LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • My Old Kentucky Blog has Editors covering REM‘s “Orange Crush”.
  • A Bark In the Dark takes us back to Coachella, thanks to live version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song “Fancy”.
  • GvB begs you not to forget about the underrated brilliance of Tripping Daisy.
  • Fluxblog has a song from Irving, who rocked the rock out of the Bowery Ballroom this week.
  • The Rawking Refuses to Stop has a couple of adorable tunes from the little cuties in The Pipettes.

PROPPED: Secrets of Scientology Revealed!


scientol.jpgWe know that Scientology involves aliens, steam rooms and silent births. But based on this out-of-printprimer to L. Ron Hubbard’s religion, that’s just the beginning. According to the cover of The Creation of Human Ability, it also involves Kirsten Dunst in a bear costume gnawing on a juicy chicken leg in an abandoned theater. Props to purlygerl who sent us this eBay link, and introduced us to a religion we can finally connect with.

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It’s May 12; What’s up?


tv set2.jpgFollowing last night’s season finale of The Office, I’m not sure if I want to watch TV anymore. I don’t know if I can handle it… it’s too much. I think I need to take a break for a while… at least until this whole Jim and Pam thing is resolved. You understand, right?

It’s a shame too, because there’s some good stuff on this weekend. The season finale of Las Vegas tonight, Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosting SNL tomorrow, and a huge night of television on Sunday with everything from Family Guy to The Sopranos to Grey’s Anatomy. Too bad Jim & Pam have rendered me unable to watch. But what are YOU watching this weekend? Vote now!

ICYMI: Tom Dancing on Ellen!!!


A MESSAGE TO TALK SHOW HOSTS: When Tom Cruise comes on your show, don’t bother asking him about his relationship with Katie, or even his thoughts on Scientology. From now on, in every interview, please just have him dance.

On today’s very special Mother’s Day episode of Ellen, Tom was rumored to be showing a picture of Suri, but it was just a hoax. Instead he continued on his tirade of praising women, presenting Ellen’s mom with a bike and doling out roses to the women in the audience. But the greatest gift Tom gave? More uncomfortable dancing! Remember his moves on BET? He’s still got ‘em. Watch Tom rev up his motorcycle dance and grind with Ellen (or you could just castrate yourself).

Nick Lachey is a Douche


douche.jpgDeadspin, my first stop every morning (right after I check my fantasy baseball team, natch) came across this picture of Nick Lachey and future Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and noticed something interesting about it. Seems that the SI staffer who labels photographs and puts them into the database thought outside of the box when it was time to name this one. Instead of naming it “Lachey” or “Leinart_Lachey” or “QB_WashedUpPopStar”, they went with one simple word: Douche. Of course, somebody noticed it and fixed it before too many people caught on, but Deadspin still has a screengrab from the incident.

Now, I’m just assuming that the staffer was calling Nick a douche and not Matt. But come on. Admit it. So were you.

While You Were Getting JUICED



  • O.J. Simpson is releasing a DVD of hidden-camera prank scenarios called Juiced. It’s sort of like Punk’D, except at the end of the prank, instead of Ashton Kutcher showing up and laughing, O.J. cuts off your head while maniacally screaming, “You got JUICED, b*tch!”
  • Is American Idol’s Katherine McPhee a scientologist? And more importantly, is her Thetan count high enough to win?
  • Paris Hilton can’t remember the name of her own video game. What’s so hard to remember about The World of Whorecraft?
  • Brooke Shields claims to feel no post-partum depression following the birth of her latest child. She does, however, feel kind of sorry for Tom Cruise.
  • Oprah Winfrey is seen by many as a spiritual leader. Personally, I don’t subscribe to these flash-in-the pan religious types, as I have been and always will be a devout follower of His Holiness the Donahue Lama.

Best Night Ever: Thursday, May 11th


It’s Best Night Ever for Thursday, May 11th! Dan Hopper is here to walk you through the best of Thursday night tv, including Survivor, Will and Grace, My Name Is Earl, The Office, and a special X-Men 3 preview!



mattleavingparisBEST THING THAT WASN’T SAID: Hollywood big-wigs defend Tom Cruise by calling him “consistant,” “warm-hearted,” and a “wonderful actor.” But not one person says he isn’t ape-sh*t. (Socialite Life)
WALK OF SHAME: Matt Leinert sneaking out of Paris Hilton’s house after what looks like a rough night. Caught ya! (TMZ)
CELEBRITY: Mike Myers. When he stopped to chat on the street with blogger fan cityrag and even posed for a picture, he landed in the good graces of bloggers across blogerica. (cityrag)
JILTED LEAD SINGER: Brett Scallions. The former lead singer of Fuel, who stepped down from his esteemed post in February, is probably not too jazzed about being replaced by an American Idol. (Wikipedia)

Are Saved By The Bell Fans Having The Best Week Ever?


sbtb.jpgFirst things first. In the interest of full disclosure, I feel like I should tell you something– I’m the biggest Saved by the Bell fan ever. At least, I was. Back in the late 90’s, before it was cool to be nostalgic over Zack Morris and friends, I wrote an article for my high school newspaper proclaiming that we were “the Saved by the Bell generation.” I was mocked. In college I would receive phone calls at 2 o’clock in the morning from people who needed help with SBTB trivia. I never let them down. And speaking of college, do you know why I chose to attend the college that I did? Because I found the Saved by the Bell soundtrack on sale in their student union and I took it as a sign. I wish I was kidding.

But that was then. A couple of years ago I decided to put SBTB behind me and move on. I figured the nostalgia kick was on its way out, and SBTB would fade away completely. I was dead wrong. Have you been on-line this week? SBTB is EVERYWHERE! Read more…

Mullets Are Back and Bigger Than Ever!


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been six years since Mullets Galore first reminded us to recognize the beauty of the Mullet. The classic hairstyle has been through a lot since then, from being ridiculed as a symbol of white trashiness to being ironically embraced by hipsters who think looking like an idiot is funny. But this year, thanks to a couple high-profile summer blockbusters, the Mullet is back with a vengance we haven’t seen since Billy Ray Cyrus. First of all, Tom Hanks is getting back to his “business up front, party in the back” style from the 80’s by choosing to sport a raging mullet in The Da Vinci Code, despite the fact that the line “Robert Langdon has a big beautiful mullet” never appeared in the original novel. Also, browsing through these preview pictures of the big-screen re-make of Miami Vice, one immediately notices that Colin “Crockett” Farrell has cultivated a mullet plumage that makes Don Johnson look like Moby.

We’re basically one Leathal Weapon sequel short of a full-on epidemic.