ICYMI: The View’s Falling Star


If you didn’t catch this morning’s two minutes of faux affection and genuine awkwardness as Star Jones formally announced her long forseen departure from The View, here’s the clip so that you can more closely examine the nuances of her co-hosts’ Oscar-worthy portrayals of supportive friendship, and then lament the fact that you’ll never get to see Star and future host Rosie O’Donnell angrily try to eat each other to death.

BWE CONTEST: Win Editors Stuff!


Editors.jpgIf you like the Editors and you like free stuff, today’s your lucky day. We here at BWE are going to give away a bunch of Editors merchandise, including a copy of their album The Back Room on CD and vinyl, a rarities CD, and a 7-inch single. You want it? Come and get it.

All you have to do to enter is send an email to contests@bwe.tv. Make sure you include your name and address so we know where to send your swag. We’ll pick a winner at random by the end of the day. Winner chosen! Thanks for entering.

After you submit your entry, you can watch their video for “Munich” right here. Good luck!

SIZZLER: Axl’s Appetite For Self-Destruction Is Back!


axl2.jpgJust because Axl Rose’s abilities as a performer aren’t anywhere near what they were 15 years ago doesn’t mean his childish off-stage hijinx aren’t right back to their prime. First he got into a slap-fight with an aging, effeminate fashion designer during some movie star’s birthday party. Pretty hardcore. Now the cornrowed rocker has gotten himself arrested in Sweden after starting a fight with a woman that resulted in a drunken bar brawl, then biting the leg of the security guard who tried to break the whole thing up. It may not be the 80s, it may not be setting the Sunset Strip on fire, and Axl may no longer be musically or culturally relevant, but you’ve at least got give the guy a B for effort.

SIZZLER: Naomi Still Hitting the Help


naomiT.jpgSupermodel Naomi Campbell, who is appearing in court today to face charges of physically abusing a maid who lost a pair of her blue jeans, has been accused of yet another abuse incident, by another maid, over another pair of misplaced jeans. Are you listening, Home Cleaning Professionals? For your own well-being, please pay extremely close attention to the following advisory warning, because one day it could save your life:

Never, EVER, under any circumstances, misplace a pair of Naomi Campbell’s jeans.

Also, you must understand that this violent behavior is not Naomi’s fault – she has an abuse abuse problem. We all know that celebrity and addiction go hand in hand – Pete Doherty to drugs, Charlie Sheen to sex, Britney Spears to misery – and Naomi is no different: she wants to stop beating the help, but first she needs to get help for her problem (then not beat them).

SIZZLER: K-Fed Is F-ing Annoying


kfed.jpgYou think Kevin Federline is annoying? Imagine living with him. According to Life & Style magazine:

Insiders says he’s driving wife Britney Spears crazy with his nonstop rap­ping around the house — especially when she’s trying to have a serious conversation with him. “She says it’s way beyond a joke now,” says a Spears family friend. “She’ll be talking to him, and then he’ll burst into some rap rhymes without warning or apparent reason.

Just try to imagine that– K-Fed following you around the house, rapping without warning. No way to shut him up. No escape. No wonder Britney looked like such a mess during her Matt Lauer interview. How could she be expected to keep it together when she has PopaZao rapping in her face all day?

We’re sorry for being so hard on you Britney. We never fully understood the daily trauma you’re forced to endure.

ICYMI: Shiloh’s Hallelujah Chorus


bradshiloh1.jpgWhat kind of Messiah would Brangelina’s baby Shiloh be if her blessed life were not worshipped and honored in song? Admit it, while slightly repulsed, you’re not altogether surprised that someone has finally taken the initiative to write the inevitable “Shiloh Nouvel” song. The divinely-inspired musicians are none other than The Fresh, an LA-based musical comedy duo. Go to their MySpace page, turn up the volume, and give your most reverent attention to the beatific sounds of this most holy choir.

SIZZLER: Tom & Nicole Were Never Married… Sorta


tom-nicole.jpgTom Cruise conspiracy theories are fun. Tom picked Katie Holmes to be his gf off a list of available actresses; Katie signed a multimillion dollar 5-year girlfriend contract; She was never pregnant; Suri doesn’t exist; War of The Worlds wasn’t a terrible movie; Tom likes women; etc, etc, etc. Well, now there’s a new one to add to the list:

Tom Cruise was never actually married to Nicole Kidman.

The BBC is reporting that Kidman’s 10-year union to Cruise wasn’t recognized by the Catholic Church of Australia. The service was seen only as a legal ceremony and not a spiritual one. In other words, according to the Catholic Church anyway, it never happened. [continue reading]

Okay, okay, so the full story is actually Tom Cruise was never actually married to Nicole Kidman in the eyes of the Catholic church. But come on. Where’s the fun in that?

While You Were Selling Baby Pictures



  • Gwyneth Paltrow has announced that she is currently in the process of recording an album. It makes sense, I guess: she acted in a crappy movie about karaoke singers and she’s married to a crappy pop singer – she deserves the chance to sing crappy music of her own.
  • Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was detained at an airport this week when authorities discovered a prescription bottle of Viagra in his luggage that didn’t have his name on it. Though he found it difficult to explain to authorities why he had Bill O’Reilly’s penis pills, six copies of the Log Cabin Republican Magazine and a filthy loofa, the fast-talking radio host was finally able to board his flight.
  • There was a time when a Cameron Diaz nip-slip actually meant something. Now everyone’s all like, “Oh, it’s not her secret baby with Justin Timberlake’s newborn nipple? Then frankly we don’t give a damn.”
  • John Cusack has filed for a restraining order against a woman he claims has been stalking him. The Los Angeles woman apparently really, really, REALLY loves dogs.
  • Speaking of dogs: Moose, the Jack Russell terrier who played pooch “Eddie” for 10 years on Frasier, has passed away, joining Lassie, Benji and Old Yeller in the VIP section of doggie heaven (cause that’s where they all go), where he’ll spend his days eating Kobe beef and having more poodle sex than he ever thought possible.

Best Night Ever 6-26-06


It’s Best Night Ever for Monday, June 26th! Lauren Brown is here to walk you through the best of Monday night tv, including Treasure Hunters, Hell’s Kitchen, and How To Get The Guy!