PROPPED: Snakes On A Plane Audition Tape


From the moment we heard the title Snakes On A Plane, we just knew Samuel L. Jackson would be the mothaf**kin’ man in charge of getting them off. Well, in this video Dropped by oldwordnewslang, we get to find out what the movie would look like if the producers went in another direction. Check it out– pretty funny stuff (Warning: audio NSFW)

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Ashlee Simpson Gives Back to the Fans


ashleetoday.jpgFrom the Boss to Neil Young to Pearl Jam, there comes a time in every rock legend’s career when a free concert is in order. Sometimes it’s tied to a political protest, other times it’s to stick to ticketmaster or in some cases it’s just a way to say thank you to all the fans. For music icon Ashlee Simpson, who charged just four dollars for tickets to her concert in Denver it’s all three reasons combined.

Well actually, Ticketmaster is responsible for charging 4 bucks in a last ditch effort to sell tickets, and Ashlee doesn’t really stand for much politically unless you consider cool hair a cause. So by default, her free Denver concert, with another living legend, Ashley Parker Angel, was just a way to thank the legions of devote fans. And there are many, like this fan who raved about the concert on ONTD: “it was only four dollars and I had nothing better to do.” Sounds like a moving performance. I have a hunch she’ll be doing more free shows in the future. In fact if she loses Angel and partners with a life-size Build-a-Bear she could probably throw another free gig at Six Flags.

It’s June 14th; What’s up?


geena davis.jpgTonight marks the series finale of Commander in Chief– a show that, apparently, did not end two months ago like I had assumed. Who knew?

Beyond that, there’s still a lot to watch tonight. While there are new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, Blue Collar TV, Criss Angel: Mindfreak, and the hilarious Dog Bites Man, but I think tonight’s best bet has to be Celebrity Poker Showdown: New Orleans. Putting Fred Savage, Jennifer Tilly, Brett Butler, and Cool Runnings’ Doug E. Doug in a room together sounds like a can’t miss show to me. But what are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

While You Were Watching a Segment Bomb on The Today Show



  • David Lynch files for divorce. Which means Lynch won’t hear the pitter patter of little embryos falling from the sky anytime soon.
  • Tom Cruise lends his private jet to Brangelina for safe passage from Namibia. Now they have to lend him their frontal lobe for alien testing.
  • Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are fighting again, but this time they cut out the middleman.
  • Nick Lachey has rekindled his relationship with Vanessa Minnillo. Or as he sees it, he hooked up with her again the other night.
  • Cousin Balki joins the Masons secret society. Step 2 in his plan for world domination.
  • Now that Shiloh is a few weeks old, we can finally give a little attention to little whathisname Rossdale-Stefani.

Best Night Ever: Tuesday, June 13th


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, June 13th! Alex Blagg is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including Fear Factor, Last Comic Standing, and Tuesday Night Book Club!

…Of The Day


    screech this big.jpg
  • NOTICEABLE OMISSION: Brad Pitt topped the list for “Dad of The Year” according to Life + Style magazine. K-Fed? Nowhere to be found. (D-Listed)
  • T.REX NEWS: Every morning Eva Longoria likes to ‘bang a gong.’ No word about whether she follows that up with ‘getting it on’? (Egotastic)
  • THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Billy Joel is moving to Brooklyn. No sleep till, indeed. (BlogNYC)
  • TAKE THAT, LISA: Samuel “Screech” Powers is packin’ 10 inches. His robot Kevin? 26″. (Cityrag)

While You Were Blaming Il Divo



  • Daryl Hannah is protesting to save jobs for urban farmers, but the long-term goal is to save jobs for urban actresses.
  • Brittany Murphy drank milk at the Tony Awards. But still shut out of Got Milk ads.
  • A poll shows that most people want to have dinner with Jay Leno. In an unrelated poll, most people like to be the funniest person at the dinner table.
  • Eminem is planning a comeback in film. Critics agree he’s an amazing actor when portraying himself.
  • Toni Braxton shows her yaya a second time in two days while performing again with pop-era group Il Divo. Ok which one of you Divos is the joker?
  • Eva Longoria likes to bang gongs. Tony Parker isn’t the only one with a sex teacher

LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Funtime OK (ironically) posted an extensive break-up mix today. So if you’ve just had your heart broken, turn to Roy Orbison, Wilco, the Magnetic Fields, Radiohead and a whole bunch of other artists to provide a soundtrack for your down days.
  • The Sho’Nuff Audioblog posted a handful of tracks from Bonnaroo artists including The Magic Numbers, The Streets, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Blackalicious and more. Check it out.
  • Rewriteable Content believes the hype, posting tracks from the two biggest blog bands of the year (so far): Tapes ‘N Tapes and Cold War Kids. Download them all if you want to fit in.
  • Mocking Music is very serious when it comes to Best Of lists. So when it came time to make a Best Songs of 2006 list, they made sure to include tracks by Beck, Beirut, Islands and more. It’s seriouisly awesome.
  • And finally, Kwaya Na Kisser has posted more Boston tracks than you could ever possibly need. And by that, I mean 5.