Reality Stars Are MySpace Cases, Too!


30344_myspace_logo.JPGHow many times have you watched attention-starved reality ‘stars’ trading their dignity for fame on your favorite shows and thought to yourself, “Gee, I really wish I could get know these people a little bit better, perhaps through an Internet friendship.”? Well today is your lucky day, because the guest blogger over at Jane Magazine has done the legwork for you and provided this extensive list of MySpace profiles for cast members from a number of reality shows including Survivor, The Real World, and America’s Next Top Model. So if you’ve ever wanted to tell Pumkin from Flavor of Love just what an inspiring beacon of classiness you think she is, give her an add and leave comments until your heart is content! Before you know it, your top 8 could look like a cast from The Surreal Life. Desperate fame-whores need MySpace friends, too – so get out there and help them keep it real!

Sunni Days, Keeping the Sand Away…


elmo.jpgSesame Street is well-known for covering issues parents may find difficult to discuss with children. New siblings, the death of a loved one, Mommy’s drinking problem… no issue is too sensitive. Now, a Sesame Street DVD being distributed to military families next month will try to answer the difficult questions kids often ask during wartime, such as, “How long will Daddy be gone?” and “How come gas costs $6.50 a gallon?”

The DVD will revolve around Elmo‘s father being deployed to a mysterious, unknown place (presumably not the Springfield of The Simpsons fame) and will focus on Elmo’s feelings throughout the ordeal. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to be a muppet in Iraq? Your fur constantly matted, no lids to keep the sand out of your humongous, googly eyes, your body temp climbing to upwards of 155 degrees? It must be nice to get out of your cushy, tree-lined neighborhood every now and again, but the Middle East? One thing we know for sure: Neither Bert nor Ernie will be joining the military anytime soon.

It’s July 13th; What’s up?


pat k.jpgWho else is getting addicted to The World Series of Pop Culture?

I’ve been trying not to write about it. Since BWE is a VH1 show and so is WSoPC, I didn’t want you to think I was trying to plug it because I had to. I don’t. In fact, I did my best to completely avoid it at first. But just the other night I stumbled upon it and found myself yelling at the TV, “It’s License To Ill! License To Ill was the first rap album to go to Number 1!” That’s when I realized I was in trouble. I know I’m going to watch this damn competition until it ends, if for no other reason than to prove to myself that I do in fact know more than everybody on the show. Because I do. Because I’m awesome. Deal with it.

So what else is on tonight? Well, you have Windfall, a solid Office repeat, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and a whole lot more. What are YOU watching? Vote now!

ICYMI: Commanding the Commander-in-Chief


If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered exactly what motivates George W. Bush to be so…Bushy. Well, this German TV show did a little investigating and what they discovered hilariously answers a lot of questions. Check it out!

Bad News For Texas Teens Who Want to Shine



Several major schoolboards in Texas have officially banned students from wearing any sort of mouth jewelry, which is a white person way of saying “icy grillz”. Made popular by rapper Paul Wall, and recently sported by the Hulkster’s daughter Brooke Hogan, icy grillz are a classy way for people to improve their smiles by covering all of their teeth with what appears to be precious metals and expensive stones. Not only does the shiny jewelry make your smile sparkle even brighter, it suggests to others that you are financially sucessful enough to wear expensive jewelry in places that people hadn’t even considered possible. Why the Texas schools would elect to outlaw these accessories is a mystery to me. If anything, I think icy grillz would only motivate students to work harder and learn more so that someday they might get a good job and be able to afford dental jewelry of their own. Also, with all the violence in schools these days, icy grillz might be able to protect students should they get punched in the mouth (perhaps by someone who thinks icy grillz are retarded). The good news is even though icy grillz have been outlawed, students are still free to bring the bling by wearing chains, rings, ropes, watches, earrings and canes. Goblets are also acceptable, as long as they’re not filled with crunk juice.



paris2.jpegBefore babies became Hollywood’s hot new fashion accessory, most stars kept their parental endeavors limited to their pets. And even throughout Hollywood’s recent birth boom, celebs still manage to find the time to get themselves photographed while walking their dogs. While some famous pooch-lovers have fetching doggystyle (UPGRADE), others look like they should be taken to the pound (DOWNGRADE). Tell us which of these stars are improved by their puppies, and which ones just look like a dogface.

BWE: Paul Scheer Hijacks The Airwaves


paul.jpgFrom Product Shop NYC:

I thought that our “exclusive interview” with “Jeff Mangum” would immediately be exposed as a fake, especially considering that the interview was done by comedian Aziz Ansari, and that “Jeff” talked about releasing a soloflex machine, starting a dating show for VH1, killing the singer of Beirut, and the fact that he sounded exactly like Best Week Ever’s Paul Scheer. Do I need to be any clearer about this?

Apparently. Paul Scheer just so happened to post the interview with the Neutral Milk Hotel frontman on his site, which I think means that he was the “Jeff Mangum” all along! No! Could it be? Well, head on over and listen to the hilarious interview and find out for yourself.

ICYMI: Rocky 6(0)


Pop Quiz: What’s the funniest part of the official Rocky Balboa trailer? Is it:

a) That a video game may be intricate to the plot of the film
b) The antagonist’s name is Mason “The Line” Dixon
c) Paulie
d) Despite everything, it still looks better than Rocky V

Watch it now, then choose your answer. Good luck.

While You Were Prepping For Little Man


  • Ben Affleck talked Kevin Smith into giving him a cameo in Clerks II. Unfortuantely Smith chose not to enforce the Jersey Girl clause that’s supposed to keep the two men 1000 yards away from one another.
  • Weezer has called it quits. Fans are encouraged to trash their last three albums pretend this announcement actually came in 1997.
  • The reverend at Ken Lay’s funeral compared the former Enron CEO to Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. Okay, so let’s see; they’re all dead, and… you know what, that’s the only similarity I can think of.
  • During a show in Hollywood, Bon Jovi told guitarist Richie Sambora to “sign a prenup” next time. Yeah, the poor guy needs to stop attaching himself to poor, struggling women like Heather Locklear and Denise Richards.
  • Zinedine Zidane headbutted Italian defender Marco Materazzi during the World Cup final because Marco insulted his mother and sister. Coincidentally, this is the same reason Zidane was never able to cut it on Yo Mamma.