LISTEN UP: A Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Allie Is Wired is plugged into several tracks from Johnny Cash’s final American album, including an amazing cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s 70’s feel-good classic, “If You Could Read My Mind”.
  • Central Village is not ashamed to love Girl Talk, but what about pillow fights during pajama party sleepovers?
  • MOKB says it is safe to play with Shiny Toy Guns, so long as you’re being supervised by a parent or Charlton Heston.
  • Gorilla vs. Bear says that you need to rock the BOAT, if for no other reason than coming up with the greatest album title of all time: Songs That You Might Not Like.
  • YANP ventures away from the blogosphere long enough to see a rock show and give us the resulting hype verdict on blog-buzzed indie rockers Cold War Kids: they’re apparently “good live”. Breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice!

ICYMI: Top 5 TV Show Intros of All Time


Our friends over at Double Viking pointed out some website’s list of the Top Five TV Intros All Time. While this nostalgic stroll down TV memory lane was certainly enjoyable, we were more than a little dismayed to discover that OUR favorite TV Intro of All Time was conspicuously missing. So after you check out what those guys call “the best”, watch the true genius below and help us understand why there is no justice in the world.

SIZZLER: Tori $pelling Officially Not Rich Up The A$$


ToriCover.JPGArbitor of Truth © US Magazine reports that Tori Spelling will only be receiving .16 percent of her father’s multi-million dollar fortune, as a result of a falling out with mother Candy Spelling. Estimations report that Spelling will only reap a measly $800,000 out of the death-pact, which as any ex-alum of 90210 knows, is barely enough to pay the help (read: Brian Austin-Green). It’s gonna be a tough life for Tori Spelling, but we believe that with enough miserly know-how and financial smarts, she can still live a pretty good life. Here are a few tips to help Tori save/earn some cash:

1. Melt down your 24K gold toilet and sell it for cash. Then, crap into Ziplock bags.

2. Remove your breast implants and use the saline as contact lens solution.

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Bulge Watch! Tom Hanks Edition


Is that a little baby bulge we see, Tom Hanks? We’re thinking it is, judging by how proudly you seem to be showcasing your bulge at the Ant Bully premiere. We think other Hollywood A-list actors should take your cue and be proud of their bulges — it’s one of the most beautiful things Mother Nature has to offer us! And we like nothing more than an A-list bulge swathed in stone-washed denim. Keep it up, Tom!


It’s July 26th; What’s up?


Larry_The_Cable_Guy_Comedy.jpgTonight we bid adieu to one of the most influential shows of our generation. Actually, let me rephrase that- THE most influential show of our generation. A show that has made us laugh, made us cry, and touched us in ways we never dreamt imaginable. Tonight, when the final episode comes to a close and the credits begin to roll down the screen, a part of each and every one of us will die. We’ll never be the same. And we’re going to have to learn to live with that… one day at a time.

So goodbye, Blue Collar TV. We shall never forget you.

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While You Were Posting Flyers Looking To Get Your SexyBack



SIZZLER: Lance Leaves Closet, Shocks World


lance_bass2.jpgAfter years of living the lie of fierce heterosexuality in order to maintain his macho boy band image, former ‘NSync ladies man Lance Bass dropped a bombshell on everything we know about masculinity by revealing to People Magazine that he is actually gay. While we admire his courage and hope he is now able to live a happier life, many of us are still feeling a combination of shock, confusion and disillusionment. I mean, who’s next – Clay Aiken?




  • TOTALLY “PUNK” MOVE: Killers frontman Brandon Flowers is sorry for saying all those mean things about Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco while feuding with them over whose generic brand of indie rock is most legit. (AOL Music News)
  • GOOD NEWS FOR FEZ: The New York Post says that we’re in the “Golden Age of the Insult”, which means that MTV’s Yo Momma host Wilmer Valderrama might still squeeze out a few more years of fame before he has to make his inevitable dying-career desperation sex tape. (NY Post)
  • RUNAWAY GROOM: It seems that George Michael’s fiancee Kenny Goss is having second thoughts about having and holding a husband whose idea of “parks and recreation” is pleasuring flabby middle-aged men in the woods. (A Socialite’s Life)
  • SEAN CONNERY TRIBUTE: Ken Jennings, the record-setting contestant Jeopardy! made so rich and famous, wrote a letter offering some sarcastic advice for ways to improve the show to which he owes his livelihood. Suck on that, Trebek! (TMZ)
  • HEADLINE DOUBLE-TAKE: Janet Jackson is rumored to be marrying boyfriend Jermaine. No, not THAT Jermaine! Then again, you never really know with this family. (The Bosh)

A Few Good MySpace Friends


iwantyourwaste.JPGIf you’re on MySpace, chances are you get a lot friend requests from people you don’t actually know. Crappy bands, wannabe Maxim models and Dane Cook are always trying to sucker you into supporting their pitiful careers by adding your profile to their pointless collection of so-called “fans”. Well the latest desperate friend-seeker trying to cash in on this trend is none other than the US Marine Corp! Apparently frustrated with the waning success of traditional recruiting methods such as hanging around outside of high schools in poorer areas and showing those ridiculous TV commercials that make the military look like an episode of Alias, the Marines have taken their efforts online. If you approve them, maybe you’ll get verbally abusive comments from Full Metal Jacket-esque drill sergeants, fun bulletin surveys that look suspiciously like psychological examinations, and constant event invitations to this “awesome beach party” they’re throwing over in sunny Iraq. Hey, military recruiters – thanks for the add (and trip to Baghdad)!