Now, I know one of these women just had my baby, but shoot, they all look alike to me…

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Best Night Ever: Thursday, May 4th!


It’s Best Night Ever for Thursday, May 4th! Dan Hopper is here to walk you through the best of Thursday night tv, including American Inventor, Survivor, OC, and My Name Is Earl!

…Of The Day


  • PROOF THAT DROPPING THINGS ROCKS!: Thanks to ThirdWheel, we were all over Nick Lachey dissing Lindsay Lohan on Monday. Other sites just got around to it today! (Drop It)
  • HORRIBLE MAYOR: The mayor of Ault, Colorado was so drunk at the time of his arrest he broke a Breathalyzer machine. Now that’s impressive.(The Denver Channel)
  • VIDEO THAT MADE ME A LITTLE UNCOMFORTABLE: Robot Chicken presents The Darkest Sketch In Television History (Daily Sixer)
  • THE NEWS THAT MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH SOMEBODY IN THE FACE: Bill Gates doesn’t want to be the richest man in the world. Wahh wahh wahh, I hate you. (AOL News)
  • TOY FOR THE CHILD YOU’D EXPECT TO SEE ON MTV’S MY SUPER SWEET 16 SOMEDAY: Fischer-Price MP3 players and digital cameras. Whatever happened to Easy Bake Ovens? (Brooklyn Vegan)

While You Were Gittin’ ‘Er Done



  • Actual headline: “Quaid Less Sore over Brokeback”. Of course he’s “less sore” – I don’t seem to remember Cousin Eddie getting mounted by Heath Ledger in a tent with only a handful of spit to ease the pain.
  • Tom Cruise doesn’t break the law. Tom Cruise MAKES the law!
  • Jack White is the proud father of a very, very hip little baby girl. Her first words will probably just be a high-pitched yelp to the beat of some bangin’ drums.
  • Snakes on a Plane! The official poster! On a website! Okay, this really is starting to get old.
  • It’s too hard keeping up with whether Janet Jackson is fat or thin. All you need to know is that she’s totally irrelevant.

Are Conservatives Having the Best Week Ever?


FLAG.PIN.2.JPGA brief glance at the news would indicate they are. Stephen Colbert, who famously made his staunch conservative views public last weekend, remains the number one search on Technorati for the fourth straight day. Did you know that today was a NATIONAL Day of Prayer? Bush is brushing up on his Spanish because, deep down, he loves Mexicans – but not too much. Hillary Clinton is probably running for president. Christian groups are launching their coordinated efforts to thwart the godless, heathen Tom Hanks film The DaVinci Code. A conservative Charlotte, North Carolina mother who attended a Fall Out Boy concert with her daughter was apparently so outraged by lead-singer/exhibitionist Pete Wentz’s comments about stopping homophobia that she vowed to single-handedly crush the emo-rock group.

The right-wing just might be having it’s Best Week Ever!

Adam Brody’s Puppy Love


brody.jpgYup that’s the OC’s adorable Adam Brody giving a puppy dog to a little girl. Awwww can you get any cuter than that? Apparently not.

The teen heartthrob who’s only “made-out” on camera will go from puppy love to doggy-style in his new movie The Land of Women. The risque film involves a graphic sex scene between Brody and the much older Meg Ryan. Brody, has already admitted he’s “grossed out” by the scene and couldn’t even watch it at a screening.

Sounds like he’ll need more adorable photo ops to get over this very un-adorable movie. Anyone have a bunny rabbit handy?(Photo via Saving Face)

Worth1000: Celebrity Time Travel


katie photoshop.jpgWorth 1000 asks the question, what if celebrities lived in different time periods? Like if Mel Gibson was around during WWII, or Katie Holmes lived in a world before Tom Cruise.

Some of the entries are really amazing (the Drew Barrymore and Jack Black ones stand out.) Check them all out here!