tomorrow, she’s on doctor’s order to rest her vocals, as she has a “bruised vocal cord.” (We only hope it is NOT related to Dane Cook in any way.) And supposed new squeeze John Mayer? ALSO HAS LARYNGITIS. (Again, hopefully not Dane Cook related.) Could these two lovebirds be speaking one another sign language in a hidden location somewhere? We’re calling major conspiracy town — and we’re not gonna lie, we kinda like them together!



The Emmys are over, and by now we’ve all seen a little nipple and a whole lot of Piven. So what’s left? Well, we have some awards For Your Consideration that need to be doled out for the Red Carpet pre-Emmy coverage. We won’t keep you waiting… the nominees are:

We’re definitely going to be having nightmares about that Barry Bonds Neck tonight. You?

Paris Hilton, Pampered In More Ways Than One


PARISHILTON44.JPGPar-Par Hilton has purchased a $195,000 ticket on Richard Branson‘s yet-to-be-built space ship (Paging George Jetson: It won’t happen.) But because of the lack of a bathroom on board, the normally commando Hilty will have to wear a diaper. Now, we’re almost positive that Paris doesn’t really use bathrooms, even here on solid ground. Hilton was nearly sued by a cab driver in January who claims that she peed in the back of his cab. And a very reliable source of ours claims Paris once squatted down in the corner of a Jamaican club, skirt at waist, pissing all over the floor. In our opinion, diapers would be a great improvement — and frankly, we’d pay $200,000 out of our own pocket to send Paris into space. We believe this is what game theorists and greedy people call a “win-win” situation. It just depends on how you look at it…. and zing.

ICYMI: TV’s Worst Talk Show Hosts


We love lists and we love YouTube, so when Gorillamask directed us to a list of the Ten Worst TV Talk Show Hosts– complete with clips and all– we were elated. That was until we saw the one-and-only Tony Danza listed at #10. Long time readers know that we LOVE Danza, and his inclusion here is absolutely unwarrented. Jenny Jones, Magic Johnson and Chevy Chase– they deserve it. But not our Danza. Click here to read the list and watch the clips. And do yourself a favor- watch the clip of The Chevy Chase Show below. Now THAT was awful.

SIZZLER: Voight’s Senile Salutation


voightTMZ.JPGIf estranged grandfather Jon Voight ever hopes to get far enough back into the good graces of enstranged daughter Angelina Jolie to see his grandkids, he’d better start brushing up on a few important details: like their names. When offering birthday wishes to Jolie’s son Maddox during this recent red-carpet interview, Voight also tried to send his best to “Shakira”, the Latin-American pop singer whose name he presumably mistook for that of his 1 1/2 year-old grand-daughter Zahara. It’s a pretty embarassing mistake, but at least he didn’t tack on “or Jihad or Timba or Mojibimbo or whatever the hell stupid African name their do-gooder mother gave them” to the end of his greeting.

The Reason Your Husband Is Having An Affair.


Laaaadieeeees! Are you wondering where your husband is late at night? Why, when you go to kiss him in the evening — to quote my favorite Maury Povich guest of all time — “his mouth smells like straight-up p****”? Well, maaaaybe it’s because you’re a worthless housewife who can’t make a cup of coffee worth a damn. If this sounds like you, watch the following Folger’s commercial from the 1950’s, and try your best to scrap together the final dregs of your failed relationship.