Are Post-Pubescent Child Stars Having the Best Week Ever?


Haley2Contrary to popular belief, some child stars come out okay. In fact this week, there were three former-celebukids who emerged from puberty victorious.

First there’s beloved Wonder Years child star Fred Savage who announced this week he’s going to be a daddy. We know somewhere Daniel Stern is making an misty-eyed observation on the human condition. Speaking of Savage, Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong is making his TV comeback this Tuesday as a smitten cameraman in Pepper Dennis, the winsome WB drama starring Rebbecca Romaijn as a sexy TV reporter. After watching the trailer, we are proud to say that aside from a pair of brainy glasses, Strong hasn’t changed a bit.

But you know who has? Haley Joel Osment. The former child star, who’s been waiting out puberty in a cave somewhere for the three past years, emerged at an LA Launch party this week and proved to the world that he’s come out on the other side. While he’s no longer eligible to play his signature creepy child prodigy, he’s first in line for the biopic on James Van Der Beek.

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When "Bowiechick" made a "video confessional" and added some cool effects, she couldn’t have known that the world would be set afire by her web skills. But that is what happened. As this site says, it’s pretty standard post-breakup stuff, but she added Clark Kent glasses, a gas mask, a cat nose and Beatles glasses, which has generated over 900 comments. and growing, most of them asking "How’d you do that?" And hey, maybe she’s still single, so move fast!

Who Is Pat Murphy-Stark and Why Does She Want to Take My Blood Pressure?



Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial for the WristTec blood-pressure monitor, which is affiliated with the Invention Channel. If so, you might remember that the woman who speaks on behalf of the product is named Pat Murphy-Stark. You would know this because she says, "I’m Pat Murphy-Stark," as if we all know who Pat Murphy-Stark is. I felt bad that I don’t know who Pat Murphy-Stark is (and maybe you don’t know who Pat Murphy-Stark is either), so I headed to the Internet and here is what I found on her website:

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Future Fashion or So 2006?


061505_paris_hilton180 This week Forbes predicted the futuristic fashion we’ll be wearing in 10 years. Meanwhile yesterday at LA Fashion Week celebrities were already sporting garb that looked like it’s from another millennium. While Forbes’s futuristic fashion is multi-purpose, celebrity high-fashion fashion serves no purpose at all . After the jump, guess which items are futuristic and which ones were donned by your favorite celebrities at LA Fashion Week circa 2006.

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Rogan vs Kevin ROUND 2!?!?


Judging by the looks of this video, Joe Rogan is already hard at work training for his next battle with the Apollo Creed of MySpace known only to us as Kevin.  He’s got the touch, indeed:

Also, it seems that Joe already has new challengers lining up for witless battle…

Or is he planning on getting in the ring with some strippers?

The Friday Five!


For today’s Friday Five, we’re joined by NYC writer/blogger Lindsay Robertson, who will be listing – totally honestly – the first five songs that come up after shuffling her iPod.  Check out the Jane Magazine blog where Lindsay will guest blogging all this month!

1.  "Abdulmajid", David Bowie
2.  "The Holiday Song", Pixies
3.  "I Know It’s Gonna Happen", Morrissey
4.  "Soft Revolution", Stars
5.  "Wake and Bake", from Doug Benson’s MarijuanaLogues (why am I not surprised?)

I’ll post mine after jump – you should too!



While being embedded in Iraq is a dangerous task for American journalists, nothing is riskier than anchoring a news show from CNN’s studios. Two days ago, a minor electrical fire erupted during a live broadcast, forcing the anchors to panic and flee their desks mid-report. Thank god they made it back to their desks alive. But rest assured, the memory will scar them forever.

Name That “Scrubs” Baby



NBC totally loves this online business. First there was the whole YouTube/"Lazy Sunday" business, then they announced that they were going to produce new episodes of The Office that will be online only, and now they’re allowing fans of Scrubs to name Turk and Carla’s baby on (By the way, they are my absolute favorite couple on TV. They’re the anti-McDreamy/Addison.)

I love all this interactivity! In fact, even though your answers won’t count in the official contest, why not give us your suggestions in the comments section? I’m going with DJ.

While You Were Trying Not to Shoot the Puppy



  • Natalie Portman says she’s not a whore like many of Hollywood’s starlets, and would "never take a role just for a big fee."  Where the Heart Is?  In the right place.
  • The trailer for Flight 93 – a movie about one of the planes hijacked in 9/11 – has hit the internet.  In case you forgot. 
  • Is Kanye the new Diddy?  And does this mean he’ll start changing his name every twenty minutes?  And does the world really need another Diddy?
  • Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton starring in a hot new short film called Advertising Gimmick Gone Wrong!
  • Ever wanted to give someone a Happy Birthday fatality?