It’s June 6th; What’s up?


tv set1.jpgIt’s 6-6-06 and the world hasn’t ended yet, so I guess that means we have at least one more night of laying around on our couches, eating pretzels and watching TV. Whew.

So what are we rewarded with? Well, there’s Last Comic Standing on NBC (I’m rooting for that blonde chick from Chicago, Nikki Glaser, how about you?), the premiere of Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency, and Queer Eye: Las Vegas.

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Top Five Best Career Decisions God Made for Stephen Baldwin


baldwin.jpgAccording to his upcoming memoir/Bible adjunct, “The Unusual Suspect: My Calling to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith,” God has made many of Stephen Baldwin’s major career decisions. And from what we can telll, He puts super-agent Ari Gold to shame. We took a look at the trajectory of Stephen Baldwin’s career and saw that god has helped turn one man into the kind of star in Hollywood that no one wants to can touch. After the jump, check out the top five best career decisions that God has made for his second favorite son:
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ICYMI: Alan Thicke Needs to Stop Drinking


I’m sure you all spent last Saturday night the exact same way I did – sitting on the couch with a 6-pack of Old Milwaukee, glued to the We Network, watching the 2006 Mrs. World Pageant, which happened to be hosted by the scotchiest guy in showbiz, the one and only Alan Thicke. We all remember Alan’s boozy babbling throughout this year’s short-lived Celebrity Cooking Showdown, and now we have this “you have to see it to believe it” clip from the Mrs. World broadcast, in which a presumably hammered Thicke accidentally crowns the WRONG WOMAN as Mrs. World, thus setting into motion a carnival of utter hilarity and devastation. What’s almost as absurd is the show was TAPED, so they could have simply edited out the blunder prior to airing. The clip’s about 8 minutes long, but pretty worth your time…

(Thanks to Socialite for the heads up!)

While You Were Doing a Wheatgrass Shot



Best Night Ever: Monday, June 5th


It’s Best Night Ever for Monday, June 5th! Bob is here to walk you through the best of Monday night tv, including Deal or No Deal, The Apprentice, and Fast Inc!

…Of The Day



  • SELF-MEDICATING DIVORCEE: If Denise Richards is this serious about “joint” custody, she could at least try using a little Visine. (Cityrag)
  • PROOF KARMA EXISTS: When Juanita humiliated Brandon Davis in defense of Lindsay Lohan, she probably had no idea her valor would be rewarded by a night out with her idol (Perez Hilton)
  • REASON TO ACTUALLY WATCH THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Christina Aguilera and her amazing performance body. (Hollywood Tuna)
  • GOOD PLACE TO GET LUCKY DATE RAPED: The forthcoming “Maxim Magazine” hotel and casino in Vegas. (Jossip)
  • MOUTH IN NEED OF LEVER 2000: Keira Knightley must still be in character from Pirates of the Carribean, because she could make a pirate blush. (Hot Online News)
  • THING YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO SEE: David Spade at the beach. Shirtless. (The Superficial)

While You Were Turning Down a Part in Dallas



  • Hollywood siblings Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix join forces to tie the knot, and conquer the Arquettes.
  • Joaquin Phoenix has a new model girlfriend…no it’s not an Affleck.
  • Vivica Fox is looking like she had some work done…with a bicycle tire pump.
  • Shannon Doherty is fuming that Tori Spelling is making fun of her on NoTorious. She’s also fuming that some guy cut her in line for the bathroom and that there’s peanuts in Snickers.
  • Jennifer Garner turns down Dallas so she doesn’t have to work with J.Lo. In fact, lots of crew members have turned down the job for the same reason.
  • Rob Zombie is set to direct a prequel to slasher Halloween. Mike Myers set to star.

LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


    rick rubin.jpg
  • Pop Tarts Suck Toasted posted tracks from their 10 favorite albums of the year (so far.) So head over there for Tapes N’ Tapes, Destroyer, Islands, Belle & Sebastian, and more.
  • Skatterbrain also has a top 10, with only a couple of repeats. After you’re done using and abusing PTST, go here to grab tracks from Voxtrot, Pants Yell!, and Love Is All.
  • Analog Giant has a handful of Monday mashups, including two that feature Gnarls Barkley (with Supertramp and Prince). One can never get enough Crazy.
  • Polloxniner has the new Fatboy Slim track “That Old Pair of Jeans.” He’s still got it.
  • And finally, Macktronic has a cool theme today: Song Titles Go Hollywood. So head on over there and download “Stevie Nix” by The Hold Steady, “Billy Murray” by Gorillaz, “Rick Rubin” by Spank Rock, and -yes- “Rudy Huxtable” by Black Nasty.

Katie Couric, Signing Off


katie couric.JPGKatie Couric doesn’t take over the CBS Evening News until September (until then they won’t report the news– they’re just crossing thier fingers and hoping nothing happens), but people are already talking. One of the big questions on everybody’s mind: what will Katie’s sign-off be? Katie recently joked that she’ll end the show with, “Peace out, homies,” but something tells me that’s not going to happen. If she does want to be creative and hip, though, and stand out from the competition, here are a couple of suggestions:

*Peace in the middle east. Well, not literally…
*If you got em, smoke em.
*Catch you on the flip side… but don’t flip the channel, Two And A Half Men is on next!
*–in lieu of actual sign off, will bring out African American stage hand and perform a complicated handshake with him before pounding chest and flashing ‘peace’ sign at the camera–
*Couric, OUT!
*That’s all for tonight, I’m Katie Couric. Hasta la vista, baby! Get it? The Terminator. Get it? *sigh*

What do you think it should be?

FYC: Sigourney Weaver Touches Inner-Monkey


This morning, Sigourney Weaver made a guest appearance on The View to talk about her 1988 movie Gorillas in the Mist (it was a slow week) and went absolutely ape-sh*t. Ladies and Gentleman, for your consideration…