ICYMI: The Symphonic Sounds of Donkey Kong


Our friends at Double Viking brought this clip to our attention, a musical medley of classic 8-bit video games, taken from a performance by the Video Games Live Orchestra. What can we say, we’re suckers for pretty much anything pertaining to poor graphics and simplistic gameplay. But still, this is pretty awesome:

While You Were Misspelling ‘Wednesday’


  • Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are officially engaged! Vaughniston for life!!! Or at least until he wants kids.
  • Tom Cruise will release pictures of baby Suri shortly. They finally found a child actor to play the part.
  • Newly single Dave Navarro is reportedly dating porn star Jenna Jameson. BWE congratulates Dave for rebounding with the one woman who could make Carmen Electra insecure.
  • Lindsay Lohan has admitted that she lies to the press about her love life to make things interesting. But everything she says about not doing drugs is totally, totally true.
  • Diddy has given Justin Timberlake permission to use his catchphrase, “sexy.” Whew. The last thing you want to do is use the word “sexy” without the expressed written consent of a man who calls himself Diddy.

Best Night Ever: Tuesday, August 8th


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, August 8th! Alan is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including Fear Factor, Rockstar:Supernova, and Last Comic Standing!

…Of The Day


    the barkers.jpg
  • DISAPPOINTMENT: Colin Farrell. No, we’re not talking about Miami Vice, we’re talking in bed. (Us Weekly)
  • DUNZO UPDATE: LC & Jason are Dunzo. As is Kristin & her man. Stephen’s cell is about to start working overtime. (I’m Not Obsessed)
  • MASHUP: Beavis & Butthead do Se7en. I think I like this version better. (Gorillamask)
  • MTV CURSE: First they killed music videos, now they kill celebrity couples. Barkers- your time is done. (D-Listed)
  • SIGNS OF ANTI-SEMITISM: This movie trailer expalains them all. Thanks Mel.

ICYMI: It’s Never Too Soon for 9/11 Movies


When Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center opens tomorrow, different people will experience different emotions. Curiosity. Excitement. Disgust. Etc. I for one will be elated. Mainly because I’ll be $20 richer thanks to the “There will be a movie about September 11th starring Nicolas Cage in under five years” bet I made on 9/12/01.

With last month’s United 93 and tomorrow’s World Trade Center, 9/11 is to the summer of ’06 what asteroid movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact were to the summer of ’98. And that’s why a film like Ground Zeromance probably isn’t too far off.

Full Disclosure: Okay, so I’m involved in The Post Show. But come on, I had to post this. It’s timely, dammit.

SIZZLER: The Hoff Seeks A Mate


hasselkate.JPGWatch out ladies, The Hoff is on the prowl!

The newly single Knight Rider has announced that he’s ready to date again. So what’s The Hoff looking for in a woman? One word: Fame.

“I’m looking for a woman who’s more famous than me. Kate Beckinsale. I whispered in her ear the other day on the red carpet, ‘I’ll give you everything I have.’ She just laughed. But, you know, when she met me she seemed very excited. But she’s happily married, so nothing’s going to happen.”

So BeckinHoff is not meant to be. That’s fine- he can do much better in the nickname department anyway. Click below to find who we think he should set his sites on. Because it’s only a matter of time before we’re blessed with a LoHoff.

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ICYMI: Best Movie Trailer of All Time? Def.


We want to meet the genius who posted this trailer for Steve Guttenberg‘s turn as Lobo Morongo in the movie Don’t Tell Her It’s Me. On second thought, we want to meet the director who cocked Guttenberg’s head just so during the douche-chilliest monologue of all time, and the hairstylist who permed the mullet-wig, and, of course, Kyle Mclachlan (some things never change).

(Forever indebted to Julia for the vid.)

American Idol Song-o-Tron 2000


hicks.jpgAmerican Idol auditions are right around the corny, and this season is (cue publicist’s dummy) sure to be the best one yet. For the first time ever, producers of the show are giving the American songwriting public a chance to pen the big closing number sung on the show’s final episode. Because we care, we’ve put together a Mad Libs style song entry, so each and every one of you can enter. Get out a pen and paper, write down a word for each number. Then, after the jump, plug it into your new hit song, and mail it off to the show. We’ll let you know which one of you wins in about 7 months time.

1. Object; 2. Location; 3. Body Part; 4. Verb; 5. Adjective; 6. Noun; 7. Verb; 8. Noun; 9. Verb; 10. Noun; 11. Name; 12. Exclamation; 13. Noun; 14. Exclamation; 15. Noun

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ICYMI: Thanks For the Add, Bob Dylan!


dylanmyspace.jpgSome unknown indie-rocker who goes by the name Bob Dylan is the latest musician to use MySpace as a DIY way to get the word out about their music. He doesn’t have nearly as many friends as legitimate talents like Tila Tequila and Dane Cook and his picture is pretty emo, but this Dylan guy’s little songs “Mr. Tambourine Man”, “Like A Rolling Stone”, “Lay Lady Lay” and “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” are available for listening on his profile page so you can decide whether or not he’s worth an add. Here’s what one commenter is already saying about him:


NEWSFLASH: Britney Spears Looks Bad


Check out these before and after pictures of Britney Spears from a Glamour Magazine photo shoot taken earlier this year. Spears, who came to the photoshoot looking like a feral child discovered underneath a porch somewhere in Alabama, is airbrushed to near perfection. The hair goes from tranny wig to coiffed, the skin from Edward James Olmos to Almost Perfect. But you know what they can’t airbrush? The vast and infinite emptiness that lay beneath her pupils. The eyes do not lie, people. (via ONTD)