Time Trumpet Plays Taps for Tony Blair


1.jpgTime Trumpet, a new show on the BBC, is a fake news program set in the future which “looks back” on hypothetical “newsworthy events”. Picture watching Dateline tonight, only the episode time-travelled from 2031, and was taped in a world where where terrorism and suicide bombings are par for the course. The result? A really disturbing television show, featuring computer-generated footage of an airplane flying into Big Ben and a post-assasination Tony Blair. One segment even features “The Terrorism Awards” (please, God, let Star Jones work that red carpet.) The show is causing multiple-conniptions across England, with many urging folks to write to the BBC and demand the show be removed from the airwaves. It’s hard to make the final call — the images are truly disturbing — but then again seeing Tom Cruise as a small old man in a vest has kind of made the afternoon for us. Decide for yourself.

GAMES: The World Series of Pop Culture


wspc.JPGHey. Are you one of those people who watches The World Series of Pop Culture on VH1 and shouts out every answer at the TV screen? You give a little fist pump when you’re right, and then awkwardly look around to make sure nobody’s watching you get pumped up about a basic cable game show through the window? Hey, me too!

The WSoPC finale airs tonight, but the fun doesn’t have to (see what I did there?). Go play The World Series of Pop Culture game over at Vh1.com. You’ll still feel like an idiot when you break into random fist pumps, but don’t worry, we won’t judge you. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Life is a Listery: Top 10 Rule-Breaking Videos


madonna.jpgCityrag points us toward this list of the Top 10 Videos that Broke the Rules. According to those surveyed, Madonna‘s Like a Prayer is the most rule-breaking video of all time. And while Madonna dominates the list with 3 out of 10 slots, there is absolutely no way that Vogue broke more rules than her 1993 NSFW video for Erotica. Frankly — the whole list is crap! Everyone knows that the most rule breaking music video of all time is R. Kelly peeing all over that little girl. (And for those of out there thinking “That was pretty good, but I’d rather waste company time reading an incredibly long-winded, Tolstoy-esque account of the 50 greatest movie endings of all time”? Enjoy.)

SIZZLER: Any Questions, Steve-O?


According to Defamer, celebrity self-mutilator Steve-O said he was able to overcome his longtime addiction to cocaine by hanging out with Nicole Richie. He goes on to explain that even though he only knew her in passing, and that she had no knowledge of his drug problem, Nicole’s very presence provided Steve-O with the motivation he needed to take his first steps towards sobriety-o. In the perfect Hollywood ending, the National Drug Council found the Jackass’ tale so touching, it inspired them to launch a new drug-awareness campaign using America’s addiction to inane celebrities as a way to warn them about the dangers of addiction to drugs. Here’s the first one:


PROPPED: OK Go… On Treadmills


Thanks to jellobomb for dropping the new OK Go video “Here It Goes Again.” Seriously- it’s the best music video I’ve ever seen in my life. This one puts “A Million Ways” to shame. I’m going right out and buying 6 treadmills just so I can play along at home.

Got something of your own you want us to see? Drop it now!

SIZZLER: Rob Schneider Finally Takes a Stand


rschneid_l1.jpgDuring all this crazy, coo-coo Mel Gibson business, America has unanimously been wondering: “What does thespian and half-Jew Rob Schneider think of all this?” Thank God, today, the man finally speaks his mind. In a thoughtfully worded letter printed in today’s Variety, Schneider vows to never, NEVER, work with Mel Gibson again. The letter (which you can read here) reads like comedy butter, and while we fully support Schneider’s (and, apparently, Bernie Brillstein‘s) firm stance on the matter, we’re more than a little disappointed that we’ll never be able to look forward to Gibson’s smarmy-ass face in the three-quel, Deuce Bigalow: Banging Every Broad In Malibu As Long As She’s Not A Dirty Jew Gigolo.

BWE 100: Counting Down To #1


In honor of our 100th episode, all week long we’ve been sharing 100 seconds of our favorite celebrities. We started with Paris Hilton at Number 5, then Tomkat at Number 4. Lindsay Lohan clocked in at Number 3, and now we’ve arrived at Number 2. So who’s our second favorite topic of conversation? Well, it’s Brangelina, of course.

Who’s #1? Make sure you come back tomorrow to find out.

It’s August 3rd; What’s up?


louis ck.jpgLucky Louie. Depending on who you ask, it’s either the funniest show on TV or the absolute worst. There’s no middle ground. Tonight HBO is running a Lucky Louie marathon, full of off-color jokes, bad acting, and male full frontal nudity. It’s gonna be a great time… or a terrible one. I guess we’ll see.

Also on tonight; Big Brother, Windfall, shows about Sharks and America’s Got Talent. So what are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

ICYMI: Al Roker Hams Things Up


We seriously do not understand what control room glitch went down on this morning’s Today Show. Check out this clip of Al Roker interviewing Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia. We swear, this is actually how it aired.

Not sure what it all means — though we have had the craziest hankering to design a three-piece suit made out of ham, complete with a bacon-strip bow-tie and a porkpie hat.

The Tiniest Drug Sniffing Dog in America


chihuahua.JPGOK, the whole cuteness thing has been played out, sure. But don’t file this item under “cute” — file it under “kick ass.” A police department in Chardon, Ohio has trained a 6-pound chihuahua to sniff out adorable, cuddly drugs! The tiny pup, Midge, is such a local celebrity, he was even the Grand Marshall of a local parade! (Pause for hysterical crying.) First of all, God bless the person who took the time to make a 4-inch long kevlar vest for this lil lady. Logic tells us that a chihuahua would make a great drug sniffing dog. What other animal could burrow itself so thoroughly in one’s luggage — only to discover one single, tiny tiny ecstasy pill placed in a golden locket. How do they carry Midge around? Do they strap her to the back of a huge German shephard like the Space Shuttle, deploying her when a sketchy looking nook or cranny is in the area? Here is what we do know: We would spoon the hellll out of this little munchkin, assuming we remembered to leave our black-tar heroin in the car.