Oh my God, They Censored South Park! You bastards!



Those of you who watched last Wednesday’s episode of South Park (and really, you should have by now. we even posted a clip here) were probably taken aback during the climatic scene when the Muslim prophet Muhammed was finally set to appear. Instead of airing the show that revolved arond the issue of censorship the way it was meant to be seen, Comedy Central edited the s**t out of it. Instead of watching Muhammed hand Peter Griffin (from Family Guy) a salmon covered football helmet, we were instead treated with a description of the event, followed by the line "Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Muhammed on their network." Harsh.

Now, like WWTDD points out, this wasn’t a gag. They really were censored and they really were not allowed to include an image of Muhammed on the show. This time. A couple of years ago, though, it was alllll good in the hood. WWTDD has a couple of clips from the Superfriends episode where Muhammed fought crime with Jesus, Buddha, and a few other religious prophets. And they also have the unedited clip from last week’s episode. Watch it now… that is, if you can handle being SO OFFENDED by such a SHOCKING and INAPPROPRIATE cartoon. Best of luck. [watch them here]

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • HarlanindexStereogum gets under the covers with a couple tracks from the forthcoming Radiohead tribute album. 
  • Aquarium Drunkard gives some much-deserved love to Memphis, featuring both freak-troubador Harlan T. Bobo and his whiskey-soaked countrymen, Lucero.
  • It’s March madness over at GvB, who has posted their favorite songs from last month.
  • The Rawking Refuses to Stop has some moving pieces from Beck, M. Ward and Beth Orton from a recent Elliot Smith tribute concert. 
  • The Village Indian documents the latest developments in the Gnarls Barkley craze that’s sweeping the nation, with Ray LaMontagne now riding merrily along the bandwagon.
  • YANP posts Bearsuit’s latest song, "Steven F***ing Spielberg", which sounds more like something from a movie by "Alfred F***ing Hitchcock".

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT HERE: The Katie Couric Effect on Letterman



The Daily Sixer posted this funny bit from the Letterman show called The Katie Couric Effect about the domino effect of shifting talk show hosts in the wake of Katie Couric’s departure from the Today Show.

Funny, I think I saw the same idea somewhere, where was it? Oh right here! Check out our posts The Katie Couric Effect, and The Katie Couric Effect Revised, respectively. I guess great minds think alike. Ok their great minds had a similar idea to my normal person’s mind.

What About Brian? Will He Be A Hit?



According to whataboutbrian.org, the fishy, "unofficial fan-site" (created innocently by a "venture capitalist who loves Barry Watson" and not at all by ABC executives)for the new show What About Brian about a perpetually single guy with coupled-off friends, 75% of viewers think the show is going to be a hit. Unfortunately, 100% of reviewers disagree.

Personally, I was so excited to see such a refreshingly funny portrayal of the anxieties of a single guy who just wants to belong. We’re talking about What About Bob?, right?

BWE Photoshop Contest: Tom Cruise: You Complete Me


Cruise_hoffThis picture is big in Germany. Huge.

This unholy matrimony of Cruise / Hoff by Marcus is one of the many amazing photoshop entries we’ve received thus far in our Tom Cruise: You Complete Me photoshop contest. It’s about time these two men shared a moment together, isn’t it?

Think you can do better? Email us your entries to BWEphotoshopContest@gmail.com. We’re gonna post our favorites every day until Katie loses that basketball she’s been hiding under her shirt has the baby. So get cracking.

Click below to check out two more of our favorite entries so far, and to get the Tom photo to work with. Good luck!

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CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: What’s Really Scary Is That People Actually Like These Movies


Who needs nice weather when you’ve got movies like these?  Here are the top five you dropped Hamiltons on this week:

1.  Another shi*ty movie making fun of the last year of shi*ty movies makes millions of dollars, thereby guaranteeing even more shi*ty movies – $41 million (that’s not a typo)

2.  Who says people don’t want to hear about the threat of global warming? – $20 million

3.  Another whip-smart classic from the director of Beverly Hills Ninja, Saving Silverman and National Security – $10 million

4.  Thank god Disney managed to hang on to Pixar – $9.5 million

5.  If a teacher really tried to salsa dance his way into the hearts of troubled inner-city youth, he’d probably get shot in the face – $6.7 million

SIZZLER: George Michael’s Careless Driving



Remember in February, when George Michael  was arrested on suspicion of drug possession in February after being found "slumped in a car"?

Well, he’s slumping in cars again. The U.K’s Daily Mirror reports that George Michael crashed into three cars while trying to park his SUV in London early Sunday. No word on whether he was asleep at the wheel again, but in a statement the singer said:  "It is my own stupid fault, as usual."

No, no, George, it’s my fault. You asked to be woken up before you go-go and I guess it just slipped my mind again.

While You Were Having Scrambled Easter Eggs


  • Elvira010Singer James Blunt has dumped the girlfriend
    who inspired his massive hit "You’re Beautiful".  He’s already working
    on his follow-up single, "Get the Fu*k Out, You Ugly Whore".
  • Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, is creating a reality show in which women will compete to become America’s Next Top Vaguely Attractive Vampire Who Introduces Crappy Horror Movies on Late Nite TV. 
  • Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to have their baby in Namibia, they have also elected to give their offspring a traditional Namibian name.  Sources are reporting that the couple is torn between Ndugu and Chet.
  • Harrison Ford has denied rumors that he is engaged to girlfriend Calista Flockhart, which comes as bad news to would-be terrorists everywhere, who are now going to have to wait even longer to kidnap her, thereby forcing Harrison’s hand in saving her.
  • Is Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz’s legendary and baffling streak of dating women way too hot for him finally over

SIZZLER: Namibia No-Likey Brangelina



We thought Namibia was having the best week ever after Angelina and Brad not only chose to have there baby in the remote African location, but also intended to give their baby a Namibian name.

But now according to tabloids, the couple’s presence in the town has upset the lives of the locals. Their massive, bully-like security team is closing off roads, kicking kids off beaches and causing violent eruptions in the area, all in attempts to protect the superstar couple who are spending 6 weeks in a local resort preparing for the birth of their baby.

Next time, guys, just go to Cedars Sinai.