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SIZZLER: Richards Interviewed about Locklear


denise and richieCheck out this new interview with Denise Richards, where the actress reveals how hurt she feels about Heather Locklear’s betrayal (huh?). According to Richards who’s been shacking up with Heather’s husband Richie Sambora, “Heather knows why and when her marriage ended with Richie.” Our guess is it was around the time when this picture came out.

Best Night Ever:Tuesday, May 2nd


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, May 2nd! Alex Blagg is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including American Idol, House, Blow Out, and Wonder Showzen!

… Of The Day



  • INEVITABLE CAREER DECISION: Eddie Murphy is all ready to star in Beverly Hills Cop 4: Axl Gets His Pension. (The Sun)
  • THE NEXT KABBALAH: JuBu’s… they’re Jewish Buddhists. Not a Jewish clothing line competing with FuBu. (LA Times)
  • DEMI MOORE HEADLINE FROM THE FUTURE: Woman, 104, takes man, 33, as husband No. 21 (CNN)
  • FALSE START: After telling fans they should “expect something special” for weeks, Janet Jackson disappointed everybody by posting a lame cover of the song “Weekend” on her website. Twenty-four hours later, the track has been taken down and replaced by a note explaining that “Weekend” is not a single and won’t be on her next album. Um. Thanks for that “special” treat, Janet. Maybe you should just stick to just whipping your nipples out. (Mediatakeout)
  • ANIMAL DOPPELGANGER: Paris Hilton — Proboscis Monkey (Gallery of the Absurd)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: K-Fed’s Radio Interview


kevinEven after the home video reality show, the autobiographical raps songs and the non stop media coverage, we still have some lingering questions for Kevin Federline. For example who would he have a threesome with? (Jessica Alba) And who would he save from drowning: his son or his wife? (his son) Check out this candid radio interview Kevin did recently where he answers hypothetical questions about his relationship(via ONTD). Listen up as Kevin covers everything from Justin Timberlake to his wife’s pregnancy. He even reveals what he’d title himself on his business card: artist. We call that umemployed, but same thing.

MASH-UP: Immigrant Rights and Mr. T


Yesterday millions of people participated in “A Day Without Immigrants”, a massive demonstration to protest the recently proposed US immigration laws that would deny many immigrant workers basic rights and protections. Since this can be a complex issue, we created this helpful mash-up in which a Spanish-speaking Mr. T explains to you these important and topical issues:

If you’re interested in learning more, you can find tons of protest photos and recaps over at Boing Boing.

NOTE: In case our Spanish-speaking readers are confused, we simply wrote sub-titles and edited footage (dropped via reader cdotchen) that actually has nothing to do with immigration. We think it’s funny.

GAMES: What’s Her Bra Size?


bra size.JPGThink you know boobs? Prove it. Take the What’s Her Bra Size? quiz from and see how you do. This ridiculous game (with hilarious NSFW audio commentary, by the way) has everybody from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Love Hewitt to Jenna Von Oy. Let’s see how much attention you’ve actually paid to the lovely lady lumps of our favorite female celebrities. And Jenna Von Oy.

I was a little disappointed in myself only guessing 71 out of 100 correctly. That makes me a C student. However, since I’m a dude I feel as if I should be graded on a curve. So I’m going from a C to an A… which is actually the exact opposite of what most of the ladies in this quiz have done since moving to Hollywood. Anyway, now it’s your turn. Good luck!



And just like that, Taco Bell’s “Make A Run For The Border” slogan finally hits home.

Your turn! Leave your captions in the Comments (where you no longer have to register to leave one, by the way. So get going!)

FIZZLER: Celebrity Wedding Off?



What if we were to tell you one of Hollywood’s most famous couples are on the verge of splitting up after finally setting a date for their wedding? After pre-nup pressures and scandalous family problems, their relationship is at a total standstill, with neither party interested in tying the knot.

Pretty good blind item, right? If I told you that couple was TomKat, Brangelina or even DJ AM and Nicole Richie, it’d be a great gossip story, true?

Read more…

Is Stephen Colbert Having the Best Week Ever?


colby.jpgIf you watched the video, you already know that Stephen Colbert’s “give me hilarity, or give me death” speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner has earned him the honor of being regarded as the Patrick Henry of the Comedy Central set. But I happen to be of the opinion that this particular Daily Show alum is also having the Best Week Ever.

His comments were so full of uncharacteristic “Truthiness” that the mainstream press is intentionally ignoring his remarks, clearly hoping as few people as possible hear his bitingly brilliant vocalization of the outrage many Americans have been feeling for years. The good news is some people ARE paying attention to Colbert’s success, as he was profiled this week in a feature on 60 Minutes, which you can watch here in three parts. Unsurprisingly, Jon Stewart praised his performance, astutely noting that “apparently he was under the impression that they’d hired him to do what he does on television every night”.

Finally, at the writing of this post, 84% of the participants in today’s Gawker poll (and would could really be more representative of impenetrable fact?) have voted Colbert’s stunt “one of the most patriotic acts I’ve witnessed of any individual”.

Thank you, Stephen Colbert: Best Week – and best patriot – ever.