BREAKING NEWS: Smoking Is Bad For You, Shooting A Cat In The Face w/ A Shotgun Is Still Cool


tom and jerry.jpg
The folks at Turner Broadcasting have their priorities intact. Thanks to some recent studies that have finally revealed that smoking is not good for your health, the Superstation has decided it’s about time to sift through a few thousand old cartoons and remove all the scenes that “glorifiy” smoking. But don’t worry, scenes that glorify mindless violence and racial stereotypes are still A-Okay.

So in cartoons like Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones and Scooby Doo smoking is OUT. Too dangerous. To find out what’s still in (and not nearly as dangerous as a pack of cigarettes) you can click below.
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Seinfeld: The Musical!


seinfeld_lrg1.jpgYes. My fantasy has finally been realized. Seinfeld has been turned into a musical! The show is happening all the way up in Winnipeg, Canada, and while most people living in Winnipeg have never actually seen Jew, they’re still totes pumped about the idea. But if you don’t actually own any snow shoes, what kind of songs do you think should be in it? Here are some we’re currently working on: (sung to the tune of “Seasons of Love” from Rent)

525,600 Kvetches.
525,600 Things that annoy.
525,600 Kvetches.
How do you explain it… to a goy?
From traffic, to cancer, to dating, to masturbation,
From Newman, to Nazis, to bubble boys.
From 525,600 Kvetches.
How do you measure — the things that annoy?
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LISTEN UP: A Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Mars Needs Guitars has a bunch of new tracks, including the latest from Adam Green, who is sort of like what would happen if you gave Raffi a whole bunch of acid.
  • Last weekend in Memphis, I caught a show by a new band called Oh No! Oh My! – and let me tell you, the whole crowd left saying, “Oh Sh*t! These guys are Oh Awesome!”. Hop over to Palebear, listen to “Walk In the Park”, and thank me in the morning.
  • Dirty Bronson posts a new tracks from Dirty Pretty Things, the Pete Doherty-less new incarnation of The Libertines. Shockingly, taking the self-destructing crackhead out of the occasion didn’t hurt the music too much!
  • In celebration of the #1 box office debut of Snakes on a Plane, Dancelouder posted the synonymous track from Cobra Starship. You have approximately 12 seconds to download the song before the whole SoaP phenomenon is completely, utterly, hopelessly dead.
  • As usual, Pitchfork’s loving review of Mew makes all the music blogger cattle say, “Moo!”. Was that a limerick or haiku? I should stop before I really infuriate you. This really isn’t cool, but what can you do?

GAMES: Escape The Paparazzi


escape papa.JPGThere are some games we find online that just SCREAM Best Week Ever. Sadly, most of those games are NSFW, illegal in most states, and result in about 45 minutes of consecutive unstoppable pop-up windows about penis pills and Canadian webcam girls. No matter. This game is pretty great too.

It’s called Escape The Paparazzi, and well, that’s exactly what you have to do. So if you think Angelina Jolie, Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise or any other celebrity has it easy, think again. Actually- don’t think. Just play.

DAILY HASSLE: Bachelorhoff Rules!


dailyhassle.jpgWhile the rest of us spend the weekend either resting or raging, The Hoff is out there hoffin’ it up, leaving us with several juicy bits of new Hofformation to digest. Let’s not waste any more time then!

  • The Hoff says he wants his next bride to be British. Good thing the Queen of England is single.
  • Busty actress Gena Lee Nolin sent her best wishes to The Hoff following his official divorce from Pamela Bach (who will henceforth be known on this blog only as The B*tch). Nolin’s “best wishes” arrived in the form of her panties, only one of the hundreds that are sent to The Hoff daily.
  • Executive Producer Simon Cowell says The Hoff will return to the second season of America’s Got Talent. No surprise there, but The Hoff has yet to decree whether or not he will allow Simon Cowell to go on breathing. Fingers crossed.

SIZZLER: Didn’t We Almost Have It Al Qaeda?


houstonosama.JPGA woman claiming to be Osama Bin Laden’s sex slave has written a book claiming that Osama was so obsessed with Whitney Houston, he debated having husband Bobby Brown murdered. Can you say “Match Made In Heaven” alert? First of all, subservient, shumbservient, when Osama gives an order, Whitney has no choice but to “Do It Todaaaaaaay.” And Houston would no doubt benefit from Osama’s connections… in drug trafficking, of course! While Whitney wouldn’t be allowed to sing (Osama, of course, does not tolerate music), she can still substance abuse the hell out of herself.

The oooonly possible probby I can see with this Bin Laden-Houston affair would be his picking out one of her trademarked “doody bubbles.” As we all know, that’s black love. (Ed. Note to Bobby Brown: Sleep with both eyes open. This is terrifying.)

ICYMI: Weeds Billboard Gets Stolen in Spliff Second


A New Zealand billboard promoting Weeds is continuing the long line of inappropriate promotions for the show. Like dangling a carrot in front of the face of a starving, stoned donkey, ad execs placed three gigantic ziploc bags of “weed” on a billboard, installing a security camera to make sure the goods stayed where they belonged… and — WHAT A SHOCK! — check out this footage of one flexible dude who made off with handfuls of the very moss used by millions of women in heinous craft projects. The least we can hope is that he’ll make a beautiful Easter centerpiece out of it.

(Video via Spare Room)

CAPTION THIS! Lancey Prancey



Lance Bass, still getting a “feel” for his new lifestyle.

For more gay pics of Lance & his bf Reichen Lehmkul, click below (what? I mean gay as in happy– look at how ecstatic they are!) And don’t forget to leave your Captions in the Comments NOW.
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CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Snakes on a…Oh, F*ck It


SoaP.jpg1. Victory! Guys, we did it. This just shows that we have the power to use irony and the Internet to make our voices heard, and make a Hollywood studio lots of money on a flick that would have otherwise gone straight to late-night Showtime. Weeeee! – $15.25 million

2. Will Ferrel’s bare ass is almost as pure box office gold as pirate movies starring Johnny Depp. Maybe they’re putting together a “Swashbuckled: the Rime of Baron von Bareass” project as we speak! – $14.1 million

3. I can’t believe this epic, completely philanthropic tribute to America is already down to number three. You freedom-hating French commie fags clearly want the terrorists to win – $10.8 million

4. Maybe if they would have come up some sort of ironically obvious title like, “Nerds Invent Their Own College Then Hilariously Overcome Tremendous Odds to Surprise Everyone In the End By Actually Succeeding”, the Internet would have latched onto it and shot it to the top of the chart. You win some, you lose some – $10.1 million

5. Dance like nobody’s watching! Oh wait, nobody IS watching - $9.9 million

Well, It’s Better Than “Little Miss Sunshine… Killer”


NYPOSTcover.JPGThe New York Post really outdid themselves with today’s cover. What better way to honor a possible murderer/probable child rapist/definite insane gay-face than by referencing this weekend’s number one box office smash sensation, Snakes on a Plane? It’s no N.Y.P.D. Jew, but it’s close.

For the record, we caught Snakes on a Plane this weekend, and can truly say without a rail of sarcasm that it’s the best movie of the summer. Won’t you join us in helping to coin the best catchphrase of the year? “Get off my d**k!”