YOUTUBULAR: Everybody Loves It


william shatner.jpgSure, you’ve loved YouTube ever since you first stumbled upon it while searching for SNL’s now-classic Lazy Sunday skit. But you’re cool and ahead of the curve– that’s to be expected. Recently, though, it seems like everybody else is discovering how amazing and magical YouTube can be. Last week Pitchforkmedia made a list of 100 Awesome Music videos with accompanying YouTube links that kept me from doing work for, no lie, about 6 1/2 hours straight. And now, today, The Sports Guy Bill Simmons has inducted 33 videos into the YouTube Hall of Fame. Don’t let his title fool you, the man tackles more than just sports. We’re talking everything from William Shatner’s rendition of “Rocket Man” to the trailer for The Karate Kid III. Go check it out now; I can’t think of a better way to start off the week.

Best Night Ever: Sunday, June 25th


Robin Hopkins skipped a muggy, rainy city night by ducking into the Best Night Ever, featuring the profanity-riddled Deadwood, the Dustin Hoffman-riddled 200th Guest Special of Inside the Actor’s Studio, and the wholly unriddled Entourage.

Best of the Best Week Ever: Unlucky Penny


kfedpenny.jpgBe sure to tune in for an all new episode of Best Week Ever tonight at 11pm and play this week’s drinking game! Everytime anyone makes a joke about or a reference to a racial stereotype, take a drink and feel guilty for laughing. Now, your Best Week in Review:

  • We fufilled our lifelong dream of meeting Kevin Federline, and all we have to show for it is an awkward interview and this icky feeling that no amount of showering could ever be able to cleanse.
  • It might have seemed strange that K-Fed would be so passionate about saving pennies, but we discovered they actually have quite a bit in common.
  • David Hasselhoff shouldn’t have to explain his tears to the likes of mere mortals, but he did anyway. That’s why he’s the Knight-Rider and you’re not.
  • Hollywood finally gets off it’s lazy ass and gives the people what they’ve always wanted: the reunion of The Coreys!
  • Kate Beckinsdale gives Jay Leno, and all his unsuspecting viewers, waaaaay too much information.
  • After meeting Kevin, we almost felt a little sorry for Britneywe said “almost”.
  • Angelina Jolie gave Anderson Cooper the juciest, most-anticipated boring interview ever.
  • Speaking of Angelina, help her decide which baby flavor she should try next!
  • And finally, sadly, writer Piper Weiss has decided to move on to bigger and more legitimate things in the world of print journalism, leaving Bob and me with no one to sexually harass but each other.

(Image via Gothamist)

CAPTION THIS! Kristin & Pooh


Sure she’s hot, but even Pooh knows she’ll probably bang Christopher Robin the next time he gets his head stuck in the hunny jar.

Add your own Captions in the Comments now!

UPGRADE/ DOWNGRADE: Fake Celebrity Hair


spearsblackhairinf3253pj2iw1.jpgSome celebrities can turn a wig into a veritable fashion statement(UPGRADE) while others just turn into Davy Crockett.(DOWNGRADE) Tell us which celebrity wigs are smoking hot and which wigs are smoking because they were just killed by hunters.

Straight Outta Waldorf!


hilaryjoel.jpgStars say so much dumb sh*t that I usually don’t even bother posting about it, but this Hilary Duff gem was just too priceless to pass up. Taken from the Washington Post (via Dlisted), here is the teen starlet’s description of the boyfriend she bought at Hot Topic, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden:

“He doesn’t socialize. He’s very real, like, he’s from a pretty ghetto place in Maryland. . . . I like that.”

Awesome. And where, precisely, are these Maryland mean streets of which she is so enamored? In what sort of crime-riddled neighborhood did young Joel have to survive the hopelessness of total poverty while dodging the bullets that were constantly whizzing by? Exactly what kind of place could produce a hardened badass so ice cold that he can wear eyeliner and act “tough” at the same time? The answer is found in two words that will send chills down your spine: Waldorf, Maryland. It’s the “shopping capital of southern Maryland”, and it’s where Joel Madden grew up.

It’s June 23rd; What’s up?


tarynmanning_banshee_240.jpgThere are some things in life you just can’t miss. Oxygen’s “first ever made for TV thriller, Banshee” sounds like one of them. Canadian car thieves, serial killers, the girl from Hustle & Flow-- I know what I’ll be watching Saturday night.

I also know what I’ll be watching Sunday night: Entourage, Deadwood, and maybe even Lucky Louis on HBO. I’ll be skipping Tourgasm because, well, I enjoy being entertained. Sorry Dane.

Tonight there’s not a ton on, besides this show on VH1 called Best Week Ever (maybe you’ve heard of it) and two more re-runs of 24: Day 5. Well. What are YOU watching this weekend? Vote now!

ICYMI: Sherrod’s Anklebiter


Gawker pointed us to this clip of our very own panelists’ appearance on this morning’s episode of Today with Matt Lauer. While bantering about his reaction to Lauer’s big interview with Britney Spears, Sherrod Small did what he does best and asked Matt the question that’s been on all of our minds – what was up with your bare, sockless ankles?

The 3-Timer Club (or less)


tuesday night.jpg

Bad news, Tuesday Night Book Club fans. All 35 of you. CBS has pulled the plug on this unscripted Laguna-esque show for adults after only two episodes. While this news may depress the dozens of middle aged women who enjoyed the show, don’t fret. By getting cancelled after only two episodes, TNBC is automatically entered into the esteemed 3-Timer (or less) club, alongside Emily’s Reasons Why Not and Celebrity Cooking Showdown (and honorary member Love Monkey.) Congratulations, ladies. Remember: it’s better to have aired 2 episodes than to never have aired at all. Though not by much.

The Scientological Mystery of Kate and Katherine



Cityrag made this interesting observation about the uncanny resemblance between “Kate” Holmes and Katherine McPhee. On the surface this might just seem like an amusing coincidence, but when you dig a little deeper, this connection presents more mysterious questions than JFK’s assassination and The Da Vinci Code combined. First of all, there were all those rumors that McPhee is, or at least was, a Scientologist. And what exactly IS Scientology, anyway? Is this kooky religion the reason that TomKat want to bring the McPheever to their wedding ceremony? Also, what is this strange “eating disorder” Katherine claims to be suffering from? “Katie” is short for “Katherine”, and “Kate” is even shorter – ever think about that? And where the f*ck is Suri? Are Katherine and Kate actually the same person? Why is Tom Cruise so gay? Somebody call Scooby and the gang, because we’ve got a real mystery on our hands here.