Move over Cathy, K-Fed’s an Even Bigger Choc-a-Holic!


Chocaholism is something that’s affected some the greatest talents of our generations. From Cathy to Caroline Rhea, some folks are married to a sweet, brown lover they call chocolate. Unfortunately, it looks like Kevin Federline is the latest victim of this disease (because it is a disease, you know).

BWE has obtained this revealing photo of K-Fed during a recent outing with his dog in Malibu and it proves that Kevin’s problems run deeper than we thought. He’s clearly downing Yoo-Hoo in the middle of the day. When you see a grown man sipping the malted chocolate beverage from a can on a hot summer’s day, you can’t help but feel sad, and a little nauseous. Before you know it, he’ll be stashing empty packets of Ho-Ho’s in his pockets and doing lines of powdered NesCafe. There’s no telling how many lives he’ll destroy in the process. Or worse yet, how many embroidered pillows he’ll inspire.

SIZZLER: Mandy Breaks Braff’s Heart, Vinnie Chase Style


zachmandy.jpgWord on the street (and by street, I mean PR Newswire) is that Hollywood’s cutest pseudo-hipster couple – Zach Braff and Mandy Moore – have just taken up residence in Splitsville. For Mandy, this is sort of like life imitating art (and by art, I mean her character on Entourage last season brutally dumping young movie star Vincent Chase, sending him into a spiral of misery and shame). But hopefully Braff will handle the heartbreak a little better – after all, he does have an iPod full of life-changing consolation music from The Shins, as well as stacks and stacks of unopened Urban Outfitters Music Sampler CDs from which he was planning on selecting the tracks for his next film’s soundtrack. Keep your chin up, bro.

SIZZLER: Brit Making Sacred Pilgrimage to Namibia?


britneybelly.jpgIn her eagerly-awaited exclusive interview with Matt Lauer, Britney Spears reportedly reveals that she’s heard stories told of a mythical land in Africa that provides safe haven for paparazzi-plagued celebrities who seek a quiet place in which they may give birth peacefully. Legend has it that this lush desert utopia welcomes the internationally famous with open arms and closed cameras; that cool streams of FIJI water flow throughout the luxurious, security-fortified compounds that are given away freely to superstars seeking shelter from the tabloid storm; that winged unicorns transport weary mothers-to-be around the Eden-like paradise whose trees bear fruit roll-ups (in both grape and strawberry flavors). Britney says she’s planning on delivering her next child in this magical haven, and even goes so far as whisper it’s sacred name: it is called Namibia.

ICYMI: Bush’s Blind Item of the Day


During his press conference this morning, President Bush mocked reporter Peter Wallstein for asking a question with his shades on. Well, what the President didn’t realize at the time was that Mr. Wallsten is legally blind. I think this proves once and for all that George Bush doesn’t care about black blind people. Check it out here:

DVD Gifts For Famous Fathers!


fathersday2.jpgLet’s face it, with the advent of sites like, gift shopping for mom and dad is easier than ever. As DVD’s have become an increasingly popular gift option for Father’s Day – they’re inexpensive, readily enjoyable, and choosing the right one can be an incredibly touching gesture – we thought we’d help out the children of Hollywood by selecting personalized film titles for the DVD libraries of Tinseltown’s dearest dads. Here they are:


DVD: “Mr. Mom”
Dad It’s Perfect For: Ryan Phillippe
Why: Because this movie re-affirms the dignity of being a stay-at-home dad while your wife goes out and works to support the family.

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Romantic Gesture or Designer Tattoo?


jasonp061306.jpgNow that boytoy Jason Preston broke up with his longtime boyfriend Marc Jacobs, he may want to get his Marc Jacobs tattoo removed. On the other hand, designer label tattoos are becoming increasingly cool these days. Just ask Josh Madden, the hipster-scenester-and brother of Good Charlotte-ster, who’s got both the Louis Vuitton and the Chanel label tattooed on his arm. So maybe Preston’s Marc Jacobs tattoo can be passed off as a cutting-edge hipster trend and not a romantic gesture after all. Hey, it could be worse. At least he didn’t do it with Arden B.

TomKat is The Most Nauseating Affectionate Couple In Hollywood


tom katie.jpgWell, it’s official: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are really, totally, completely in love! They must be– how else could they have topped In Touch Magazine’s ‘Most Affectionate Couples’ list? The two are all about love and affection. Like when Tom jumped on the couch and stranged Oprah? Affectionate. When Katie distanced herself from her family and converted to Scientology to appease him? Completely affectionate. When they had a baby and Tom left to promote M:I3 the next day? 100% affectionate! Jesus, I’m jealous! Someday I hope to have what they have… now if only I had a publicist to help me fake find it.

1. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
2. Orlando Bloom & Kate Bosworth
3. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker
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PROPPED: Snakes On A Plane Audition Tape


From the moment we heard the title Snakes On A Plane, we just knew Samuel L. Jackson would be the mothaf**kin’ man in charge of getting them off. Well, in this video Dropped by oldwordnewslang, we get to find out what the movie would look like if the producers went in another direction. Check it out– pretty funny stuff (Warning: audio NSFW)

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Ashlee Simpson Gives Back to the Fans


ashleetoday.jpgFrom the Boss to Neil Young to Pearl Jam, there comes a time in every rock legend’s career when a free concert is in order. Sometimes it’s tied to a political protest, other times it’s to stick to ticketmaster or in some cases it’s just a way to say thank you to all the fans. For music icon Ashlee Simpson, who charged just four dollars for tickets to her concert in Denver it’s all three reasons combined.

Well actually, Ticketmaster is responsible for charging 4 bucks in a last ditch effort to sell tickets, and Ashlee doesn’t really stand for much politically unless you consider cool hair a cause. So by default, her free Denver concert, with another living legend, Ashley Parker Angel, was just a way to thank the legions of devote fans. And there are many, like this fan who raved about the concert on ONTD: “it was only four dollars and I had nothing better to do.” Sounds like a moving performance. I have a hunch she’ll be doing more free shows in the future. In fact if she loses Angel and partners with a life-size Build-a-Bear she could probably throw another free gig at Six Flags.