The Beverly Hills 90210 Ten Year Class Reunion


fullcast.jpgWith the passing of Aaron Spelling and his prolific TV legacy, we thought it would be appropriate to remember a show Spelling both co-created and used to introduce the world to the acting talents of daughter Tori: Beverly Hills, 90210. This seminal high school soap opera took an unflinching look at social issues from gun violence to AIDS to apartheid, all set within the priviliged-but-melodramatic turmoil of America’s most exclusive zip code. Since most of the original cast left the show between 1994 and 1998, we decided to split the difference and celebrate the would-be 10-year class reunion of West Beverly High School with the following “then and now” look at some it’s most notable alumni.


Name: Dylan McKay/Luke Perry

Then: The personification of early-90′s cool, Dylan McKay might have been West Beverly’s most complicated, tortured individual. Equal parts unwilling object of affection and self-destructive loner, Dylan’s myriad struggles included domestic dilemmas, romantic turmoil, substance abuse struggles and countless other personality conflicts that somehow just made him all the more mysteriously desiriable.

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LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • I got a bunch of Nelly Furtado lined up for you today. Get ready. First up, head over to iPop and download “All Good Things Come To An End” featuring Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
  • Next up we have The Late Greats presenting their Guilty Pleasures. “Promiscuous” is there along with two more Nelly tracks.
  • Moving along. Shoes Are For Work has posted Nelly’s cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” They ALSO posted Gnarls’ cover of “Gone Daddy Gone”, as well as the Violent Femmes original. Follow? Good. Let’s move on.
  • Now that that’s over, visit The Perm & The Skullet to download Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby” before the reissue comes out in August.
  • And finally, as a lifelong baseball fan I want to wish Peter Gammons and his family the best as he recovers from a brain anyeurism. The 61-year-old sporswriter is a huge music fan who even has his own CD coming out next week. Today Metro Distortion posted some mp3s from a list Gammons made of the Top 20 Songs on his iPod during Spring Training. The guy loves Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Editors and Pete Yorn. Now how cool is that? Get well soon Peter.

It’s June 28th; What’s up?


blade.jpgOkay, I’ll be honest: I missed the whole Blade thing. Something about Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff fighting vampires or being vampires or being vampires while fighting vampires– sorry, just didn’t do it for me. I laughed at the posters when the first movie came out and I remember being shocked that they made a sequel (or two? I have no idea.) So you can imagine my surprise that the Blade series is now being spun off into a TV show on Spike. Should be interesting. I may give it a try– hey, if they could make Buffy The Vampire Slayer a great show I guess anything is possible.

Also on tonight: Jacques Cousteau’s son is messing with sharks on CBS, people are attempting to dance on Fox, and Criss Angel is freaking some more minds on A&E. So what are you watching tonight? Vote now!

PROPPED: Press Release For Anne Hathaway’s Breasts


annehathaway4.jpgIt used to be that performers were the only people in Hollywood who truly required the services of an agent. But in today’s celebrity-obsessed marketplace, the business interests of everything from famous newborns to celebrity body parts have to be looked after by a professional team of agents, publicists, stylists and managers. For example, reader TheJay dropped this recent press release, sent out on behalf actress Anne Hathaway’s breasts, and the latest developments in their promising career. I don’t know about you, but I’ve recently found myself wondering what the “Hathaway Twins” have been up to and when I’m going to get to see them again. Please, in the interest of public breast awareness, keep dropping off the awesome links!

ICYMI: Barbara Banishes Star


If you only take one piece of useful information away from this blog today, let it be this: Nobody– I repeat– NOBODY crosses Barbara Walters! Star Jones: I’ll see you in hell, bitch.

Britney Vs. Christina: The Battle Continues


britney 2.jpg
Who’d you rather… Britney or Christina? For the past seven years that question has been posed countless times by a ridiculous number of people inquiring about two of the sexiest pop stars of our generation. The comparison was inevitable: both were barely legal blondes when they started out, both released hit single after single, and both of them made watching TRL bearable in the late 90′s (despite Carson Daly), and that’s saying something.

But back to the battle. Throughout the years the general consensus has swayed back and forth. At first it was a pretty even mix, with Britney holding the slight edge. Then as Brit began dancing with snakes and making out with Madonna, a clear winner was crowned. It looked like Christina was doomed to a lifelong second-place finish. But then something happened. Let’s call that something Kevin Federline.

This isn’t news to anybody, but since Britney married her backup dancer a transformation has occurred– the girl has suffered an epic fall (see: her Matt Lauer intv.) Meanwhile, Christina has re-invented herself (again) and is hotter than ever. Recently both have posed nude in magazines. Yes, Britney’s pregnant again and Christina isn’t, but still. Both chose to get naked, so comparisons must be made. Click below to see the photographs side by side and let us know what you think.

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rushmarylynn.jpgFrom the usually boring and didactic world of political blogs comes this mind-bending tidbit of gossip that is just too bizzare/confusing to possibly ignore. Recent rumors have been circulating that uber-conservative pill-popping radio host Rush Limbaugh, who recently ran into some trouble for possession of unauthorized Viagra, has been dating actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub, better known as “Chloe” from 24. Tongues were set wagging after photographs were taken of Limbaugh affectionately kissing Rajskub during a recent event at the Heritage Foundation. Rajskub, who in the past has been romantically linked to the decidedly liberal likes of David Cross and Jon Brion, is as odd of a match for Rush as one could likely make. But hey, when you’re a soulless right-wing demagogue loaded up on OxyContin and penis pills, who are we to understand what the hell you’re doing?

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While You Were Saying “How Bazaar”



  • If there was one thing the Britney Spears gum-smacking, country-talking, loud-blubbering, horrible-looking interview with Matt Lauer left me wanting for, it was seeing this pregnant human tragedy pose naked.
  • No matter what she said yesterday, Star Jones’ departure from The View seems to be surrounded by drama, resentment and cat-fighting. Considering that those are three foundations upon which the entire show is built, I’m not really sure what the big deal is.
  • What’s worse than David Hasselhoff abusing his wife? Having to listen to her sing about it. As they say, abuse only begets more abuse.
  • Naomi Campbell may get a plea deal on the assault charges she’s facing after throwing a cell phone at her maid. The deal is pretty straightforward – either she stops beating her help, or the only clothes she’ll be modeling anytime soon are bright orange jumpsuits, which we all know are SO 1997.
  • Michael Jackson is covering himself in fairy dust, packing his things and leaving Neverland forever – instead choosing to take his Magical Molestery Tour to Europe, where people are still sort of weird enough to appreciate him.

They Did It! They Finally Did It!


fake cry2.jpgDrunk Dialing. We’ve all done it. We’ve all hated ourselves in the morning for it. Checking your Outgoing Calls after a long night of drinking and seeing call after call to friends, family, and exes that you don’t remember making is one of the worst feelings you can have in the morning. Well, that and the nausea.

For years I’ve been saying that I wish there was a phone that would prevent you from doing this. Well… it looks like my wish has finally been granted.

The LP4100 also allows users to set up the phone so on certain nights and after a certain time they do not call certain people in their phone book. Think ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

If you have a blood alcohol level over .08, the phone will not let you dial that person. So it not only promotes sobriety, but chastity — and probably your dignity, as well.

Forget about streaming video, daily text alerts and internet access– THIS is the best thing to ever happen to cell phones. A feature that protects me from… me. What more could anybody possibly ask for?

Who else is getting one?

Best Night Ever: Tuesday, June 27th


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, June 27th! Michelle is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including Rescue Me, Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency, and Last Comic Standing!