Worth1000: Celebrity Time Travel


katie photoshop.jpgWorth 1000 asks the question, what if celebrities lived in different time periods? Like if Mel Gibson was around during WWII, or Katie Holmes lived in a world before Tom Cruise.

Some of the entries are really amazing (the Drew Barrymore and Jack Black ones stand out.) Check them all out here!



We’re not sure why Tyra even bothers having guests on her show. On a recent episode, former model Beverly Peale stopped by to discuss being a single parent and overcoming addiction but when she started talking it totally reminded Tyra of an even more important subject she wanted to cover: being Tyra!
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SIZZLER: Jamie Foxx Is Like GOB


jamie foxx.jpgWhat do Jamie Foxx and George Oscar Bluth from Arrested Development have in common? They both enjoy making sweet, sweet love to the sound of their own sweet, sweet voice.

Foxx told MTV News “I actually don’t get it on to the music on my record. But some of the songs that I don’t release, I actually do it to those songs.”

So ladies, if you want to hear hot unreleased Jamie Foxx tracks don’t bother buying the B-Sides. Just go home and F him. It’s easier!

PROPPED: Hugh Laurie Pre-House


Props to carnivore666 who dropped this old school footage of House M.D. star Hugh Laurie in our Drop It section. We know the pill-popping acerbic doctor he portrays on TV is supposed to be subtlety humorous, but in this old clip from a comedy show across the pond he’s actually funny!
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LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Cobain In a Coma remembers Whitney Houston in more sh*t-kept-together times.
  • The Almighty sings Jesus Loves You…But I don’t on the Runout Groove. Well one out of two ain’t bad.
  • Keep The Coffee Coming has CSN&Y’s Ohio in honor of Melissa Etheridge’s latest bun in the oven.
  • No Frontin has Brian Eno’s Some of Them Are Old. Luckily, Eno never does.
  • MOKB considers whether 806 Main St, a young Indiana based band has established a permanent address.

PROPPED: Videogame Theater


pacman.jpgBig thanks to Zoltarkill (great name, by the way) for introducing me to my new favorite website: Videogame Theater. There’s something special about watching PacMan hit rock bottom and shoot heroin in an alleyway. It was always about the pills with that guy.

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While You Were Recovering from Yesterday’s Mission



BWE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tom Takes Manhattan


Tom Cruise wasn’t the only one running around Manhattan yesterday- Best Week Ever was too! Check out this exclusive footage of the leather-jacketed one making his way from place to place- via firetruck, helicopter, Lamborghini and red carpet. Just another day in the life of Ethan Hunt… I mean Tom Cruise.

Kanye West: Hip-Hop-ster?


Last weekend, Kanye West showed up for a surprise performance at the hipster hipfest in the desert, the vortex of all hipness in the known universe, the Coachella Music Festival. Throughout his performance, Kanye sported a rootin’-tootin’ cowboy bandanna around his neck, which has recently become the latest “let’s all wear the same arbitrary fashion accessory” fad in places with a dense hipster population, such as New York City, Austin and Los Angeles. Anyway, when Kanye showed up on the decidedly un-hip TRL this Wednesday and Thursday with un-hip friend Tom Cruise to promote Mission: Impossible, he boldly continued sporting rootin’-tootin’ bandannas on BOTH occasions (see photos after the jump). So what’s up – is Kanye reading VICE Magazine or something? Can we expect him to start popping up on The Cobrasnake and Blue States Lose wearing a trucker hat and a Welcome Back Kotter t-shirt?

A now a special message from Kanye the Hip-hop-ster:

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It’s May 4th; What’s up?


tv set.jpgI long for simpler times. The days when you knew Thursday was “Must See TV” and there was no doubt you’d be watching NBC from 8-10pm. Ahhh… the good old days. Well, things aren’t that easy anymore. Tonight there’s a ton of good stuff on, but it’s gonna take some work (and a good DVR) to get it all. There’s Smallville on the WB, The Office on NBC, CSI on CBS, The OC on Fox, and Everybody Hates Chris on UPN to name a few. It’s not going to be easy. So that’s why I want to know, what are YOU gonna watch tonight? Vote now!