SIZZLER: Paris Thinks Rod’s Daughter is Sexy


pariskimParis Hilton recently told the press she has a new crush on Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart. She told Britain’s Top of the Pops magazine: “Kimberly is hysterical. She’s six feet tall, blonde, beautiful and has luscious blue eyes. She’s hot. I feel so comfortable with her and I can just act like myself.” Rumor has it, Paris hasn’t felt like this about anyone since she fell in love with her own reflection.

The Story of Shiloh’s Namibity


nativity.jpgThis is for all of you who have been dying for some answers about the true story of how Shiloh Nouvel Pitt-Jolie, Brangelina’s only begotten son daughter, came into the world:

One day about 2000 years ago 9 months ago, an Angel of the Lord Agent of the CAA called Gabriel Ari told Mary Angelina Jolie she would have a very special baby that she should call Jesus Shiloh.

Mary Angelina married boned Joseph Brad Pitt and took him to Bethlehem Namibia so they could pay their taxes a self-affirming visit to poor people. Mary Angelina was expecting to have her baby very soon.
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LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


    thom yorke.jpg
  • Thom Yorke has leaked all over the place! Like on Analogue Digital! Ewwwww.
  • It’s 1996 all over again at Looking At Them. “6th Avenue Heartache” by The Wallflowers, “Natural One” by Folk Implosion, Nada Surf’s “Popular” and so much more. I love the 90’s.
  • Hey, so speaking of VH1’s second favorite decade, Scatter o’ Light has some live Oasis.
  • Girlpants posted a mix that features a bunch of songs about girls… and “Lola.” So if you like The Lucksmiths, The Ditty Bops, Weezer or The Mountain Goats, head over there now.
  • And finally, Nick Cave covering Pulp over at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff is just that– Nick Cave covering Pulp. You can’t go wrong with that.

Meet the New Kevin F.


KFedOptBlog.jpgAfter a few rain in spains and a shower, My Fair K-Fed has cleaned himself up… for an Item Magazine Photoshoot. While this new look is only temporary and presumably ironic, we’re sure he’ll keep it up if enough people like and if he thinks it will earn him more money. (he’ll also tell you anything you want to know about Britney for a couple bucks extra)

So tell us, which Kevin Federline do you prefer? K-fed or Baron Von Kevin Federline III?

See more pictures of the new Kevin at US Weekly’s blog.

While You Were Checking Out Namibia on Expedia



  • Madonna is apparently the new face of cheap-but-stylish clothing designer H&M. The store’s letters will remain the same, but their meaning will be altered to represent it’s new brand – “Has-been” & “Menopausal”.
  • Jon Bon Jovi : “We won’t turn into the rolling stones.” Anyone with the ability to hear: “We know.”
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reportedly filming their experiences in Namibia for a documentary to be released at some point in the future. It will be entitled Out of Africa? Never!.
  • Liz Taylor says she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. She does, however, have alcohol. Lots of it.
  • According to AICN, Natalie Portman will appear naked in her next film, Goya’s Ghost. According to my brain, I will be seeing Natalie Portman’s next film, Goya’s Ghost.

SIZZLER: Ashlee’s New Lips?


ashlee_simpson.jpgLast month, the younger Simpson sister got in an accident with a rhinoplasty surgeon. And now, based on these new pictures taken of Ashlee filming her new music video, it appears she’s been in another mishap, this time getting stung on the lips by a bee holding a syringe full of collagen. We’re can’t confirm that she’s had anything done, but she’s definitely looking more and more like her sister Jessica, which means she’s at the halfway marker between her old, natural self and Loni Anderson.

ICYMI: Katie’s Farewell


Here are a couple of moments from Katie’s final farewell on the Today show. Some things to watch for: Matt Lauer pretending he’s sad to see her go; Katie announcing she’s going to kiss everybody all day but then slamming on the breaks when she sees Gene Shalit, and some slow motion Al Roker dancing. Katie– you’re going to be (pretended to be) missed.

ICYMI: Kill Bill in 120 Seconds


kill bill.jpgWho needs to waste about 4 hours of their life watching both Kill Bill movies when you can just watch these 120 seconds and get everything you need? Forget about the “plot” and the “character development” and “conflict resolution” and the “well written dialogue and stylized imagery.” In this video (ads NSFW), you get the Bride killing one person after another, complete with a rising death ticker on the bottom left hand corner. Like I said, what more do you need?

Link via Gorillamask

SIZZLER: Angelina Has Herpes?


Brangelina may be gorgeous, filthy rich and supernaturally generous, and the proud parents of the new messiah, but they’ve got their flaws namely, HERPES. According to ONTD via an unknown tipster:
“Angie and Brad were indeed having sex on that film [Mr. and Mrs. Smith], and she apparently gave him some STD’s, and that’s how Jennifer Aniston first found out . If you are young, like Angelina Jolie, and healthy, the reason for c-section [which is how Shiloh was born] is almost always herpes. “

The tipster goes on to accuse Madonna, Jennifer Garner, and Katie Holmes of having the itchy disease too. Which means that Guy Ritchie and Ben Affleck are also popping valtrex. Tom Cruise, however, got a clean bill of health.