Maybe Soccer Isn’t So Boring After All…


mortalkombatzidane.gifNow I get it! This must be why everybody I know tuned in to the World Cup final between Italy and France yesterday. It all makes sense now.

Thanks Deadspin… this clears things up a bit. And thanks for directing me to the real reason Zinedine Zidane headbutted that guy.

I can’t get enough of this video. No wonder the dude won the award for Best Player. I love this game! Can’t wait til 2010!

While You Were Having A Manic Monday


    rod the bod.jpg

  • Josh Hartnett doesn’t want girlfriend Scarlett Johansson hanging out with Wilmer Valderrama. He also doesn’t want her watching Yo Mamma, but for different reasons.
  • Nicole Richie is rumored to be dating 53-year-old Jeff Goldblum. And suddenly The Fly becomes the second creepiest thing he’s ever done.
  • Mickey Rourke cut off his own finger because he “didn’t want it.” Ironically, thats the same thing Hollywood said when they cut off Mickey Rourke.
  • K-Fed is reportedly in talks with Britney’s label, Jive records. I’m assuming they need a janitor or something.
  • Rod Stewart’s fiance says she cried for three weeks straight after giving birth to their baby son. Which makes sense, because she probably cried during conception too.

ICYMI: Official Documents of the Stars!


suri_birth_cert_3.jpgWhat could get your heart racing with excitement even more than a blurry photo of what appears to be the newborn baby of some celebrity you’ve never met? Well in the case of Suri Cruise, who has thus far refused to validate her existence by providing us with any photographic evidence suggesting she is in fact a real human girl, you’re going to have to settle for this blurry birth certificate which suggests that, at least in the State of California, TomKat’s offspring is indeed recognized as an official human being. But still having seen no pictures, and knowing that almost anything passes for a “human being” in California, my verdict shall remain firmly on the “extraterrestrial test tube experiment” side of the baby scale.

Best Night Ever: Sunday, July 9th


It’s Best Night Ever for Sunday, July 9th! Giulia is here to walk you through the best of Sunday night tv, including Big Spender, Chappelle’s Show Lost Episodes, and Entourage!

Best Of The Best Week Ever


Make sure you’re tuning into Best Week Ever tonight at 11 and all weekend long to learn about everything else you may have missed this week!

Shuffling Towards The Weekend


How’d you do following last week’s iPod Shuffle Drinking Game? Did you survive? Ready to give it another go?
Let’s rock.

Click above for the rules, then start shuffling away. Here’s what I got today:

Radiohead – “You And Whose Army?”
What Made Milwaukee Famous – “Mercy, Me”
Golden Smog – “Won’t Be Coming Home”
At The Drive-In - “Rascuache”
Ennio Morricone – “L’Arena”

Geez, I’m pretentious. What are the first five songs on your shuffle? Share them in the Comments now.

BWE: The Lost Mac Ads


The second wave of Mac Ads has arrived… and who would’ve guessed they star Christian Finnegan and Nick Kroll??? Watch them now!

Make sure you tune into Best Week Ever on VH1, Friday night at 11 and all weekend long.

Snakes on a Plane as a Sequel on a Poster


camels2.jpgHollywood would never pass up a chance to capitalize on a hit movie by quickly following it up with a cheap knock-off of a sequel, and lord knows we could never pass up an opportunity to further beat the dying horse of Snakes on a Plane blog obsession, so our decision to share with you this group of funny poster concepts for the inevitable sequel to this summer’s most serpentine airborne adventure movie should really come as no big surprise. But I dare you to even try not chuckling a little as you peruse the suggested posters and realize the endless potential for re-capturing the box-office buzz this little movie about snakes (who also happen to be on a plane) managed to create!

CAPTION THIS: Lindsay Sparkles



I have no idea what I’m smoking here, but whatever it is it’s the reason I’m not wearing pants.

Your turn. Leave your Captions in the Comments!

Soothing Sounds CDs From Something Awful


parents sex.jpgIn the world of relaxation tapes, there isn’t much beyond running streams, beaches, gentle forests, and a few other bland topics… This week the Something Awful Forum Goons sought to expand the relaxation tape market by coming up with some new ideas sure to soothe your weary soul and put your mind to rest.

These are all pretty great. I think the soothing sounds of Your Parents Having Sex is my favorite… because The Rats In The Walls hits a little too close to home. Check out all of the Something Awful CD’s here.