It’s May 17th; What’s up?


tv set3.jpgDoes anybody else find it a little messed up that the couples on The Amazing Race travel through 10 countries and rack up 59,000 miles to win $1 million? The idiots on Deal or No Deal can win the same amount just by saying (wait for) Deal or No Deal. CBS really makes you work for your money.

Well, tonight one lucky couple will walk away with the money as The Amazing Race 9 comes to a close. Other shows ending their season tonight: Bones, Top Model, Law & Order, CSI: NY, and Invasion. Good stuff, but you’re probably going to be too busy checking to see who gets kicked off American Idol (please let it be Taylor.) So what are YOU watching tonight? Vote now!

SIZZLER: Britney’s a Gangsta Mom


britbrit.jpgYes Britney almost killed her baby the other day when she strapped him into her convertible in a caseat facing the wrong direction. But we swear, there’s a reasonable explanation for this: Britney’s recording a rap album. The pop star reportedly signed on 50 Cent’s producer Jonathan “JR” Rotem to record an album that reveals a whole new side of Britney, a harder side. She’s not a Slave 4 U anymore, and the drive she took with Sean P. the other day proved it. She may not have grown up on the streets of Compton like The Game, or been riddled with bullets like 50, but based on the way she’s been treating her son, she may just be a cold-blooded killa.

CELEBRITY TRANSLATOR: What’s Left of Nick Lachey


Yesterday Nick Lachey appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his divorce, his new album and his plans for life after Jessica. Understanding what celebs are saying can be tough, which is why we’ve used the power of our patented Celebrity Translator to subtitle what he said with what he actually meant.

If you would like to show your support for what’s left of Nick’s career, why not grab one of our awesome Nick La-Che shirts?

While You Were Solving the Da Vinci Code



Best Night Ever: Tuesday, May 16th


It’s Best Night Ever for Tuesday, May 16th! Alex Blagg is here to walk you through the best of Tuesday night tv, including American Idol, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Scrubs, and Law & Order: SVU!

…Of The Day


    mimi 4.jpg
  • PREDICTION: Simon Cowell thinks Taylor Hicks will be your next American Idol. Yours. Mine will be Katharine McPhee. (CNN)
  • COOL GIFTS FOR MUSIC GEEKS: 3-D Album Covers (Hits From The Blog)
  • GUBERNATORIAL NOMINEE: Mimi Miyagi (right), former porn star running for governor of Nevada (Wonkette)
  • “HOLY S**T, I NEED TO WATCH THAT AGAIN” VIDEO: Mentos + Coke, with a twist (Gorillamask)
  • CELEBRITY LOOKALIKES: Check out these hilarious Cartoon/Celebrity couples (Egotastic)

Is Diva Beef Having the Best Week Ever?


divafeuds.JPGWell, first of all the Internet was set aflame by today’s earlier report that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan might have – gasp! – said nasty things to each other at some Hollywood nightclub. Nicole Richie is still talking smack about her ex-friend. Mandy Moore calls Wilmer a lying creep. Now we have this story suggesting that Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera aren’t super BFF? What is the world coming to when uber-famous, over-blown diva starlets can’t play nice with each other? Didn’t these girls learn anything from Tupac and Biggie? How far does this East Coast/West Coast style beefing have to go before somebody’s jewel-encrusted Blackberry REALLY gets hurt?

Your catfights are probably having the Best Week Ever. Now please, ladies – stop the violence!

PROPPED: Doherty Squirts Blood on MTV


And today in Pete Doherty news: the Babyshambles rocker squirted a syringe full of blood all over an MTV camera crew after injecting himself chock full o’ heroin. Even though we Viacom minions are a sturdy bunch, the stint forced the camera crew to sterilize thousands of pounds of equipment. Even Doherty’s bandmates took offense to Pete’s antics, apologizing to MTV for his behavior. Props to jim for dropping off today’s requisite Doherty story, but we think we liked Pete better yesterday, when he was a woman.

If you live in the UK, not only do you get free healthcare, you also get to watch the footage of Pete’s blood squirt here on MTV UK.
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Just How Lazy are Those ‘Lazy Sunday’ Guys?


forte.jpgThe folks over at Office Pirates made a very interesting observation – the latest “digital short” from SNL sure seemed familiar. In the sketch, Andy Samberg plays a suicidal man being talked out of jumping off a building by a man below, who is later hilariously revealed to be only a few feet away. Only problem is, NYC pranksters Improv Everywhere did the same thing back in December. Great minds thinking alike, or lazy plagairism? Here’s the original Improv Everywhere video. Here is SNL’s from last weekend. You be the judge!

While You Were Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat



  • Britney’s record company responds to baby driving debacle saying she did not break the law. She did however almost lose her baby to high winds.
  • Julia Roberts was not nominated for a Tony. And while we’re at it, can we get that Oscar back?
  • Frankie Muniz gets it on on the beach. Good for you, lil guy!
  • Dave Navarro has bravely come clean about his sexuality: he’s not gay.
  • Robbie Williams wants to start his own alien cult. Tired of Scientology’s old-fashioned notions of martians.
  • American Idol contestants may head to the esteemed stages Broadway. Along with a stuffed lion and former members of Nsync.