PROPPED: Spaced Invaders


What would the world ever do without dorks? We’d never know the wonders of the Internet, pornography or even Devo. And we certainly wouldn’t have this awesome video, droppped by, of a live-action recreation of 80’s arcade classic Space Invaders, which takes place in an auditorium. I don’t care how many of these live-action versions of video games I see, they never cease to amaze me. Keep dropping us all this amazing besteverness.

Bulge Watch! Jack Nicholson Edition


Don’t “Degauss” your screens: That is indeed Jack Nicholson’s bulge! No word yet from the Nicholson camp about the healthy bulge he’s sporting, but there’s no denying it: those shorts are letting his bulge shine through! Hopefully, it’s a genuine bulge, and not just some extra water-weight he’s carrying around in his crotchal area.


Thanks For the Add (and Low Prices)!


thehub.JPGIf there’s anything that says hip, edgy, finger-on-the-pulse of youth culture, it is, of course, Wal Mart. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the retail giant is launching The Hub, a totally rad new place for teens to “express their style” by “making their own page” and then “showing it to the world” and just maybe “winning some fab prizes”. I mean, who needs to hang out with those lame-o’s over at MySpace (ugh, SO last year!) when they could be partying with the popular kids and doing “school your way” right here at Wal Mart? And the best part is – no creepy pedophiles! Unless, of course, the door “greeters” manage to find their way online – but they’re poor and can’t afford computers, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s July 19th; What’s up?


bravo.jpgStill a little uncomfortable slipping into a bathing suit this summer? Then you probably don’t want to tune in to Bravo’s new show Work Out tonight. Instead of watching fat people (yay!) get in shape, this show focuses on hot, toned people getting even hotter and toned-er. Or is it tonier? More toned? I don’t even know.

What else is on tonight? Well, before Work Out you have a brand new episode of Project Runway, a show that’s already had more drama than the entire 5th season of The Sopranos… and the season just started!

So what are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

B is for Barf


patbetsy.jpgIt’s been awhile now since you first heard drunken Pat O’Brien’s filthy voicemail messages in which he tries to convince a co-worker to participate in a disgusting threesome with himself and a woman identified only as “Betsy”. Well just when you thought those scars had finally healed, our friend The Thighmaster has confronted us with the identity of Pat’s mystery sex partner by pointing out the personal blog of Betsy herself. Click on over so that you may gaze upon picture after picture of a bathrobed Pat basking in post-coital afterglow with his peroxidic love kitten. Carefully pore over every word Betsy uses to describe her international adventures in erotica with the man who once told his colleague that he, “wanted to do coke and be inside of her”. Pat won’t mind – in fact, he even recorded a personal greeting just for you!

While You Were Walking Out Of Clerks II


  • Superman Brandon Routh shunned dating and drugs because he was worried it’d ruin his chances of making it in Hollywood. But now that he’s a success, bring on the hookers and blow!
  • Jessica Simpson’s mom stopped a photoshoot because it was too risque and made Jess look like a slut. Joe Simpson apologized and promised he wouldn’t take pictures like that ever again.
  • Britney and Kevin have reportedly planned an intimate ceremony to renew their wedding vows. The only difference is, this time Kevin promises he’ll pay attention.
  • One of the stars of the ABC Family show Wildfire was arrested for assaulting his wife. The network responded by immediately yanking the show and moving it to their sister station ABC Dysfunctional Families.
  • Heidi Klum insists that she will give birth to her second baby the traditional way, not via water birth. Which is terrible, because I had about a hundred baby Seal / water birth jokes ready. Damn.

Best Night Ever: Tuesday, July 18th


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, July 18th! Michelle Collins is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including Rock Star: Supernova and Last Comic Standing!

…Of The Day


  • THE NEW BIGFOOT: Look! It’s Suri! It’s Suri! I think it’s Suri… wait, it’s Suri! (Hot Momma Drama)
  • MOVIE: The short version of The Big Lebowski. Somehow it’s even more NSFW than the long version. (Gorillamask)
  • TOO HOT TO BE EMO: Joanna covers Dashboard Confessional. Oh come on, look at her. What could she possibly be whining about? (Celebutaint)
  • MAGIC HANDS: Bush groped German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G-8 Summit. What’s up with this summit??? It’s like beach week over there. (Huff Po)
  • CHARITY: Denise Richards is baring it all for charity. More hot, desperate female celebrities should be this charitable. (A Socialite’s Life)

ICYMI: Barbara Still Puzzled By Black Women


A couple of weeks ago R&B singer Brandy dropped by The View. Judging by the way Barbara Walters teased her and pawed at her hair, you’d think Barbara had never sat next to a black woman before. Well, not by choice, anyway.

I was willing to brush the hair pulling aside (no pun intended) and write it off as an isolated incident… but that was up until Tanika Ray came in today. Now I know it wasn’t a one-time thing. It’s an epidemic. And Barbara Walters must be stopped. See for yourself.

Is it time for an intervention? I think it might be.