ICYMI: Pete Holmes vs. Pinatas


Our very own Pete Holmes sent us this hilarious animated short pulled straight from his stand-up routine. You can watch it now, but I’m warning you: you may never look at pinatas the same way again.

SIZZLER: Hollywood’s Biggest Baby News Yet!


stork.jpgOh my gosh, we have just received news announcing Hollywood’s latest famous parents-to-be, and this is the hottest, juciest one yet! You thought Sean Preston, Suri and Shiloh were a big deal? Those are just cabbage patch kids compared to the star power of this shocking, sensational pregnancy announcement! This birth is sure to bring about a media circus that not even Namibia – hell, not even all of Africa – could ever hope to contain. These parents are going to have to go to the bottom of the ocean if they want any shelter from the media storm the birth of their child will inevitably cause. See the big news for yourself after the jump!

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It’s June 22nd; What’s up?


office jim pam.jpgThursday night has become Windfall night. I like the show for 2 reasons: (1) it’s the only decent replacement show I’ve seen in the past few weeks, and (2) Watching Luke Perry on a Thursday night makes me a little nostalgic. If only Jennie Garth and Ian Ziering joined the cast I’d be a happy guy.

Beyond Windfall, I’m not sure what else to watch. The Office is re-running last season’s pivotal “booze cruise” episode (a must see for Office fans), while MTV has new episodes of Making The Band 3, Run’s House, and Pimp My Ride. Also on: Gameshow Challenge on CBS and a So You Think You Can Dance? results show. But what are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

While You Were Downing Your Morning Mimosa



  • Ann Hathaway’s boobs subject to whims of Devil Wears Prada costar Stanley Tucci. Paging human resources!
  • Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are so over– just in time to give his upcoming single about heartbreak that autobiographical kick it needs.
  • Reese Witherspoon sues Star Magazine over pregnancy claims. Wants Star to take responsibility for all the girls it’s gotten pregnant.
  • Tom Cruise wants 10 children someday.He’ll need at least that many if he wants to fulfill his dream to start his very own cult.
  • Cher is pushing for safer military helmets… and more revealing pleather bustiers in time for her next video.
  • Matt Damon may star in Star Trek prequel, if and only if he can master the hand signal.
  • Anderson Cooper visits John Stewart on The Daily Show to learn how a real celebrity interview is done.

Best Night Ever: Wednesday, June 21st


It’s Best Night Ever for Wednesday, June 21st! Brian is here to walk you through the best of Wednesday night tv, including Blue Collar TV, America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance!




  • SETBACK FOR BILLY JOEL: Super-young wife Katie Lee Joel was axed from Top Chef 2. Now he’s going to have to come up with new ways to distract her from thinking about the fact that she’s married to an old, bald recovering alcoholic. (Reality Blurred)
  • IMITATION OF NY LOTTERY COMMERCIAL: Some guy threw 20,000 pounds (that’s about $35,000 to us) onto a street in England and started a frenzy of greedy people grabbing cash on their hands and knees. Absent was the fat guy who yells “Mooooooney!” (A Welsh View)
  • UNNECESSARY USE OF BLACK AND WHITE FILM: We’re not sure why Ashlee Simpson’s new video, Invisible, was shot in black and white. Or why she’s boxing, or why she’s recorded a second album. (Faded Youth)
  • CELEBRITY ELF: See that picture to your right? That’s the foot of some male celebrity who thinks pointy gelfling shoes are not simply utilitarian, but also quite fashionable. To find out who it is go here: (US Weekly)
  • CANDID CELEBRITY INTERVIEW: Well it wasn’t Anderson Cooper’s. It was ours with Kevin Federline!!! Pennies from heaven, yall. (BWE)

Celebrity MySpace Sleuths


confirmed.jpgForget solicitation and child pornography, the biggest problem with Myspace is that it’s cluttered with fake celebrity pages. How am I supposed to know what’s Nicole Richie’s real myspace page with all those cheap imitations out there? I mean I know this and this aren’t real, but this one and this one may be. But how can I be sure? Well now there’s a way: Confirmed Celebs Only . This myspace page was created to help celebrities and their stalkers eliminate cheap imitations.

The page features pictures of celebs like Adrianne Curry, Stephen Coletti and various porn stars holding signs that bare their real myspace addresses. You can also check for real celebrity myspace pages added to their friends space. And if you have a celebrity myspace page that’s questionable, you can submit it to be checked for authenticity, here. I know there have been some great inventions in the past 100 years, but seriously this is up there with sliced bread and body shots.

EXCLUSIVE: BWE Interviews K-Fed For Chump Change!


Today we hit the streets to attend a Times Square promo event for Virgin Mobile, who is trying to get the message out about the power of the penny, and the importance of saving it from irrelevancy – with the help of Kevin Federline! K-Fed gave a moving speech and answered some hard-hitting one-on-one questions with yours truly, including an “explanation” of why he wasn’t feeling so charitable last weekend in Miami. Virgin CEO Richard Branson didn’t make it to the event due to “plane troubles”, which is ironic since he OWNS an airline. But Kevin more than made up for his absence!

After you watch, if you’ve ever had something you always wanted to say to Kevs, but previously had no way of getting in touch, he invited everyone to send a text message to his “personal” cell phone number at 310-876-4210.

LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Stereogum says that buzzband Elvis Perkins is definitely in the building of buzz, and provides a couple tracks to prove it. Thank you, thank you very much.
  • The first single from the new Muse album is off to the races over at Drive A Faster Car.
  • I really loved the Band of Horses show at Bowery Ballroom last weekend, and it sounds like Yeti Don’t Dance did too – head over there and give them a listen.
  • Turquoise Days will have you purring with these three live radio performance songs from Cat Power.
  • SKATTERBRAIN brings the bling with the sparklingly hypnotic sounds of My Brightest Diamond.
  • music (for robots) is raising (the buzz for) Arizona.

SIZZLER: The Coreys Make TV Comeback, Strong Argument for Tivo


coreys.jpgI’m going to throw some movie titles out there and I want you to tell me what they all have in common: License To Drive, Dream a Little Dream, The Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream 2, Last Resort. Give up? They all have great buddy chemistry. Oh and 2 Coreys. It looks like some visionary producers finally remembered the sparks that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman generate on screen, because the two are signed to create a new comedy series called,
The Coreys. The show centers on fictional versions of the real life 80’s heroes and follows bachelor Haim as he “shakes things up” for married, conservative Feldman. I know what you’re thinking: The last great Corey project I watched late one night on Skinemax was Blown Away also starring Nicole Eggert. How will anything top that? Well rest assured Corey fans, this show’s going to top everything this odd couple have ever done together. Except of course, the mountains and mountains of blow.