Shuffling Towards The Weekend


shuffle.jpgAlex is trusting me with iPod shuffle duties today, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous. Okay. Deep breath. Here goes nothing:

1. The Yardbirds “Smokestack Lightening”
2. Oasis “Talk Tonight”
3. Arcade Fire “Wake Up”
4. K-os “Freeze”
5. The Beatles “Not A Second Time”

Wow, interesting: no Americans in the bunch. Sorry about that. Well, now it’s your turn. Throw the first five songs that come up on your shuffle into the Comments section. And don’t lie!

SIZZLER: Lindsay Lohan’s New Feud!!


Forget Brandon Davis and the whole firecrotch debacle. Lindsay Lohan has a new feud and a new arch-nemesis who’s bigger, more powerful and far more environmentally-friendly. We’re not sure what when down between these two but based on this footage from last night’s Tonight Show, it on. Oh it’s definitely on.

SIZZLER: Tom Cruise Wants Angelina


tom11.jpgAfter a year with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is back to his famous womanizing ways. The irrepressible bachelor is now going after new mom Angelina Jolie! Reports are in that Cruise called to congratulate the Tomb Raider star on her new baby with whatshisname and then offered an open invitation to the Scientology center when she returns to LA. He even promised to give her a Scientology award for her human rights work, if she’d just stop by the center. While critics say he’s trying to snag Angelina for his cult-like religion, we know Tom better than that. He just wants to get close to the buxom actress and implant a sub-particle micro-chip in her brain so she’ll do and say exactly what he commands. Oh Tom! You dawg, you.

Stars Are Just Like Us Batsh*t Crazy!


bradshiloh.jpgA picture is worth a thousand words, unless it happens to be the first picture of the offspring of two sex symbol movie stars. Then it’s worth 5 million dollars. Now that we’ve learned this important lesson in photographic economics, let’s take a look at all the other images from the week that weren’t dubbed The Most Important Picture In History.
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ICYMI: Borat & Gnarls on the MTV Movie Awards


Borat making a cameltoe joke about Jessica Simpson; Gnarls Barkley performing “Crazy” with Chewbacca on drums– this is what the MTV Movie Awards are all about. Check out last night’s real breakout performance here:

David Wain’s Moonlighting Munchies


waineating.jpgWhen they’re not bringing you the funny week after week, our panelists find all sorts of ways to keep themselves busy. BWE favorite David Wain recently joined the folks from Gawker, a colorful cabbie and some other random friends on a late night food tour across Manhattan. So take a few moments to check out our bespectacled buddy stuffing his face with the best late night junk food New York has to offer!



Zach Braff’s old blog on his Garden State website originally began as a way to promote his directorial debut. It then morphed into a platform to promote his buddys’ music and a way to let girlfriend Mandy Moore know that he doesn’t want to marry her. But now that Braff has stepped out of the shadows of Garden State and launched his new site, he’s figured out even more ways to use his blog namely: to find unpaid personal assistants. On this video tutorial posted on his site, Braff talks about plans to host a short film festival where the winner will get to be his personal assistant for a day. We’re sure he’ll attract some talented aspiring filmmakers who will be eager to learn how a real Hollywood director takes his coffee (with unrefined sugar, you little b*tch!)

James Blunt Brings Weird Al Out of (Semi) Retirement!


weirdal0622_big.jpgLike many people my age, I grew up absolutely loving Weird Al Yankovic. But for whatever reason, I haven’t heard a new Weird Al song in a very long time (I think “Amish Paradise” might have been the last one). I know Al’s still doing his thing and putting out albums, but he’s not been getting nearly the kind of attention he commanded back in the 80′s. In fact, the last time I heard Al mentioned in the press was for his recent campaign to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he rightfully deserves. But now it looks like Al is finally getting back to what he does best – making fun of crappy pop music. That’s why I can’t be happier that Al is turning his attention towards James Blunt’s ubiquitously awful schmaltz-fest, “You’re Beautiful”. Check out “You’re Pitiful” for yourself, and keep an eye out for Al’s next album!

It’s June 9th; What’s up?


entourage.jpgYou have to give it to Jeremy Piven: who else would start a fight with Stephen Dorff to help drum up some publicity for Entourage? Well, I mean I’d like to fight Stephen Dorff, but who else would do that?

What else is going on this weekend? Well, The World Cup is underway, so put aside your complete disinterest in soccer for a couple of weeks and embrace Team USA. Deadwood starts back up on Sunday, as does Bridezillas on WE. And on VH1 you have new episodes of Best Week Ever (of course), My Fair Brady, Hogan Knows Best, and Supergroup. So what are YOU watching? Vote now!