PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: McConaughey Works It Out


dustin cavanaugh - zidane1.JPGWow. In just one day we’ve received so many responses to our latest Photoshop Contest that we have to share a few of our favorites with you. When you have the Sexiest Man Alive contorting himself on the floor with his mouth wide-open the possibilites are endless. Or so we’ve learned

Click below to see some of the entries. And click here to get your own McConaughey to work with.

We haven’t picked a winner yet, so keep on sending your submissions to Tomorrow we’ll choose a favorite and send whoever made it a sweet prize, so get to work. Good luck!

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Celebrity Math: Teen Idol Edition


It’s 2:32 p.m., and you know what that means: Time for a round of Celebrity Math! Scroll down and see if you can guess what the equation adds up to. Here’s a hint: His upcoming movie should be renamed Unfunny Teen Comedies Must Die.


TV Program Placement on Products


As if incessant product placement wasn’t bad enough, our friends in Hollywood are turning the tables and now placing their TV programs on products we use in our everyday lives – starting with regular old eggs! We think this is a marketing move of such sheer genius that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to suggest some other product tie-ins for some of television’s most popular shows, along with corresponding slogans – check them out!


American Idol – Earplugs

“Because sometimes you don’t want to hear things that are unpleasant.”

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ICYMI: Rocky Balboa Looks Totally Fly


Rocky Balboa, the highly anticipated sixth sequel in the Rocky franchise, will be poorly enunciating its way to theaters this Christmas. But for those of you too pumped on roids to wait another six months for Sly Stallone‘s stair-climbing goodness, worry not. In Living Color had the comedic intuition to make their own Rocky 6 way back in 1990. You might need to drink some water while watching: Seeing Jim Carrey actually be funny is cause for an aneurysm. Also, we’re not sure what the deal is with those foreign-looking subtitles, but we pray that the real Rocky Balboa will follow suit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to slap some bracelets on my wrists and practice my Fly Girl routine.

PROPPED: Mario In MySpace


GeoffreyG dropped a new Mario In MySpace cartoon. This time, Mario and Luigi debate the pros and cons of expanding your Top 8. This is, without a doubt, the funniest MySpace parody involving characters from 1980’s Nintendo games EVER. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Got something of your own you want to share? Drop It now!

It’s July 20th; What’s up?


devito.jpgEverybody’s been telling me to check out It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on F/X. I’ve been hesitant. I’d like to keep my life long streak of never tuning in to F/X intact (except for that one time I accidentally turned it on and caught the second half of Encino Man ). Well, after watching this clip from last week’s episode, I think I’m going to have to break the streak. The show looks hilarious.

What else is on tonight? You have Big Brother on CBS, So You Think You Can Dance? on Fox, and America’s Got Talent on NBC. What are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

25 Biggest Wusses… Ever!


Lachey1.bmpBlender Magazine compiled a pretty accurrate list of the 25 Biggest Wusses Ever. Although number 2 on their list doesn’t make any sense: Nick Lachey. Wuss? No way. This is the same guy who was man enough to pick-up Jessica Simpson‘s laundry off of the ground. And he was totally making his trademarked “angry face” when he was doing it. And he can totally kick your ass… in a falsetto singing competition. So there.

Who do you think is the biggest wuss ever?

ICYMI: Fergie Goes Solo


So here’s the video for “London Bridge”, Fergie’s first solo effort without the aid of her favorite Black Eyed Peas. Her lovely lady lumps are in full effect so I don’t have any complaints regarding the video… but the song. Oh, the song. What do you think? Watch it now.

Celebrity Trend: Dangerous Accidents


Baldwin.JPGSome might call it coincidence, other might call it a trend. Yesterday, Daniel Baldwin (the Baldwin you have trouble picturing right now) crashed a rented Thunderbird into two parked cars (including a Hummer) while travelling at 80 mph. Reports now say that Baldwin was driving under the influence, although they haven’t specified whether it was the influence of alcohol or his leading man good looks.

And last night, doe-eyed angel Haley Joel Osment lost control of his pimped 1995 Saturn and slammed into a brick pillar. While there is no word as to his condition, here’s hoping all that robot talk in A.I. wasn’t a joke, and that Osment will be back to his creepily friendly self in no time.

We hate to be superstitious, but you know the old saying: B-List Tragedy Happens in Threes. Which is why we have this little word of advice to send out into the universe: Jonathan Lipnicki, whatever you do, do not set foot in a car. Walk, rollerblade, hang glide if you have to… but don’t drive! You’re the only way my dream of Jerry Maguire 2 will ever be realized.
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ICYMI: Paris’ Ears Are Burning


pariscry2.JPGWhilst walking through the jungle as they always do, a TMZ camera crew accidentally stumbled upon a species known as the Paris Hilton. After a mutual moment of fear and confusion, the Paris Hilton agreed to engage the paparazzi in an “impromptu” Q & A session, specifically addressing the recent outbreak of “mean comments” people have been leaving about the Paris Hilton on the Internet. Apparently, the Paris Hilton doesn’t like it when people say “mean and sadistic” things about her, and sometimes it makes her very sad. Even when you have millions of undeserved dollars and life of luxurious comfort that most of the world’s population will never know, it hurts when anonymous people say bad things about you in the comments section of Internet sites. It particularly hurts the Paris Hilton that the viscious blog readers who leave these comments haven’t even bothered to take the time to get to know her in person so that they might see what kind of beautiful, compassionate being she actually is. You people should be ashamed of yourselves – the Paris Hilton has feelings, too.