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Move over Frankie, Dino and Sammy. There’s a new Rat Pack in town with all the class, gin-soaked singing and thick New York accents of the original. I’m talking about Regis and Tony, the Morning Show Pack. Purely out of respect, we’ve included the entire 2 minute number Tony and Reeg did today on the show. Now that’s entertainment.

Meet The New Bachelor (the one on the left)


Belle.jpgAfter scouting out yachters and architects in search of the perfect man, the producers of ABC’s The Bachelor have finally settled on a new ladykiller and guess what? He’s a dog (lover.)

Prince Lorenzo Borghese will be the 9th Bachelor in next season’s show, set in Rome. Like the bachelors that came before him, he’s got a generically attractive face, a solid education (an MBA from Fordham) and an impressive background (he’s a prince). But while the other guys had testosterone-fueled jobs in medicine, sports and film, Lorenzo’s occupation is a little, well, fruity. He runs The Royal Pet Spa, an online store that sells home-made pet cosmetics, doggy sweaters, and puppy fragrances like “cooling cucumber tearless daily spritz.” He even dedicated the company to his old black lab, Belle (pictured). Aww isn’t that sweet? I mean dogs are man’s best friends, but in some cases they also are friends with benefits.

GAMES: Deal Or No Deal


howie mandel.jpgI make fun of NBC’s Deal Or No Deal pretty regularly to anybody who will listen. Friends, family, co-workers, homeless people on the street– it doesn’t matter. I’ve always been dumbfounded as to why the show is popular. That is, until I played the Deal Or No Deal game.

Holy s**t, it’s oddly amusing!

Maybe I’ve been too hard on Howie & crew this whole time. Maybe Deal Or No Deal is actually a fairly intelligent show that doesn’t dumb down our nation. Maybe it really is the post-September 11th Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Who knows. All I know is that if you’re playing the game online and you take the banker’s offer instead of going balls out, you should stop playing videogames because you’re a wuss. Deal with that.

PROPPED: Pee Wee Says No to Crack, Yes to Blow


I think one the greatest contributions YouTube makes to society is acting as preservation society for all the hilarious anti-drug ads from the 80’s. We already saw Whitney’s now-ironic message of abstinence, and now, thanks to reader garble, we have this gem featuring Pee Wee Herman solemnly instructing children to say “No!” to the vial of crack he’s holding. Also pretty ironic, considering that Pee Wee later sang quite a different tune in the film Blow.

Keep Dropping Us these hilarious finds!

CAPTION THIS: Matt Gets Upfront with Meredith


At NBC’s upfront event celebrating the network’s new fall lineup, Today show hosts Al and Ann lent new host Meredith Vieira their support. Matt , however, went one step further and offered underwire protection.

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Stereogum gives the thumbs up to this awesome song from buzz-band Lansing-Dreiden. But if you don’t agree with him, just head to our store and get your very own “F*ck Stereogum” T-Shirt! (Don’t worry – he approved it!)
  • One Died Simply has three of the new Zero 7 tracks. And be sure to check out their awesome new music video here.
  • Usounds, and lots of the other cool kids, are saying some very nice things about the hot Latin sounds of Juana Molina – what do you think?
  • Roll on over to Undomondo and get yo’self a little of that new Ghostface Killah goodness. Shaolin!
  • MOKB is going crazy for the first full-length album from Silverspun Pickups, and he ain’t lyin’. They’re what awesome would sound like if awesome were a band.

While You Were Putting Out a Massive Fire(crotch)



  • Nicole Richie and on-again off-again fiancee DJ AM are finally off (again).
  • Nicky Hilton has another grueling day at work. But just seeing the smile on those manicurists faces makes it all worth it.
  • Lindsay Lohan begs Wilmer V for help getting into Danny Masterson’s club. Possibly the lowest point in anyone’s career.
  • Riahnna is reportedly trying to steal Beyonce’s man. Also her career.
  • Chris Daughtry’s fans are boycotting American Idol. Still not enough fans to make a difference.
  • Jessica Simpson is furious that sister Ashlee is trying to cop her style. But the person who’s nose she stole is even more pissed.

What Is Sexy?


EvaL.jpgMaxim Magazine, the widely respected paragon of hard-hitting high-brow journalism, has once again released their annual list of what they deign to be the Hottest Hundred babes on the planet, with Eva Longoria once again on top of said list. These lists are kind of silly, as they completely reduce the entire concept of beauty to a series of air-brushed bimbos in bikinis. Booooring.

Since you’re classier than that sort of superficiality, why don’t you go give some love to CollegeHumor’s list of the 25 Un-Sexiest Women. Because everybody knows – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

PROPPED: Taylor Hicks Pac-Man


taylor_sings2_003.jpgTaylor Hicks may just be the only American Idol finalist old enough to remember the game Pac-Man. So naturally, he’s been re-made into the classic Atari pellet-chomper in a game appropriately called Taylor Hicks Pac-man. Big Props to Vandar02 for dropping this game which features Hicks gobbling up votes avoiding the deadly grasp of his other idols. And just like the real thing, in this version of the game, there is no Mrs.

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