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  • Stereogum says that buzzband Elvis Perkins is definitely in the building of buzz, and provides a couple tracks to prove it. Thank you, thank you very much.
  • The first single from the new Muse album is off to the races over at Drive A Faster Car.
  • I really loved the Band of Horses show at Bowery Ballroom last weekend, and it sounds like Yeti Don’t Dance did too – head over there and give them a listen.
  • Turquoise Days will have you purring with these three live radio performance songs from Cat Power.
  • SKATTERBRAIN brings the bling with the sparklingly hypnotic sounds of My Brightest Diamond.
  • music (for robots) is raising (the buzz for) Arizona.

SIZZLER: The Coreys Make TV Comeback, Strong Argument for Tivo


coreys.jpgI’m going to throw some movie titles out there and I want you to tell me what they all have in common: License To Drive, Dream a Little Dream, The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream 2, Last Resort. Give up? They all have great buddy chemistry. Oh and 2 Coreys. It looks like some visionary producers finally remembered the sparks that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman generate on screen, because the two are signed to create a new comedy series called,
The Coreys. The show centers on fictional versions of the real life 80′s heroes and follows bachelor Haim as he “shakes things up” for married, conservative Feldman. I know what you’re thinking: The last great Corey project I watched late one night on Skinemax was Blown Away also starring Nicole Eggert. How will anything top that? Well rest assured Corey fans, this show’s going to top everything this odd couple have ever done together. Except of course, the mountains and mountains of blow.

Nelly Furtado Brainwashed By Deranged Cult!


Nelly_Furtado.jpgIf you’re way into hip-hop, but not that into it. And if you love the musical stylings and tight abs of The Black Eye Peas’ Fergie, then you simply have to check out this brand, new artist who came from no where called Nelly Furtado. Okay, if you still remember Nelly’s last album, which was more in the free-spirited, overly produced, style of Natalie Imbruglia than the hip-hop lite sounds of the Black Eyed Peas, you’re probably wondering why she changed her tune on her latest album. Well it wasn’t record execs and image consultants if that’s what you’re thinking.

In fact, in the latest issue of Blender Magazine, Furtado explains the real reason: “I went through a feminist phase and read a lot of philosophical stuff. Some of the male bashing brainwashed me for a bit so I stopped. I love men!” Ohhhh, she was like a bird a couple of years ago because she was brainwashed by a deranged, cannibalistic cult called THE FEMINISTS! Of course! Thank god she made it out alive and is now free to sing about getting it on with strangers. You go girl.

SIZZLER: Prince & Diddy & Linds & Paris


butterlohan.jpgLast weekend during Prince’s secret impromptu show at NYC club Butter, Lindsay Lohan left her table to go to the bathroom and fight the latest battle against Paris Hilton in their endlessly pointless War of the Whores. We’ve previously compared today’s starlet feuds with the infamous East Coast/West Coast hip-hop feuds of the 90′s, but these two worlds, having shared only metaphorical similarities, came colliding together when Puff Daddy decided to take Lohan’s booth in the crowded club since she seemed too busy to be using it. But when Lohan had finally finished freshening up after her nightly “You’re a slut-whore-bitch!” tirade against Paris and returned to her table to continue partying too much, she was displeased to discover that Diddy and posse had commandeered her spot, which she apparently pointed out to the hip-hop mogul. What happened next depends on who you ask. According to R & M, Lohan simply made a joke that Diddy failed to recognize the humor in, then got tossed out. But Page Six reports that LiLo was being loud and obnoxious, and had to be forcibly removed from the club by some of Diddy’s bodyguards.

We may never know what really happened during those tense moments, but one thing is for sure: a Mean Girl is no match for a Bad Boy.

CONTEST: Experiment With ‘We Are Scientists’


wearescientists.jpgHere at BWE, the only thing we love more than making fun of celebrities is giving away free stuff to you guys, our cherished readers. Today we’re giving away a whole bunch of CDs, DVDs, vinyl, posters and stickers courtesy of the band We Are Scientists. If you didn’t already know, they make some pretty awesome rock music, funny music videos (like this one or this one), and operate a Internet presence where they, among other things, offer advice to fans, and make amusing video diaries.

All you have to do to enter the contest is send an e-mail to before 6pm EST with the subject line “We Are Scientists” and your name & mailing address in the body of the e-mail, then we’ll randomly pick and notify a winner!

Contest over! Winner to be announced.

It’s June 21st; What’s up?


cheyenne.jpgTonight is an interesting one to say the least. On one channel you have the premiere of the Regis Philbin hosted America’s Got Talent, and on another you have So You Think You Can Dance?… proving that we don’t have nearly as much talent as we think.

Speaking of talent, tonight on MTV the super-talented LC leads us walks us through her internship at Teen Vogue on The Hills and the even more talented Cheyenne walks us through whatever it is she does on the hit MTV show Cheyenne. I haven’t brought myself to actually watch her show yet… I think it’s probably best if I wait until she turns 18.

Also on tonight: new episodes of Mindfreak, Inked, and Dog Bites Man, plus a whole lot more. What are YOU watching? Vote now!

PROPPED: Jackie Chan’s New Movie


RH-1.jpgIs there anything more hilarious than the pairing of big tough action star and a baby? We’ve seen the undeniable chemistry with Arnold in Kindergarten Cop and again with Vin in The Pacifier. But it’s about time we see a Kung Fu master, who can take on 6 ninjas at a time, struggle with changing diapers. Because, really it’s quite hard.
In Jackie Chan’s newest movie Rob-B-Hood, the action star will inherit a baby through a series of events during the opening credits. While they may not get a long at first, after fighting criminals together, by the end of the movie they’ll no doubt fall in love. Props to nthdegree for dropping off a link to the trailer. It was both an “action-packed non-stop roller-coaster” and a “heartfelt comedy of wacky proportions.”

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