Potential New Favorite Show Watch: “Can’t Get a Date”



Call me a whorporate shill, but I’m really excited about VH1′s new show, Can’t Get a Date. First of all, it comes on Fridays at midnight (which is actually Saturday, of course), which is genius because if you’re home then, you probably really can’t get a date (or you’re married, in which case you’re asleep).
The show focuses on "romantically challenged" people with problems like foot fungus, fear of bicycles, and fear of making the first move. (I’m guessing people who suffer from the first two also suffer from the third.)

The disembodied voice that serves as the host acts as a sort of Cyrano de Bergerac, offering sage advice to the loveless. And "ordinary people" will put in their two cents as well. Will these people get a date? I don’t know, but I’m going to tune in, if only for the hula hooping with fire, hypnosis, and full body waxing. It starts next week, and I’m counting the minutes.

American Idol’s Subliminal Voting Tactics



For those of you conspiracy theorists convinced that American Idol producers are tampering with your votes, here’s your proof: on last night’s episode the show subliminally displayed the wrong number while a contestant was singing. 

While Mandisa was belting her heart out, her voting number faded and Taylor Hicks’ voting number appeared. It happened in less than a second, but thanks to the Pop Culture Petri Dish, the moment has been captured forever. Next week watch for Taylor’s gray mop-top subliminally Photoshopped onto Mandisa’s head. (link via reality blurred)

Reality TV Fathers Know Best



These days, the men of reality TV  can be as obnoxious as they want (grrrr), just so long as they have babies (aaawww). In fact, having children is now the great normalizer for tasteless, cruel or self-indulgent subjects of our favorite reality shows. Want proof? Find out after the jump…

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Snakes on a Plane on Crack(ed)


If you’re anywhere near an Internet Connection (and the fact that you’re reading this tells me you are), you have undoubtedly noticed the World Wide Web-wide anticipation for a new movie called Snakes on a Plane.  If you find yourself confused over what all this hubub is about, and why people would get so excited about a movie that doesn’t even come out until August, and why there are snakes on a plane, check out this handy list of Snakes on a Plane FAQs from our friends at CRACKED. 

But I still think the only thing you REALLY need to know is that there are snakes.  On a plane.

“National Enquirer” and Whitney Houston: The Battle of the Bathrooms



You’ve probably heard by now that the National Enquirer has some pictures of what is reported to be Whitney Houston‘s bathroom. The condition of the sink is pretty sad, with drug paraphernalia, beer cans, and general filth. This may or may not be her sink, but now that the story is out, most people will believe the Enquirer. I’ve been a fan of Whitney’s for a long time, so I feel like I have to stick up for her. That’s why I’m posting these BWE Exclusive pictures of what may or may not be the offices of the National Enquirer. Let’s see how they like it! (Pictures after the jump.)

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Has Josh Duhamel Entered The Witness Protection Program?


Here are a few pictures of Las VegasJosh Duhamel hiding from the paparazzi his girlfriend, Fergie.

I mean come on, this is pretty blatant. There’s not one clean shot of his face!

Listen Josh, we’ve all hooked up with people we probably shouldn’t have, but you can’t hide from your friends forever. Eventually, somebody’s going to see you out with her and you’re going to have to ‘fess up. So stop hiding. Please.

You can see more pictures of Fergie from her birthday party, and more pictures of Josh Duhamel hiding from his friends and loved ones, by clicking below.

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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Stop what you’re doing right now and walk the line over to Aquarium Drunkard, who has so graciously posted the entire "lost" album from the legenday Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash recording sessions.
  • The Underrated Blog has a few songs from one of my favorite new bands, What Made Milwaukee Famous.
  • Fluxblog has a fresh filet from Ghostface Killah’s ridiculously amazing new album Fishscale.
  • Just in time for Passover, Pound for Pound has posted some rockin’ tunes from the Silver Jews.
  • MOKB has a nice track from The Long Winters that sort of sounds like a less annoying version of Coldplay. 
  • Peep these random downloads over at Kingsblind, which includes some Sufjan Stevens rareties.




  • Jessica Simpson‘s publicist has confirmed that she is considering adopting a child. Wouldn’t it be great if she adopted TomKat’s baby?
  • Speaking of which, Katie Holmes‘ Catholic parents are pleading with Tom Cruise to allow the baby to be baptized. That way the baby can have the perfect blend of Catholic guilt and Scientologist kookiness.
  • The Beatles’ Apple Corps and Apple Computer Inc. are in court over a trademark dispute. You better watch your back, Apple Martin.
  • South Korean pop composer Lee Hyo-lee is being accused of plagiarism by the writers of the Britney Spears song "Do Something." You do not want to mess with the Spears camp, take it from me. I’m still smarting from the "Yo Yo Now" brouhaha.
  • Vin Diesel says he’s not gay, he just likes his privacy adding that he believes in the "Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino code of silence." However, he’s not sure if he believes in their code of being in really good movies.

It’s Lima Time


Adriana_limaAdriana Lima was all over the place last week when she revealed to GQ magazine that she was still a virgin. Because, you know, I guess only ugly people are supposed to be virgins.

Well, in case you were wondering how a beautiful 24-year-old virgin (who also happens to be a Victoria’s Secret model) spends her day, you need wonder no more. Here’s a little video taken at her GQ photo shoot.

So how does she spend her day? Half naked and writhing in the desert surrounded by a bunch of muscular dudes who take turns fondling and dry humping her, naturally. How else would she spend it?

Watch the video here.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Aniston Has Dutch Friends with Money


In honor of Jennifer Aniston’s new movie Friends With Money, premiering in theaters April 7th, about a woman who works as a maid to make ends meet, we decided to show you how Jennifer Aniston makes ends meet in real life: German Dutch Beer Commercials.

P.S. that’s awesome if you’ve seen this before, no need to comment.

(thanks for the tip ONTD)