SIZZLER: Didn’t We Almost Have It Al Qaeda?


houstonosama.JPGA woman claiming to be Osama Bin Laden’s sex slave has written a book claiming that Osama was so obsessed with Whitney Houston, he debated having husband Bobby Brown murdered. Can you say “Match Made In Heaven” alert? First of all, subservient, shumbservient, when Osama gives an order, Whitney has no choice but to “Do It Todaaaaaaay.” And Houston would no doubt benefit from Osama’s connections… in drug trafficking, of course! While Whitney wouldn’t be allowed to sing (Osama, of course, does not tolerate music), she can still substance abuse the hell out of herself.

The oooonly possible probby I can see with this Bin Laden-Houston affair would be his picking out one of her trademarked “doody bubbles.” As we all know, that’s black love. (Ed. Note to Bobby Brown: Sleep with both eyes open. This is terrifying.)

ICYMI: Weeds Billboard Gets Stolen in Spliff Second


A New Zealand billboard promoting Weeds is continuing the long line of inappropriate promotions for the show. Like dangling a carrot in front of the face of a starving, stoned donkey, ad execs placed three gigantic ziploc bags of “weed” on a billboard, installing a security camera to make sure the goods stayed where they belonged… and — WHAT A SHOCK! — check out this footage of one flexible dude who made off with handfuls of the very moss used by millions of women in heinous craft projects. The least we can hope is that he’ll make a beautiful Easter centerpiece out of it.

(Video via Spare Room)

CAPTION THIS! Lancey Prancey



Lance Bass, still getting a “feel” for his new lifestyle.

For more gay pics of Lance & his bf Reichen Lehmkul, click below (what? I mean gay as in happy– look at how ecstatic they are!) And don’t forget to leave your Captions in the Comments NOW.
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CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Snakes on a…Oh, F*ck It


SoaP.jpg1. Victory! Guys, we did it. This just shows that we have the power to use irony and the Internet to make our voices heard, and make a Hollywood studio lots of money on a flick that would have otherwise gone straight to late-night Showtime. Weeeee! – $15.25 million

2. Will Ferrel’s bare ass is almost as pure box office gold as pirate movies starring Johnny Depp. Maybe they’re putting together a “Swashbuckled: the Rime of Baron von Bareass” project as we speak! – $14.1 million

3. I can’t believe this epic, completely philanthropic tribute to America is already down to number three. You freedom-hating French commie fags clearly want the terrorists to win – $10.8 million

4. Maybe if they would have come up some sort of ironically obvious title like, “Nerds Invent Their Own College Then Hilariously Overcome Tremendous Odds to Surprise Everyone In the End By Actually Succeeding”, the Internet would have latched onto it and shot it to the top of the chart. You win some, you lose some – $10.1 million

5. Dance like nobody’s watching! Oh wait, nobody IS watching - $9.9 million

Well, It’s Better Than “Little Miss Sunshine… Killer”


NYPOSTcover.JPGThe New York Post really outdid themselves with today’s cover. What better way to honor a possible murderer/probable child rapist/definite insane gay-face than by referencing this weekend’s number one box office smash sensation, Snakes on a Plane? It’s no N.Y.P.D. Jew, but it’s close.

For the record, we caught Snakes on a Plane this weekend, and can truly say without a rail of sarcasm that it’s the best movie of the summer. Won’t you join us in helping to coin the best catchphrase of the year? “Get off my d**k!”

While You Were Working Through The Dog Days of Summer


    don vito.jpg
  • The man who confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey got the royal treatment on his flight back to America, drinking champagne and eating king prawns. Well, at least they weren’t baby shrimp.
  • Speaking of… Bam Magera’s uncle and future Celebrity Fit Club participant Don Vito was arrested in Colorado for inappropriately touching a child. There has to be a better way to stay warm in Colorado, doesn’t there?
  • Paris Hilton has launched a campaign to fight the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The first step: don’t have sex with Paris Hilton.
  • Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn has joined the cast of 24 as a potential terrorist. And based on that information as well as 24′s recently history, I’m guessing that means Kal’s the Indian one.
  • Nick Lachey said it was awkward picking up his Best Love Song award at the Teen Choice Awards because ex-wife Jessica was hosting the show. That, and because he was a 32-year-old man picking up a Teen Choice award. But mostly the Jessica thing.

Best Night Ever: Sunday, August 20th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, August 20th! Michael is here to walk you through the best of Sunday night tv, including Big Brother, Girls Next Door, and Flavor of Love!

Best Of The Best Week Ever!


NICOLERICHE234.JPGJust because it’s August, doesn’t mean there weren’t some incredible revelations this week:

Have a great weekend all!




  • LOOKING GOOD, FEELING NOT SO HOT MOMENT: We are officially putting movie critic Roger Ebert on a Nicole Richie watch. Apparently, tumors on your salivary glands do wonders to your appearance. (LA Daily News)
  • METHOD ACTOR: Remember Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite? The muscle-clad guy who used to rough up Nappy the Dyn Dyn? Well, apparently he’s like that in real life too. (E! Online)
  • GUILTY FACES: Much like reading coffee dregs, analyzing the possible post-coital guilt on the faces of Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson seems like a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon. It isn’t really, but still. (CityRag)
  • HOMONYM ALERT: Menopause for a moment, and send Barry Manilow a” Get Well” card. He had hip surgery, and we’re assuming they mean his actual hip bone. We’re not sure how we would feel about a Barry Manilow in cute jeans that listened to Death Cab. (Associated Press)
  • REALITY STAR OF THE MINUTE: America’s Got Talent winner, 11-year-old Bianca Ryan, plans on donating part of the $1 million cash prize to her favorite charities, including the “Whatever I Want At Toys R’ Us Fund” and “Emancipated Children Dot Org.” (Philadelphia Daily News)

ICYMI: One Big Dick


andy dick.jpgI know we live in an age in which we prefer our celebrity hijinx to be on convenient YouTube clips, but sometimes the magic happens off-camera and there’s nothing you can do about it, which is why we salute NY Post writer Mandy Stadtmiller for her painstaking trascription of what can only be described as the Most Amazing Celebrity Encounter Ever. Her front row seat to the carnival of human insanity that is Andy Dick inspired her to a write a one-act adaptation of the time they spent together, and the result is a work of such power and beauty, it could never possibly be realized by mere mortal. If this interaction had been captured on video and uploaded onto YouTube, the entire Internet would have exploded before even one of us had a chance to watch the clip (which undoubtedly would have immediately rendered the viewer blind and brain-damaged). Put on your reading glasses and take the time to pore over one woman’s brush with the supernatural.