Boring New Angelina VS. Hot Old Angelina: You Decide


angelina 7.jpgAngelina Jolie. Nowadays, when you think of Angelina you think of Brad, Africa, humanitarian work, and Africa (did I mention Africa?). But that hasn’t always been the case. A long, long time ago, way back in the 90′s, Angelina used to be Hot. Sexy. And freaky. And I miss that. Listen, I’m not taking anything away from her relief work, I’m just saying that I miss the old Angelina. The crazy Angelina. The vile of blood around her neck, Billy Bob limo f**king Angelina. THAT was the Angelina we all fell in love with. The new Angelina is just… well, it’s not the same.

So let’s play a game. Below you have two options, you can only pick one. You can either (A) watch the video preview of Angelina’s appearance on Anderson Cooper where she talks about being a Good Will Ambassador, or (B) click on Read The Rest Of This Entry to view 5 of the sexiest Angelina pictures I could find. A or B. The choice is yours. Which one are you gonna choose?

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YOUTUBULAR: 100 Awesome Music Videos


music vids.jpg
The hipsters over at Pitchforkmedia took a break from being snarky and hating everything (except Band of Horses) and compiled 100 of the most Awesome music videos ever via YouTube. I don’t know what’s better: the fact that they put a ton of work into this, or that they used the word ‘Awesome’ unironically. I’m impressed by both.

Head on over there right now and waste the day away. Don’t miss the videos by A-Ha, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Cee-Lo, David Hasselhoff, Lionel Richie, Outkast, Pat Benetar, The Postal Service, Pulp, R. Kelly, Radiohead, Twisted Sister, and… ok, you know what, just watch them all. Which one is your favorite?

Counting Down The Days Till 2011


rosie.gif A lot of times when I’m visiting The Huffington Post the headlines seem to all blur together. Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Clooney, etc. etc. etc. But every once in a while, a headline captures your attention. A headline like…

“People Are Going To Be Having Sex With Robots Within Five Years”

I recommend you read the article. It’s incredibly well written and it poses some very interesting ethical questions. Of course, since I’m an idiot, the only question I ended up asking myself when I finished reading it was: If we are having sex with robots in five years, which robot would you want to have sex with? After some careful consideration, I decided to go with Rosie from The Jetsons (she was always so accomodating.) Or Optimus Prime. I guess I’ll know in 2011. How about you?

While You Were Watching Danza Reruns (sniff)



  • James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful song brings a girl out of a coma. But for every one person he wakes, he puts another 500 in a coma.
  • Katie Couric’s absence from The Today Show hasn’t hurt its ratings. And it’s done wonders for the general vibe of the office.
  • Bruce Willis sues paparazzi who claims the star attacked him. And if a lawsuit doesn’t scare him, maybe this fist will.
  • Vince Vaughn invited parents to a nude sex shoot with Aniston. To help with the chemistry.
  • Jeremy Piven tells Cubs fans to “Hug it out, you little bitches.” Also says it to taxi driver, rabbi, talk show host, dog and anyone who doesn’t recognize him.
  • Pete Doherty fined for cocaine use. That should scare him straight.

Best Night Ever: Monday, June 19th


It’s Best Night Ever for Monday, June 19th! Alex Blagg is here to walk you through the best of Monday night tv, including Wife Swap, Hell’s Kitchen, and How To Get The Guy!

…Of The Day


  • JEW: Lindsay Lohan. After strapping a Chai around Lindsay’s neck, Madonna is one step closer to bringing her over to the kosher side. (Egotastic)
  • FAKE VARIETY AD: Forget about Cars, the movie that really cleaned up this weekend was Aquaman. (Celebutaint)
  • USEFUL SKILL: Gorillamask sent us over to this… a dude who can remove all of his clothes in under 10 seconds. (Doubleviking)
  • EXCITING BORING COUPLE: Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy! Do you think they just sit around and talk about how much they miss the 90′s together? (WWTDD)
  • THE NEXT WAR ON TERROR: Brace yourselves, people, for The War On Fluff. (The Boston Globe via Waxy)

5 Reasons Why Joel Madden’s Like an Olsen Twin (Pre-Puberty)


dsc52253qx.jpgSure Joel Madden’s got the sleeves of tattoos and a brother with droopy eye makeup. And yes he’s got a tricked-out mack truck with 50-inch rims and a couple of 10-pound diamond studded pendants and a pit bull and two lip piercings oh, and a wristband with a skull on it. But when it comes down to it, the Good Charlotte singer has a lot more in common with one of the pre-pubescent, straight-to-video, squeaky clean Olsen Twins circa 1996 (and Ashley at that). Here’s why:
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PROPPED: NewsHour Birthday Party


jim lehrer.JPGWhen I was 3-years-old I’m pretty sure the theme of my birthday party was GI Joe. That sounds about right. Well, when Henry Schally turned 3, he went in a different direction– a dorky, dorky direction. Henry happens to be a huge fan of NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, so his parents threw him a NewsHour themed party. Check out this video dropped by Vandar02. It’ll make you want to start beating the kid now to help him get accustomed to the inevitable beatings he’ll receive in high school.

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