SIZZLER: Denise Richards Dumped?


According to the new issue of In Touch, Richie Sambora has dumped spring fling Denise Richards after their public displays of balcony affection.

The magazine states: After upsetting his estranged wife, Heather Locklear, by hooking up with her ex-best friend, Denise Richards, Richie Sambora has ended his romance with Denise.

This means Sambora can patch up the ugly riff between him and his estranged wife, Locklear. It also means he can finally buy Charlie Sheen’s kid’s clothing designs, guilt-free!

PROPPED: Fergie and Mr. T


Bless you cdotchen for dropping this vintage video of Mr. T coaching a very young Fergie on how to hit a baseball in an early episode of The Mr. T show. Between this pre-teen video of Fergie, this more recent video of a teenage Fergie on Kids Incorperated and this current video which features a middle-aged Fergie, we can see how the singer’s jowls have matured.

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SIZZLER: Nicole Dishes About Paris Feud


nicole richie 2.jpgNicole Richie has finally revealed why she and Paris Hilton are no longer friends–

-Is it because of the alleged screening of One Night in Paris?
-Is it because of contract disputes on the set of The Simple Life?
-Is it because Paris called Nicole’s oversized red sunglasses “f**king stupid looking”?

Nope. According to a Vanity Fair interview, Nicole says, “When I got out of rehab, I had to figure out what path to go down, and part of that included taking certain people out of my life. I just decided I didn’t want to be her (Hilton’s) friend anymore. We’re just two completely different people; we don’t have that much in common.”

And then she totally screened One Night In Paris with all their friends. Yeah. That’s better.

Duck Hunt 2006: Better Graphics, Still Boring?


duckhunt_200605.jpgCheck out this preview for the updated Duck Hunt, created for Nintendo’s hotshot new video game console, “Wii”. Maybe the bajillion-bit flashy graphics will somehow make shooting ducks over and over for hours on end somehow less boring! Also, what happened to the dog that laughs at you every time you miss?

LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Music (For Robots) tries to hurry up and post a Sufjan Stevens song before the dude writes like 87 more.
  • Our friend Scotty Stereogum drops off the latest whining-with-power-chords offering from Muse, but isn’t really sure what to make of it.
  • Sample these goods from up-and-comers Cloud Cult – the most rocking thing to come out of Minnesota since Kirby Puckett!
  • Kentucky Fried Awesome has a few of the new Zero 7 songs, which also happen to feature the talented Jose Gonzalez.
  • Aquarium Drunkard stumbled on some promising tracks from relatively unkown newcomer Ben Weaver.

PROPPED: Google Idol


google-idol.jpgWe know there are only three contestants left on American Idol. But don’t forget that there are loads more left on Google Idol. They may be less famous, less talented and less familiar with Elvis songs, but these lip-syncers have made some formidable home-made music videos. Vote for your favorite and show your support for performers with real talent time on their hands. Props to jackh01e for dropping off the link to one our favorite work diversions and reminding us that our vote still counts (on things that don’t matter).

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It’s May 11th; What’s up?


tv set1.jpgGah! What to watch tonight? There’s a 7-minute X-Men preview on FOX, a new True Life on MTV, a That 70’s Show retrospective, and most importantly a handful of season finales including Smallville and My Name Is Earl. And of course, the finale of my favorite comedy on TV. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you which one it is. It’s been one of the biggest success stories of the year. People are calling it the funniest show on television. Its star has even branched out from TV to movies. The show that I’m talking about is, of course, Eve. On tonight’s season finale Shelly’s (played by Eve) mother Beverly finally reveals to Yusef that she is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Janie discovers that Rita is secretly throwing Botox parties at the store! Oh that Rita! She’s incorrigible! Be sure to tune into the UPN tonight for the season finale that everybody will be talking about tomorrow!

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GAME: Hoff Invaders on Transbuddha


david-hasselhoff.jpgThere have been so many incarnations of David Hasselhoff, from young, heroic Knight Rider, to hunky, morally-enlightened Baywatch lifeguard, to booze-riddled German crooner.

Just imagine a game that has all of them, plus Atari-style graphics.
In Hoff Invaders on Transbuddha, a hunky adaptation of Space Invaders, you must destroy the many rows of evil Hoff heads by using the space bar and moving your spaceship back and forth with the arrow keys. But beware, when you play with the Hoffs’ you’re playing with fire. Just like the real thing.

While You Were Pouring One Out For Chris Daughtry



  • According to a recent poll, Tom Cruise is slightly more popular than President Bush. In a related story, President Bush is planning a surprise visit to Manhattan next week in which he’ll use Air Force One, a Naval Aircraft Carrier and a Stealth plane you don’t even know about to run around the city and hug firemen.
  • David Blaine underwent a brain scan following this week’s failed stunt. The machine – unable to detect anything magic, or even remotely interesting about the “illusionist” – stopped examining him halfway through the procedure, malfunctioning from sheer boredom.
  • At Syracuse University, you can take a course studying the lives of Tupac and Lil’ Kim. The course is offered through the Criminal Justice department and is entitled, “How to do jail time when you’re rich and famous 101″.
  • Kate Beckinsdale is worried she has stank breath. Maybe if she stopped doing all those stupid vampire movies, she could cut down on the garlic.
  • Thanks to our brilliant friends over at Google, now you can use the Trends tool to see just how many other people are using the search engine to stalk your ex.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Around


lohan marshall.jpgI’ve never claimed to understand Lindsay’s taste in men– from Aaron Carter to Colin Farrell to whoever that dirty guy was that she was photographed kissing the other day. I don’t get her. But this time… this time she’s gone too far. Lindsay Lohan is hooking up with Garry Marshall??? Lindsay! What’s wrong with you? He’s 71 years-old, you’re 19! Thats sick! I know you have daddy issues, but Garry’s old enough to be your grandfather. Do you have granddaddy issues too? And Garry, you should be ashamed! Dating a woman 52 years younger than you. Actually… I take that back. You’re cool.

Sorry. I just can’t believe Lindsay gets around the way she does. I mean, the fact that she’s hooking up with everybody she’s photographed with is just a little too much to handle. Click below to see a picture of Lindsay’s face after Garry tells her there’s not even a movie role in this for her. Read more…