ICYMI: War Is Over (If You Blog It)


lennon-pic05.jpgDespite it’s conservative spin and sensationalistic headlines, chances are you visit The Drudge Report at least semi-regularly. It’s a quick and easy way to see what’s going on in the world at any given moment. But have you ever wished that, instead of breathless headlines reporting the end of days with lots of exclamation points, the site could link to stories about ways in which the world might be changed positively, through peace and love, perhaps using the life and death of John Lennon as an exemplary model from which we might hope to learn and grow? Well thank goodness for gimmicky movie promotions, because this hippie daydream is now a reality – introducing The Grudge Report. Instant Karma’s gonna getcha!

From the Dept. of Trailer Mashups: 8 1/2 Mile


The fine folks over at the AV Club give us a glimpse into the hard knock life of Marcello Mastroianni in their mash-up trailer for 8 1/2 Mile. Frankly, you could put Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself” over live footage of flies banging and we’d still be motivated for an intense Reebok Slide class, but still… this is pretty hilare.

CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Sunken Treasure


little_man.jpg1. At this very moment, Disney bosses are trying to calculate whether or not the Magic Kingdom’s Captain Eo ride could pull in this kind of cash – $62.2 million

2. I can’t decide who’s dumber: the hapless couple who can’t figure out Marlon Wayans isn’t actually an infant, or the people who went to see this who can’t figure out Marlon Wayans is actually an infant – $21.7 million

3. I don’t know about you, but me and Dupree are probably gonna skip this one – $21.3 million

4. Superman Returns, but not with profits – $11.6 million

5. The Devil might wear Prada, but Jesus only wears Land’s End – $10.5 million

Project Runway: The Copycat Is Out of the Designer Bag!


Fans of Project Runway and bitchy gay guys, brace yourselves: Season 3 contestant Keith Michael, he of the face like a bird (fine, a cute bird), may have cheated on his Project Runway application. A sharp eye over at Television Without Pity notes the similarities between many of Keith’s portfolio designs compared with those of some major designers, such as Lacoste and Marni. Keith, who fulfills my longtime fantasy of Jude Law and Greg Kinnear making delicious manlove and then producing a skinny, elf-like child, won last week’s challenge with a pretty halter dress stitched out of some blue bedsheets. But according to last week’s previews, we know something major goes down on Wednesday night’s episode, as Tim Gunn‘s brows appear to knit a 13-ply cashmere cardi. (i.e. He looks pissed.) Look at these pics, then decide:

Left: Keith, Right: Giambattista Valli Spring 2006

Left: Keith, Right:Lacoste Spring 2006

Left: Keith, Right: Marni Spring 2006

And you thought Alien Basket Hats would be the highlight of the season! So whaddya think: Will Keith be “Auf’d” from this week’s episode?

While You Were Hating The Heat Wave


    av deryck.jpg
  • Avril Lavigne and the lead singer of Sum 41 tied the knot over the weekend. Their wedding song was presumably horrible.
  • Jessica Simpson’s dad denies spying on his daughter’s ex-husband Nick Lachey. But spying on his daughters? Guilty as charged!
  • Naomi Campbell trashed her boyfriend’s yacht after an argument, causing nearly $50,000 worth of damage. You see, that’s exactly why I don’t let Naomi Campbell hang out on my yacht.
  • Previously sealed court documents reveal that Michael Jackson’s nickname for Macaulay Culkin was “doo doo head”, and Macaulay would call Michael “apple head.” But don’t worry, I’m sure they had great makeup sex.
  • Members of a US Marine crew are being questioned after allegedly crashing their helicopter while trying to catch a glimpse of Kate Hudson in a bikini. Not surprising at all. You should have seen the destruction they caused during the opening weekend of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.
  • Nelly Furtado is now openly bisexual. And on that note, I am now openly a Nelly Furtado fan.

Best Night Ever: Sunday, July 16th


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, July 16th! Alex is here to walk you through the best of Sunday night TV, including The Chappelle Show, Entourage, and Lucky Louie.

Best Of The Best Week Ever


What else happened this week? Well, tune in to Best Week Ever tonight at 11 and all weekend long to find out. Come on, you know you want to.

Sizzler: Superman Sick of Looking Like Woman



Before Superman Returns was released a few weeks ago, star Brandon Routh was a bit of a mystery, known to most people only by his eyebrows and ginormous, unforgiving bulge. But the more we read and see about the guy, the more it becomes clear… that Brandon Routh is a Class One, Grade A, Top of the Line Super-Sissy.

Routh threw a fit at a London press conference on Wednesday when he complained that his makeup made him look “wimpy“, and that co-star Kate “The Breastplate” Bosworth looked more “sun-kissed and natural” (Ed. Note: Kate Bosworth is a woman.) Normally, we would be happy to put down any man complaining of not looking “sun-kissed” enough, but in Routh’s case, we’re going to give him a break. Why? Because he looks like a re-animated wax museum version of a real person, that’s why. And frankly, if a little bronzer is gonna inject even an ounce of personality into the guy, then by all means, turn his pretty little mug into a baby shoe for all we care.

ICYMI: Heavy Metal Manlove


If you were thinking of having a cocktail to celebrate this lovely summer Friday afternoon, but felt a little guilty about drinking before 5pm, go ahead and pour yourself a tall one – because now you’re going to need it. You might also need to gently wash out your eyes with soapy water, because last night when Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee were walking the red carpet to promote the new season of their show Rock Star: Supernova, somehow this happened:


(via Splash)

Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


If you’ve been wondering about the new name posting on our beloved BWE blog, we’d like to introduce you to our newest writer, the lovely and talented Michelle Collins. Michelle will now be applying the same hilarity found on her own blog to all the pop culture news that makes you love this one. But as we are skeptical of newcomers, we decided the only way to determine whether or not Michelle is fit for this awesome task is by subjectingshuffle.jpg her to the test of our weekly iPod Shuffle feature, in which she shares the first five resulting songs. Luckily, none of them were by 30 Seconds to Mars, which means we probably won’t have to send her down to our torture chamber where she would have been forced to participate in a month-long staring contest with Michael Ian Black. Judge her musical worthiness below, then be sure to post your own shuffles in the comments section. And if you’re feeling boozy, play along with our drinking game!

“I’m A Believer”The Monkees
“No Name #3″Elliott Smith
“Old Joe’s Place”The Folksmen from A Mighty Wind
“Survivor”Destiny’s Child