SIZZLER: Kate Moss Back to Her Cokey Ways?


medium_kate_moss_cocaine.jpgThose rapscallions in the British tabloid press are reporting that drug-tormented supermodel Kate Moss was seen blowing chunks in the VIP section of the Isle of Wight music festival. Was this just an isolated incident caused by a few too many Jager shots on an empty stomach, or is Kate two dates with Pete Doherty away from another stint in rehab? Only time – and the tabloids – will tell.

ICYMI: Raconteurs Steadily Get More Awesome


At first I was sort of lukewarm about Jack White’s side-product and indie rock supergroup The Raconteurs, but this band has been growing on me like a burly manny on an unhappy pop star. And this latest video for “Steady As She Goes” is so awesome that I think I’m a full-on convert to Jack and his band of merry men. Check it out!

Where Are They Now?


problem_chil.jpgWhat would we ever do without our good friend The Thighmaster? Well, for one, we’d never know that Michael Oliver, better known to you as the title character in Problem Child, is now working as a roadie for the band The Samples. If only John Ritter were here to see what a tattooed, long-haired, still problematic man his little guy has become.

LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


    lily allen.jpg
  • Moistworks is loving the monkeys today (but strangely, not The Monkees.) Head over there to download monkey tracks by artists like Los Lobos and Crystal Bernard from Wings.
  • One Foot Off The Platform has a great mix posted today with tracks by Lily Allen, Nina Simone, the Arctic Monkeys, and Herman’s Hermits. Something tells me you’re into something good.
  • Speaking of great mixes, Mix Me A Molotov listed their top 5 favorite albums (so far) this year and included an mp3 from each of them. So if you like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Flaming Lips, Regina Spektor, Mates of States or Cat Power, that’s the place you want to be.
  • So Much Silence has 3 tracks from Spank Rock. I highly recommend “Race Riot On The Dancefloor.” Once you hear it you’ll understand why.
  • And finally, My Old Kentucky Blog attacked Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” over the weekend and posted 41(!) covers of it. Time to get to work.

PROPPED: Keep Kids Away From Libraries!


Vitalspark dropped this hilarious video, originally found at Deadspin, depicting what happens when Cleveland’s investigative reporter Carl Monday takes a closer look at what sort of dangers are lurking around every bookshelf at the local public library. The fun really starts about 3 minutes in when Carl, having hidden a camera near the library’s computers, confronts a man the camera caught “boning up” on Internet porn. What ensues are three of the most unintentionally hilarious minutes I’ve ever seen. Keep dropping us all this great stuff, people!

ICYMI: Henry Rollins on Ann Coulter


How could you not love Henry Rollins? Check out this clip from The Henry Rollins Show where the ex-Black Flag frontman pens a letter to everybody’s favorite right-wing nutcase author, Ann Coulter. You know, I’ve always said Rollins reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw, and now I know why. Language is NSFW… but then again, neither is Coulter.

Link sorta via Gorillamask

SIZZLER: Matt Damon Has Non-Messiah Baby


damon.bozan.jpgOnly a week after the first photos of Brangelina’s Amazing Baby Messiah blew the minds of the entire universe, Matt Damon and his wife quietly put forth their humble offering to the ever-growing nursery of celebrity offspring when their new daughter was born on Sunday. While Damon’s agent is still holding out for a $5 million deal with People Magazine for the exclusive rights to Baby’s First Photospread, pitches have already gone out to a number of tabloids. Perez Hilton has reportedly offered the proud parents a $20 Gift Card to Starbucks, along with a couple list spots at an upcoming Skyy Vodka promo party if they’ll send him a camera pic of the newborn. If Damon was really smart about his next career move, he’d ditch that no-name wife of his and cut a deal to do some serious baby-making with Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson or something. But for now, there can be only one Shiloh.

ICYMI: Larry the Khaki and Sneakers Guy


In honor of the #1 opening for Disney’s Cars, which happens to feature the immeasurable vocal talents of comedic genius Larry the Cable Guy, we offer this video of Larry back when he was Dan Whitney, just another mulleted bad stand-up comic from the 80’s. Makes you kind of wonder what sort of traumatic life experience causes one to change their name, rip off their sleeves, and start talking like an inbred, mentally-retarded member of the KKK. Git-R-Done, Dan Whitney!

(via Dead Frog)

CINEMA’S GOLDEN AGE: Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?


cars.jpg1. Pixar laps the competition with the greatest movie about automobiles since 1988’s License To Drive – and without the help of Corey Haim! – $62.8 million

2. A lot of frat guys are scoring a lot of brownie points with their naively romantic sorority girlfriends – $20.5 million

3. This heat surrounding this movie cooled off like Iceman gave it a full-body Shiatsu massage with a happy ending – $15.6 million

4. Maybe this means we won’t be subjected to 777: The Slot Machine’s Story next July – $15.5 million

5. I’m sure this movie is good and all, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed for a CGI version of Cathy, as voiced by Rosie O’Donnell. That Cathy’s so hilariously frazzled! – $10.3 million