Sizzler: Superman Sick of Looking Like Woman



Before Superman Returns was released a few weeks ago, star Brandon Routh was a bit of a mystery, known to most people only by his eyebrows and ginormous, unforgiving bulge. But the more we read and see about the guy, the more it becomes clear… that Brandon Routh is a Class One, Grade A, Top of the Line Super-Sissy.

Routh threw a fit at a London press conference on Wednesday when he complained that his makeup made him look “wimpy“, and that co-star Kate “The Breastplate” Bosworth looked more “sun-kissed and natural” (Ed. Note: Kate Bosworth is a woman.) Normally, we would be happy to put down any man complaining of not looking “sun-kissed” enough, but in Routh’s case, we’re going to give him a break. Why? Because he looks like a re-animated wax museum version of a real person, that’s why. And frankly, if a little bronzer is gonna inject even an ounce of personality into the guy, then by all means, turn his pretty little mug into a baby shoe for all we care.

ICYMI: Heavy Metal Manlove


If you were thinking of having a cocktail to celebrate this lovely summer Friday afternoon, but felt a little guilty about drinking before 5pm, go ahead and pour yourself a tall one – because now you’re going to need it. You might also need to gently wash out your eyes with soapy water, because last night when Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee were walking the red carpet to promote the new season of their show Rock Star: Supernova, somehow this happened:


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Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


If you’ve been wondering about the new name posting on our beloved BWE blog, we’d like to introduce you to our newest writer, the lovely and talented Michelle Collins. Michelle will now be applying the same hilarity found on her own blog to all the pop culture news that makes you love this one. But as we are skeptical of newcomers, we decided the only way to determine whether or not Michelle is fit for this awesome task is by subjectingshuffle.jpg her to the test of our weekly iPod Shuffle feature, in which she shares the first five resulting songs. Luckily, none of them were by 30 Seconds to Mars, which means we probably won’t have to send her down to our torture chamber where she would have been forced to participate in a month-long staring contest with Michael Ian Black. Judge her musical worthiness below, then be sure to post your own shuffles in the comments section. And if you’re feeling boozy, play along with our drinking game!

“I’m A Believer”The Monkees
“No Name #3″Elliott Smith
“Old Joe’s Place”The Folksmen from A Mighty Wind
“Survivor”Destiny’s Child

It’s July 14th; What’s up?


psych2.JPGOne of them is still black! The other one is still white! And they’re still solving mysteries together, this week on Psych!

Sorry about that. I just had to get it out of my system.

There’s a lot of good stuff on the weekend (starting tonight with Best Week Ever, naturally), so let’s run through it. Tonight you have not one, but two different Stargate shows on the Sci Fi network, on Saturday Thom Yorke drops by The Henry Rollins Show and on Sunday you have all of your favorite shows on HBO… as well as Tourgasm. And on top of all that, we get a couple of new episodes of The World Series of Pop Culture. So what are YOU watching this weekend? Vote now!

Lock Your Doors: Shannen Doherty Wants to Break-Up With You


shannen2.jpgGod bless the fine people over at the Oxygen Network. They’re giving Shannen Doherty a 17th chance at fame with a new show entitled “Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty.” The show will consist of Doherty giving advice on breaking things off with your lover, friend or the entire cast of your hit 90’s television show. And if there’s anyone stable enough to dole out solid, concrete relationship advice, it’s a twice married, drunk-driving, Playboy-posing former child star notorious for her abusive streak.

We here at BWE have gotten our hands on a list of “Shannen Doherty’s Top 8 Ways of Breaking Up with Somebody“, and, to our surprise, she offers up some really promising constructive advice. Take a look…
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SIZZLER: What the Hell’s Going On Here?


lanceboysespys.jpgIf you read even a tenth as much tabloid trash as I do, you’ve undoubtedly noticed all the recent pictures of biker Lance Armstrong and his newfound Hollywood friends Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ve thus far managed to resist the urge to make any lame Brokeback Mountain references or other easy jokes implying that these workout buddies have some sort of sordid relationship beyond their shared love of exercise. I mean, if three studly guys can’t enjoy sweaty, spandex-clad workouts together without fear of being labeled homosexual, then what does that say about the future of physical fitness in this country? That being said, I simply cannot continue to ignore the questions raised by the sheer amount of time these three have been spending together recently. First it was just bike rides and fitness instruction, but now the trio seems to be practically inseperable, constantly photographed together at nightclubs, awards ceremonies and other venues that have very little to do with working out. Examine the photographic evidence after the jump and form your own conclusions, but I, for one, would certainly like to know just what the hell is going on here. And how far will it go? Should we expect to see shots of these guys in their underwear, having pillowfights and other late night sleepover hijinx?

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bush baby.jpg

You can’t blame the kid for crying, he just spent $97 filling up his SUV.

Your turn. Leave your Captions in the Comments now!

SIZZLER: Another Day, Another Beaten Maid


naomiT.jpgThere is a special breed of celebrities who, whether they consciously realize it or not, have some sort of pathological need to repeat the same bad behavior over and over again, no matter how much negative attention it brings them. Pete Doherty, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., Paris Hilton – all repeat offenders of assorted naughtiness. And just as you roll your eyes reading about Pete’s weekly crack arrest, such is the response to Naomi Campbell and her repeated assaults on her employees. That’s right, yet ANOTHER of the supermodel’s ex-employees has come forward and accused Campbell of physical and verbal abuse. I am utterly convinced that even picking up Naomi’s drycleaning is a job far more dangerous and deadly than anything the special forces see on the front lines of Fallujah. Be warned.

While You Were Busy Cancelling Your Vacation to Beirut…



  • Lindsay Lohan claims that “redheads are great in bed.” Listen, Lindsay, we get it, you have flames shooting out of your crotch, ok? Enough, already, we’ve all got our party tricks.
  • Chevy Chase calls Vince Vaughn a “refrigerator repairman“. Vince Vaughn tips Chevy Chase $100 for cleaning his windshield.
  • Jewel admits a debilitating addiction… to drug stores. Probably because it’s the only place she can still hear her music played.
  • Paris Hilton Craves Children“. OMG, it’s gonna be soooo hot when she eats her own young, you guys.
  • Astronauts next week will debut a new NASA device that turns urine into breathable air. And R. Kelly just announced that he is to become the first rapper in space.