GAME: Hoff Invaders on Transbuddha


david-hasselhoff.jpgThere have been so many incarnations of David Hasselhoff, from young, heroic Knight Rider, to hunky, morally-enlightened Baywatch lifeguard, to booze-riddled German crooner.

Just imagine a game that has all of them, plus Atari-style graphics.
In Hoff Invaders on Transbuddha, a hunky adaptation of Space Invaders, you must destroy the many rows of evil Hoff heads by using the space bar and moving your spaceship back and forth with the arrow keys. But beware, when you play with the Hoffs’ you’re playing with fire. Just like the real thing.

While You Were Pouring One Out For Chris Daughtry



  • According to a recent poll, Tom Cruise is slightly more popular than President Bush. In a related story, President Bush is planning a surprise visit to Manhattan next week in which he’ll use Air Force One, a Naval Aircraft Carrier and a Stealth plane you don’t even know about to run around the city and hug firemen.
  • David Blaine underwent a brain scan following this week’s failed stunt. The machine – unable to detect anything magic, or even remotely interesting about the “illusionist” – stopped examining him halfway through the procedure, malfunctioning from sheer boredom.
  • At Syracuse University, you can take a course studying the lives of Tupac and Lil’ Kim. The course is offered through the Criminal Justice department and is entitled, “How to do jail time when you’re rich and famous 101″.
  • Kate Beckinsdale is worried she has stank breath. Maybe if she stopped doing all those stupid vampire movies, she could cut down on the garlic.
  • Thanks to our brilliant friends over at Google, now you can use the Trends tool to see just how many other people are using the search engine to stalk your ex.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Around


lohan marshall.jpgI’ve never claimed to understand Lindsay’s taste in men– from Aaron Carter to Colin Farrell to whoever that dirty guy was that she was photographed kissing the other day. I don’t get her. But this time… this time she’s gone too far. Lindsay Lohan is hooking up with Garry Marshall??? Lindsay! What’s wrong with you? He’s 71 years-old, you’re 19! Thats sick! I know you have daddy issues, but Garry’s old enough to be your grandfather. Do you have granddaddy issues too? And Garry, you should be ashamed! Dating a woman 52 years younger than you. Actually… I take that back. You’re cool.

Sorry. I just can’t believe Lindsay gets around the way she does. I mean, the fact that she’s hooking up with everybody she’s photographed with is just a little too much to handle. Click below to see a picture of Lindsay’s face after Garry tells her there’s not even a movie role in this for her. Read more…

Kelly Clarkson Let’s It Fly


kelly clarkson 1.jpgShot of the day:

Here’s a picture of an excited Kelly Clarkson about to take flight with the Blue Angels, the US Navy’s Flight Team. The excitement, as it turns out, was short lived. Somebody should have warned Kelly that 65% of passengers get sick.

“I have a little bit of a fear of small planes,” Clarkson said. “I was trying to overcome that today. I felt so bad, because they had to clean up the plane.”

So as it turns out, Chris wasn’t the only American Idol hurling last night. More pictures of a pre-puking Kelly below.
kelly clarkson 2.jpgkelly clarkson 3.jpgkelly clarkson 4.jpg

ICYMI: David Blaine’s First Interview


Bubble boy David Blaine sat down with GMA for his first interview to reveal how he’s feeling after 7 days in a fishbowl. Not surprisingly, he’s pretty beat up:

  • he has sharp shooting pains in his muscles
  • he can’t really move
  • his skin is covered in blisters and rashes
  • his back is burned to a crisp
  • he feels like a complete failure

Sure he’s lost his credibility as a master illusionist and got bent out of shape in the process. But he didn’t stage this event to show the world his magic skills. He did it show the world his cut, upper body.

Check out the GMA interview here (via ontd)

Best Night Ever: Wednesday, May 10th


It’s Best Night Ever for Wednesday, May 10th! Shea Hess is here to walk you through the best of Wednesday night tv, including Top Model, American Idol, Lost, and Unanimous!



MESSAGE BOARD: The Panic Asylum. On his blog, rocker Dave Navarro describes the messageboard for his new band The Panic Channel as a “world of cathartic purging and rehabilitation” (6767)
PROP: An anonymous reader who shares the same name as one of our writers dropped off this eerie local commercial. We guarantee it’s the only furniture store ad that will ever give you nightmares. Thanks AlexBlagg whoever you are. Check out this link: (BWE’s Drop It Section)
HEADLINE: Woman, 74, Gets Revenge on Gator with Hose (Yahoo News)
BAKED GOODS: These final four American Idol cookies. Mmm, who should I eat first? (Televisionism)

While You Were Way Too Worried About Tonight’s Idol Results


    tyson 2.jpg
  • A USATODAY/Gallup poll reveals that 51% of adults have an “unfavorable” view of Tom Cruise. This contradicts an earlier Scientologists’ poll that revealed 1,050% of people LOVE Tom Cruise more than LIFE ITSELF. I’m not sure who to believe.
  • Mike Tyson wants to record a song with the Irish boy-band Westlife. Now he’s going after your ears.
  • Wheel of Fortune will add a text-message component to their sweeps week episodes to encourage viewers to play along at home. Your grandparents will be thrilled, once you explain to them what a text message is.
  • Kurt Cobain has been voted the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll hero of all time by NME readers. You know, something tells me that’s not what he was going for…
  • Ed McMahon is peddling his own brand of vodka. Finally. It’s about time that drunk bastard shared.

ICYMI: The Hogan Years


waynefromwonderyears.jpgIf you caught Sunday night’s episode of Hogan Knows Best (or monday’s or tuesday’s) you may have recognized some one on the show. Yes, in fact it was Kevin Arnorld’s older brother Wayne from the Wonder Years pitching products for the Hulk to hawk. And no he’s not an actor. In fact Jason Hervey now runs Bischoff Hervey Entertainment, a company that “specializes in content creation and production for various broadcast outlets, licensing and merchandising and innovative brand integration solutions.” Basically, he’s the creative geniuses behind the Hogan Grill and probably the new Hogan Energy Drink.

So Paul’s a lawyer, Winnie’s a mathematician, Kevin directs sitcoms, but it looks like Wayne’s the only cast member who’s having any real fun. Did we mention he’s married to a porn star?